Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

Convenience Store Woman

Keiko Furukura had always been considered a strange child, and her parents always worried how she would get on in the real world, so when she takes on a job in a convenience store while at university, they are delighted for her. For her part, in the convenience store she finds a predictable world mandated by the store manual, which dictates how the workers should act and what they should say, and she copies her coworkers’ style of dress and spe...

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TitleConvenience Store Woman
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherGrove Press
GenreFiction, Cultural, Japan, Contemporary, Asian Literature, Japanese Literature

Reviews Convenience Store Woman

  • Taryn
    Keiko Furukura lives an atypical life. At thirty-six-years-old, she's a virgin and completely disinterested in romantic relationships. She has worked part-time at a Japanese convenience store for eighteen years. Her family was thrilled when she was first employed because they saw it as a sign of her growth as a person. Keiko has always been considered peculiar, but the job helped her finally become an "ordinary person." The convenience store i...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader & Traveling Sister
    4 quirky stars to Convenience Store Woman! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Keiko was always a little different in her parents’ eyes. When she went to college, she got a job at a local convenience store. She tried her best to fit in by copying the other employees there, from their clothing to their mannerisms. Life passes by, and many years later, Keiko is still working at the convenience store. No one around Keiko is comfortable with her choice to stay there, ...
  • Elyse
    The moment I finished reading this story - I immediately wanted to know everything about the author- Sayaka Murata. WHO IS SHE? I was screaming inside about how WONDERFUL she must be. This book is a GEM!!!!! Awe-inspiring writing — irresistible—and weirdly outlandish!My gosh...I had the best laugh when I discovered that ‘our author’ —-one of Japan’s most exciting contemporary writers—[I AGREE,I AGREE] —‘really’ works as a part...
  • Holly B
    3.5 An odd little book with quite eccentric characters Keiko is the quirky protagonist and she decides that working in a convenience store is both satisfying and provides her with a sense of belonging. She feels very "connected" to the store and its routines and mundane tasks.  She doesn't mind this, she thrives and enjoys her job and is a hard worker.Her family constantly worries that she is "not normal."  Society has certain "expectations" ...
  • Ms. Smartarse
    Published in English as Convenice Store WomanAnyone who's ever shopped for groceries outside of an hermetically closed space, must have a thing or two to rant about employees. You're in a hurry, having once again stepped out too late, but still need to nip in to buy that little something before getting to work. Yet the shop assistant is taking his/her sweet time chatting about that totally hilarious (you had to be there!) story. Not Keiko Furukur...
  • Vanessa
    Convenience store woman is a simple little story about Keiko Furukura a totally quirky hopelessly inept character but in a totally charming and sweet way. She’s a character that defies societies norms by bucking the traditional role designated for women that require them to have a “proper” or “normal” job, a husband and children by a certain age. I felt a deep sadness for Keiko always being subjected to judgement and how she was always ...
  • Debbie
    3.5, rounded up (but with MUCH internal turmoil)I don’t know about you, but I never think about convenience stores. (Except, wait, right now I’m thinking about the fact that 7-11s don’t have bathrooms. How is that convenient I want to know.) Convenience stores are all Cheetos and lottery tickets, in and out in a matter of minutes. Hit the road, jack, head on out to your next stop. Well, when you read this book, the convenience store is fron...
    Thank you to the publisher Grove Atlantic Press who provided an advance reader copy via NetGalley.I must admit I would have never targeted this book to read had someone on Goodreads not recommended it. It kind of flies under the radar by its unassuming cover, but is actually quite thought-provoking.This is a story about a young Japanese woman named Keiko who has been working part-time at a 24-hour convenience store since the age of 18. She is now...
  • Esil
    3 starsConvenience Store Woman was an odd book. Not a bad book, but definitely odd. Set in Tokyo and translated from Japanese, it features a women in her mid 30s who has been working in a convenience store for her whole adult life. Through her eyes, we understand that she is not meeting social expectations by not being married and by not having a higher status job. But it is also evident that her sense of who she is and who she wants to be does ...
