Alone Time by Stephanie Rosenbloom

Alone Time

A wise, passionate account of the pleasures of travelling soloIn our increasingly frantic daily lives, many people are genuinely fearful of the prospect of solitude, but time alone can be both rich and restorative, especially when travelling. Through on-the-ground reporting and recounting the experiences of artists, writers, and innovators who cherished solitude, Stephanie Rosenbloom considers how being alone as a traveller--and even in one's own...

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TitleAlone Time
Release DateJun 5th, 2018
GenreTravel, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography

Reviews Alone Time

  • Miriam Smith
    "Alone Time - Four seasons, four cities and the pleasures of solitude" written by New York Times columnist Stephanie Rosenbloom explores the sensory experience of solitude. I found this book extremely informative, entertaining and quite compelling and very different from my normal reads which was a refreshing change.The amount of references to support the authors comments is phenomenal and equally the amount of research that must have been carrie...
  • Randal White
    An interesting, light read. The author explores four different cities in four different seasons. She does it alone, to experience the benefits of solitude that can disappear when you are with someone else or with a group. Basically, slow down, open your eyes (and ears, and nose), and let your mind make it's own memories. It's a great idea.
  • Agi
    Stephanie Rosenbloom has done a thing that I'm dreaming about - she's travelled alone to four different cities. I don't actually have to travel around the world but being alone is high on my list of priorities. You know, I'm actually never alone, there is always someone around me, be it at work or at home, and a solitary minute is like a Utopia Island. I think I wouldn't be afraid of travelling alone, I'd enjoy every single minute and use it in e...
  • Heather Nixon
    As someone who definitely values alone time, likes time on my own and is interested in solo travelling, it made for an interesting, eye opening and somewhat relatable read. To me it's a mix between an intimate, detailed account of solo travelling as well as a travel guide and mindfulness/self help guide with quotes, studies and statistics.The main negative was the repetition, especially the phrases: 'slipped my finger into the handle of my coffee...
  • Annarella
    A light to read and enjoyable travel book with a lot of reflections on solitude.Even if it's a light read it's full of food for thought.Many thanks to Viking and Edelweiss for this ARC
  • Hannah
    I enjoyed this light read that really captures the beauty and adventurousness of solitude.
  • Donna Maguire
    2018-06-13 loved the concept of this book, being a mum to an 11 month old daughter, my time alone is very precious and this book really made me think. I also enjoyed being able to escape within the pages as I did read it either when I was alone, or when she was asleep.I have been on holiday twice by myself to Norway and Gibraltar and I did feel at the time as though I should have travelled with someone as I was ofte...
  • Rosie Amber
    3.5 starsAlone Time is a non-fiction memoir of self-discovery. The author believes that the single person, as a commodity, is a growing market particularly for travel and dining alone, whilst time alone is good for the soul: it can reduce stress, lessen anger and provide the opportunity to be reflective.With this in mind Stephanie Rosenbloom travelled to four cities to explore and experience them through solo travel. Paris in June, Istanbul in su...
  • Chi Dubinski
    Interesting thoughts about a woman traveling alone--the advantages of not having to conform to others schedules, being able to wander about with no objectives. Not a "how to" book, but rather a "why"?
  • Tracey Sinclair
    Fluidly written and well-researched, and on a subject that I am fascinated by, though I felt I didn't connect with this quite as much as I wanted to.