Dead Weight by Terry Blas

Dead Weight

A hilarious story of a diverse group of young sleuths who band together to solve a murder mystery while at a weight-loss camp. Deep in the Oregon wilderness sits Camp Bloom, a weight-loss camp where "overweight" teens can "get in shape." Jesse would rather be anywhere else, but her parents are forcing her to go. Noah isn't sure if he wants to be there, but it's too late to turn back. Tony is heartbroken at the thought of giving up his phone and ...

Details Dead Weight

TitleDead Weight
Release DateApr 24th, 2018
PublisherOni Press
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Mystery, Young Adult, Lgbt

Reviews Dead Weight

  • Chad
    Imagine Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys put on some weight and get sent to fat camp. Four campers uncover a murder and determine they can't trust any of the counselors. Don't worry the fat camp junior detectives are on the case. A fun, all ages mystery that is inclusive and LGBTQ+. Maybe we'll see another case next summer.
  • Dylan
    4 stars. Thank you so much, Netgalley, for sending me an ecopy of this graphic novel for review!I went into this wary, because I was worried about the representation, but I'm excited to say that everything was handled pretty well! We have a bunch of fat characters, a few queer ones, and a few who are poc, and I loved how their story wasn't about what they identify as, considering they're investigating a murder. Knocking off a star because I wish ...
  • Carmen
    I received a copy from Oni Press through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Four teenagers are dropped off at Camp Bloom, a weight-loss camp, and are hesitant for different reasons. One kid is torn up about being separated from technology while another is irritated that her family is sending her there to lose weight. It's just another boring summer when Jesse, one of the teenagers, sneaks off to eat candy and play games on her phone. She'...
  • Rosa
    This review is also posted in my blog : you to Net Galley for a free copy of this book in trade for an honest review.Well, this is sure is different from the other graphic novel I’ve ever read. It’s funny, mysterious, and makes you curious how 4 different teenager who don’t really like or know each other could solve this problem. There are at one point that those teenagers seem to be falling apar...
  • Tasya Dita
    This review also available on THE LITERARY HUNTRESSI received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis graphic novel was such a pleasant surprise! I expected a lot of fun based on the premise, but I didn’t expect to have this much fun, even loving it this much. It has a vivid artwork, intriguing mystery, but also a plot within. The characters are also well-developed and all in all, instead of weighing the story down, these ...
  • Devann
    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalleyThis was a really fun little murder mystery with some great characters. I was somewhat worried about how they would handle the whole 'fat camp' thing, but I think that overall it was a really great setting and showed that there are many reasons people are fat and some of them might want to lose weight but some of them don't. If you like Lumberjanes then I think you will enjoy this title as well.Al...
  • Mehsi
    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.OMG, OMG, OMG, this was even better than I had hoped/dreamed it would be. I had heard about this one through twitter earlier, and I was already hyped. And then I spotted it on Netgalley.Meet Jesse, Noah, Tony, and Kate. 4 teenagers stuck in fat camp. Yep, fat camp. But this year will be a whole lot more than losing weight, there is a murderer walking around, what is their plan, w...
  • Rebecca Reviews
    Dead Weight is a unique, well-written and diverse graphic novel with a great mystery and awesome characters. Camp Bloom is a weight-loss camp for teens in the Oregon wilderness. One night, Noah and Jesse witness the murder of a beloved counsellor by a masked murderer. However, the body soon disappears. But, thanks to Jesse’s hidden phone, a blurry picture reveals that the killer is one of the camp counsellors! Noah and Jesse recruit fellow camp...
  • Cassandra
    I laughed my way through this whole book. Set at a summer fat camp, a group of teens play detective while trying to solve the mystery of who murdered one of the camp counselors. The loved the four main characters the most, but some of the background characters where amusing as well. My favorite part of all would have to be the stunning illustrations. The colors were vibrant and layered, tying it all together perfectly. I cant wait to see what els...
  • Pop Bop
    Dawn of a New Day?This is a teenage, sleuth-squad, summer camp, mystery adventure. Just like they've been writing since Pee-Wee Harris was a Boy Scout in 1922. But, I'm pretty sure I don't remember Pee-Wee sharing adventures with Black, Latino, and gay/lesbian companions. As I say, dawn of a new day. Fine by me.The main appeal here is that the emphasis is on the forming of a friendship among four new campers who have to, (and want to), work toget...
  • Andi
    The characters in this graphic novel were well developed given the short length. The mystery aspect played out nicely moving the plot along at a good pace. Fans of the cozy mystery genre would enjoy this. The art style was clear and beautifully done. So much diversity in this story! As a plus size lady I enjoyed the fat camp aspect and the body positivity showed. I want more graphic novels like this! *ARC provided by NetGalley.
  • Zoe Elizabeth
    As a fat kid from Oregon I knew I had to read this! While I didn't love it, it was fun and I did enjoy it - after all I always love a good murder mystery. The story wasn't easy to guess - but I felt like it was lacking something. Maybe I wanted more Oregon rep in the book - otherwise why mention it in the back? Would still pick up a vol. 2! Thanks to Oni and Netgalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Paul Franco
    As the title suggests, a murder takes place at a fat camp for kids.As always, the first part is taken up with character introductions, though some of them aren’t all that well done. I thought Gwen would be my early favorite, despite the fact I usually don’t like nurses, but she turned out to be a disappointment for a number of reasons, especially the smoking. And she’s not very smart either, considering she’s always doing things she shoul...
  • Mostly Book Reviews
       Thanks to Oni Press and NetGalley for my free copy! My review of Dead Weight, Murder at Camp Bloom By Terry Blas, Molly Muldoon and Matthew Seely.    Murder at fat camp! We follow teens, Jesse, Noah, Kate and Tony around for what seem's too short amount of time. Who are they looking for? The killer! Eye witness to their camp Counselors death, they are on the case.   Let me back up for a second, I need to add that, some of the character...