  • Claudia
    I don’t know what’s the exact meaning in Japanese, but the "convenience” word used here captured the essence of the book perfectly - such a versatile word with so many meanings.We have an awkward 36 years old woman, who is working at this convenience store for the past 18 years. She never had a boyfriend, nor other job than this. As a child, she was different than the rest, to the point her parents took her to a psychologist. She used to th...
  • Ms. Smartarse
    I have also read the German version of this novel(lette), but here I'm only making some observations on the Romanian translation.For someone described as not being particularly interested in pesky little things like feelings, or even the taste of food, the main character comes off as a bit too passionate in this Romanian translation. As a matter of fact, the entire atmosphere of the book feels a bit too much like the familiar Romanian village min...
  • j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]
    FIVE STARSWhat a strange and quirky little book this is! This is a kind of Japanese version of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine. I love to read contemporary books set in different cultures and this is one, set in Tokyo, is ideal! Can I just say, American convenience stores have a long way to go to live up to Japanese stores in terms of cleanliness, well-trained and friendly staff, etc etc!!Keiko Furukura is hopelessly out-of-step with societal...
  • Wendi Lee
    This short novel epitomizes everything I love about Japanese literature. Keiko is strange, unable to completely fit in in a culture where conformity is compulsive. She thinks things that other people do not, and finds the never-ending obsession over careers, marriage, and children incomprehensible. But her life takes a turn for the better when she finds a job at a convenience store. All of a sudden, her life has meaning. The store hums life into ...
  • Booklunatic
    4 Sterne"Wie lästig, warum brauchten die anderen zu ihrer eigenen Beruhigung ständig Erklärungen?"Flüssig zu lesen und bietet dabei durchaus Stoff zum Nachdenken. Thematisch hat es mich an "Die Vegetarierin" erinnert: In beiden Büchern geht es um das "anders sein" und die mangelnde Akzeptanz der Gesellschaft dem gegenüber. Im Gegensatz zu Han Kangs Roman ist "Die Ladenhüterin" aber viel leichter zugänglich und lange nicht so düster.Es is...
  • Bianca
    3.5 *I can't remember the last time I read a Japanese novel. This one was a bit different. The Convenience Store Woman is a character-driven novel. Our protagonist is Keiko Furukura who's a bit different - very likely she's on the Autism spectrum - and is unable to read society's cues, unless somebody spells them out to her clearly. She doesn't have any hobbies; worst of all - she's got no expectations or dreams for herself. She's a thirty six-ye...
  • Lewerentz
    Gros coup de cœur ! Je viens de tourner la dernière page, alors je n'arrive pas encore à rassembler mes esprits. Un court roman qui parle des "inadaptés", des personnes différentes qui ne rentrent pas dans le moule formaté que la société aimerait nous voir suivre : un boulot stable, mariage, enfants, vie sociale intense, vie sexuelle épanouie, etc.Je me suis sentie proche de l'héroïne sur plusieurs points - peut-être une des raisons d...
  • Jocelyn
    What a delightfully absurd book.Keiko's a bit of an outsider just trying her best to fit into the world around her. She's content with the rather mundane life she lives. The convenience store isn't just her place of employment, it's the only place she feels like she belongs and everything finally makes sense. She parrots and imitates everyone she meets - mostly to keep them off her back - but working at the same convenience store for 18 years is ...
  • Jessica Woodbury
    Keiko has always seen the world in her own way, she has never quite fit in with everyone around her. And for most of her life she's been able to make excuses to friends and family about why she's been doing the same thing for her entire adult life. But as she reaches her late 30's, it's getting harder to put everyone off and Keiko doesn't know how to appease everyone. This short, lovely novel is the story of who Keiko is and its entire plot is wh...
  • Roxana-Mălina Chirilă
    This was such a weird story - for some reason, I really enjoy random, apropos of nothing, odd Japanese stories, and this is one of them.Keiko Furukura is an odd woman, who is very well aware that her reactions to the things around her are odd, so she does her best to imitate others and blend in. When others are upset, she feigns anger; when others are happy, she puts on a smile. When she was in her first year of college, she got a part-time job i...
