Now My Heart is Full by Laura June

Now My Heart is Full

A deeply affecting memoir of motherhood and daughterhood, and how we talk about both, from popular writer Laura JuneLaura June’s daughter, Zelda, was only a few moments old when she held her for the first time, looked into her eyes, and thought, I wish my mother were here. It wasn’t a thought she was used to having. Laura was in second grade when she realized her mother was an alcoholic. As the years went by, she spiraled deeper, becoming bor...

Details Now My Heart is Full

TitleNow My Heart is Full
Release DateJul 24th, 2018
PublisherPenguin Books
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Parenting, Feminism, Biography

Reviews Now My Heart is Full

  • Roxane
    Sometimes, a book swells into something far lovelier than you assume it will be. Laura June’s warm and moving Now My Heart is Full is one such unforgettable book. What seems like a straightforward memoir about motherhood slowly, carefully, becomes so much more. This, is the story of how the daughter of an alcoholic mother becomes a motherless mother and reconciles the ways she was loved, the ways she was hurt and how the birth of her own daught...
  • Laura June
    Riddled with flaws but look I did my best.
  • Melissa
    For someone who claims to not enjoy books about motherhood and alcoholism, I currently have bookmarks in several books about alcoholism, alcoholic mothers, and this book, about motherhood and an alcoholic mother. I almost want to give this three stars because even though it crumbled to pieces for me by the end, that may just be because I struggled to connect with June's writing. This book has Sex Object syndrome, where a lot of vignettes are pres...
  • KC
    The section that deals most directly with June's mother's alcoholism rang true for me and felt alive and necessary. However, the bulk of the book that deals with pregnancy and early motherhood felt a bit too familiar--in the worst, entitled, aggrieved Brooklyn parenting sense. I take issue with her writing authoritatively about motherhood when he daughter is only 3, for starters. I wish the backstory of her mother's life centered the book more.
  • Valerie Snow
    This book took me off-guard. I thought I was the only one who grew up with these experiences. I thought my family was so unique. To hear a life almost just like mine laid out in a book was very shocking. Such a wonderfully told story that reveals so many truths that I'm not sure others will understand. So very thankful to have stumbled across this book and glad that it was written.
  • Emily
    Liked but wanted to love. I was frustrated by the lack of structure/organization, and I found a few grammatical errors which compounded that frustration (sorry to nit pick!). Still found the new mom parts instructive...
  • Clio
    This is hands-down the most relatable book about the transition to new motherhood I have ever read. This book is like having an open, honest conversation with someone who isn't trying to scare you or offend you about your birth choices or parenting choices but just telling it like it is. It's funny and relatable that Laura June bought all her favorite childhood books for her future daughter while she was pregnant, even if it would be awhile befor...
  • Camryn
    It was really hard to stop reading this. I found myself relating to Laura in a lot of ways I didn’t expect, but the way she talked about growing up with an alcoholic parent really hit me hard. I wanted to have a long conversation with her after this. But, from what she wrote about him, her husband is a jerk.
  • Catherine Coles
    NOW MY HEART IS FULL, a memoir by Laura June, is about the author’s experience as a new mother and how, at every turn, her approach to motherhood has been influenced by her relationship with her own late mother. June’s mother was a long-time alcoholic who died quite suddenly of liver disease in her 50s. They had a fraught relationship, one that was close to non-existent at times, but the birth of her daughter Zelda offered June an opportunity...
  • K2 -----
    Although I feel this book was a tad uneven and needed a better editor it was a well-written and candid look at one woman's relationships with her mother's flaws as she begins her own life as a mother in her mid-thirties. This is a frank look at the challenges of adjusting to being a mother in the modern world, even one who has more options for hiring help, it is a sea change. It is perhaps a cautionary tale to those later in life who think that t...
  • Andrea
    Rounding up. This memoir reflects on new motherhood through the lens of a woman whose mother was an alcoholic. As a fellow mother of a young daughter (her daughter was born in '14), I'd be interested in the sequel. Maybe a book, maybe essays--the parent/child relationship changes so much over time, and I'm sure the author would have much to say as her daughter becomes a teenager, young adult, perhaps becomes a mother herself. I often find myself ...
  • Becky Sandham Mathwin
    Engaging and well written. For many complicated reasons, I choose not to become a parent so there were many aspects in the memoir that I couldn't personally relate to but this did not hinder my enjoyment of the book. In addition to her honesty about having a troubled (but loving) mother, I appreciated her honesty regarding how difficult motherhood can be even when you are a thirtysomething adult, the pregnancy is planned, you have a supportive pa...
  • Jenine
    I enjoyed bits of this. But when it came full circle and there were a few chapters about how the author feels about writing about her daughter and her experience of motherhood I felt let down. Also, just to vent my pedantic spleen, the author and her husband are not 'disagreeable' people as she writes, but 'irascible' or 'argumentative' people. Humph.
  • Jeremy Bagai
    Now my heart is full (title is ironic -- from a Smiths song) is a pregnancy / parenting memoir, that actually finds most value as an alcoholic-mother memoir. Certainly engaging at the time, but not transcendent.
  • Dawn
    3.5 stars
  • Abigail
    At times a bit repetitive, but mostly a satisfying exploration of the author's relationship with her mother, her daughter, and alcohol. The odd sentence was a bit choppy/awkward.
  • Kate
    Nicely done, just not what I was in the mood for.
  • Alicia Simba
    i am a sucker for memoirs on motherhood
  • Susanna De
    I feel as though I have read many other books similar to this in the past few years. Its well done, but doesn't add much to he genre.
  • Carlene
    An honest examination of becoming a new mother from the daughter of an alcoholic mother. Lovely and moving.