  • Gemma LettoriRibelli
    I was looking for something fun to read and I chose this graphic novel because I was intrigued by the drawings and the title. As I expected this comic book is actually fun to read thanks to its dose of black humor (we’re talking about murder here). Obviously, the thing I appreciated the most is the body positivity that is a very relevant topic, even more nowadays, in a historic period in which everyone talks about body shaming without really kn...
  • Laura
    This is a cute enough murder mystery, set at a Fat Camp. The kids are diverse, which is a plus, plus there is LGBTQ representation included. And, as with any good mystery, there are lots of red herrings thrown in, to make you think you have figured out the mystery, including one that made it look like it might have been done by one of the teens that is trying to solve the murder.Realistic, cute, funny, and not all the kids are obsessed with losin...
  • Terri
    Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom is a fun (as fun as murder can be) romp through a murder mystery with teens at the helm of solving it. The story takes place at Camp Bloom, a weight loss camp for teens. Some of the campers know each other and are familiar with the place, but others are new. Four of the characters make fast friends, especially when a couple of them witness one of the counselors getting murdered. But that's not all--as the group s...
  • Mindy
    What a great start to, what I hope becomes, a great series. The group of friends in here is the perfect blend of misfits. The authors do a great job of providing enough detail so that you understand enough of the character to build a version in your mind that will stick with you after the story ends. The artwork I'd also the perfect fit. While this is definitely a kids series, I would probably recommend it to kids who are a little bit older, poss...
  • Beth
    ***I received a free copy of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.*** For fans of Lumberjanes and Nimona comes this standalone comic about a diverse group of “fat camp” attendees who witness a murder, only to have the body disappear and a faked note saying the counselor had in fact gone home in a hurry. To find justice for their murdered camp counselor and prove what they are capable of, the group pulls together to solve the crime, ev...
  • Angela Jett
    Wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting from this book. At first I thought this was geared toward a younger audience, but after the first couple pages, I realized this was more of a teen / adult comic. This was a little bit of a blend of Scooby Doo plus Nancy Drew goes to fat camp. The book centers around four kids who find themselves having witnessed a murder at their fat camp. They need to figure out who did it and learn to trust each other in...
  • Jessica Woods
    Dead Weight is a mystery as much as a graphic novel. A murderer is at fat camp. Four campers team up to solve a murder when they stumble on a counselor's body. I love the art in this graphic novel. The diverse group of campers are drawn so well that each personality comes alive with the art alone, reminding me a little bit of Gravity Falls and Lumber Janes. I noticed as I was reading that I had distinctive voices decided for each character in my ...
  • Rachel McKitterick
    *thank you to Netgalley and Oni Press for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*4 stars.This was better than I had expected. But saying that Im not really sure what I was expecting, but it was a really enjoyable middle grade read. I liked the artwork. It was kinda simple but detailed enough, the colours were just right and most importantly, the artwork matched the story. For me thats a huge deciding factor in if I will enjoy the gr...
  • Nia Ireland
    A murder mystery set in a summer fat camp – that’s all I needed to know.The illustrations in this comic are gorgeous and beautifully styled. Though the story takes place in a fat camp, it’s not trying to preach or harp on about the psychology and health issues surrounding obesity – it’s just an interesting setting for kids to meet each other.It’s a typical misfit-kids-find-each-other-and-solve-a-murder book (love the genre) but it’s...
  • Traci
    What it is- This comic book style story for middle grade readers follows some children at a fat camp as they try to solve a mystery.What I expected - Simple characters and a simple story because it is a middle grade comic book. What I got- wowza. I'm impressed. This book kept me interested until the very end. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is a lot of fun. I am pleased to say that it kept me guessing, rather than having an obvious a...
  • Beth Younge
    A great little comic about crime and friendship. I loved how the characters all came together and solved the mystery. The progression of the story was very well planed out and i liked how the drama and the tension built up over the volumes. The characters were all fully developed and part of me wished that i could join in their hunt.I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
  • Kirsty
    This was pretty cute and good fun. The characters were distinctive and interesting - props to both the writers and artist for that, as often when I read graphic novels I find the characters hard to distinguish. I won't remember this in a month, but I did enjoy it.
  • Sarah
    I received an e-arc from Netgalley and ONI Press for an honest review. Look out Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, there's a new crime club in town! As soon as I saw that this was about a murder and summer camp, I had to read it. It was a fun, fast read with a cast of diverse characters, can't wait to read more of their adventures.
  • Laura Gorman
    This a really fun murder mystery at fat camp. A group of campers get caught up in a dangerous mystery. The art style fits the story perfectly. It reminds me of the cartoons I loved in the 90s. Such a fun read!
  • Elia
    This was SUPER cute, and it could have been super bad: it's a mystery set at "fat camp" for overweight teens. However, the author somehow managed to not make anyone here stereotypical - and threw in a bucket load of diverse characters - Latinos, African-Americans, LGBTQ characters are all depicted here with a lot of heart and personality. I dug it!
  • Mortisha Cassavetes
    First let me thank Netgalley for this awesome graphic novel to review! OMG what a fun book to read. I just loved the story and the artwork. This follows a group of kids that went to Camp Bloom which is a fat camp. They soon witness a murder and then set out to find the killer. I don't want to go into the story more as to not spoil it but let me say it was brilliant. I would highly recommend this to everyone of all ages. The artwork is to die for!