  • Vderevlean
    O poveste despre o femeie căreia îi este imposibil să se adapteze societății contemporane, mai ales celei japoneze. Ajunsă la 36 de ani, fără să fi trăit vreo relație de dragoste, lucrând cu jumătate de normă de mai bine de 18 ani într-un minimarket cu orar nonstop. Astfel, viața ei începe să coincidă cu orarul magazinului și cu rutina zilnică a angajaților. Lupta cu anturajul care o judecă permanent, incapacitatea de a rel...
  • Kathrin Schröder
    Die Ladenhüterin, Sayaka Murata Erscheinungstermin 17.03.2018Gelesen dank Netgalley als ebook (Kindle) im April 2018Genre: BelletristikDie Einordnung multikulturelle Gesellschaft an diesem Buch ist zunächst erstmal völlig falsch. Das Buch handelt in Japan und hat in sich erst einmal keinerlei multikulturelle Ansätze. Insofern habe ich durch dieses Etikett das Buch schon einmal mit einem falschen Ansatz gewünscht. Da mich aber Bücher unter a...
  • Theresa
    This was a really great story about a 36 year-old woman who's still single and working part time at a convenience store (konbini). If you know anything about Japan you'd probably guess that that does not earn her the most prestige and many friends and family members constantly express their concern to her. She herself doesn't seem to care, however, and really just continues to defy all expectations.I really, really enjoyed this story! It was writ...
  • Good Books Good Friends
    Une belle réflexion sur ce que la société exige de nous et à quel point elle aime ranger les gens dans des cases. Mais que faire quand aucune case ne nous correspond ? J'ai également aimé l'écriture et le rythme du roman.
  • Mya
    Delightfully weird and oddly disturbing. This book makes a really interesting argument about what it means to fit in by exploring the life of someone who decidedly doesn't conform to societal and cultural norms. I'll be honest, I kept waiting for more to happen, but Murata--through the translation of Takemori--kept the story just on the edge of uncomfortable. It was an intriguing choice, and I think it works in interesting ways to make the book's...
  • Basma
    Such a peculiar character and story, I loved it so much. It's weird and strange but there's something very raw about her character that kept pulling me in. Furukura lives life as she knows how to. She's thirty six, works in a convenience store and lives a quiet life. She doesn't care about how life for a women "should" progress in her society, nor does she care that people are sometimes uncomfortable around her. All she seems to care about is peo...
  • Zsofi
    Keiko Furukura was always different. From early childhood, everybody wanted to fix her, unsuccessfully. When she finds a job in the predictable world of a convenience store, everyone is happy. However; years and years later, they still try to fix her...The story itself is not fast, but it is easy to read. It is told from the main character’s POV, so we get to understand the logic behind her “weirdness”. Actually, it was sad to see Keiko’s...
  • amanda eve
    2.5 stars, really, but I feel bad for rating a book I didn't even finish so low. I don't know if there's something lost in translation, or if it's just me, but I did not find this book amusing. The main character is affectless and the people around her are vaguely drawn caricatures.
  • OutlawPoet
    Keiko Furukura is an unusual character.Really, she's almost sociopathic at times. She truly has no idea how to behave as a social human being. She only knows that she makes people supremely uncomfortable. She's not completely cold - she doesn't want others to be uncomfortable and she wants to blend in, so she becomes a mimic.She mimics the way people dress, laugh, and talk - all in an effort to disguise herself as being just like everyone else. H...
  • Wandaviolett
    Über das Außenseitertum.Ein gewisses Maß an Individualität wird in unseren Breiten durchaus honoriert. Nicht so in Japan. Wo der Einzelne sich dem Gesamten unterordnen soll. Und eigentlich kein Platz ist für Außenseiter. Sie sind einfach nicht vorgesehen.Das merkt auch Keiko Furukura, die an einem angeborenen Empathiemangel leidet. Das heißt, es ist nicht sie, die leidet, sondern ihre Umwelt. Deren Reaktionen wiederum auf Furukuras strikt ...
  • Claire Reads Books
    3 1/2 ⭐ - What a strange little book—at times delightful, at times disturbing, and also kind of darkly whimsical? Still sorting out my thoughts on this one...not what I was expecting, but I think I enjoyed it 🤔 3 1/2 ⭐️ - What a strange little book—at times delightful, at times disturbing, and also kind of darkly whimsical? Still sorting out my thoughts on this one...not what I was expecting, but I think I enjoyed it 🤔