Lies You Never Told Me by Jennifer Donaldson

Lies You Never Told Me

Gabe and Elyse have never met. But they both have something to hide.Quiet, shy Elyse can't believe it when she's cast as the lead in her Portland high school's production of Romeo and Juliet. Her best friend, Brynn, is usually the star, and Elyse isn't sure she's up to the task. But when someone at rehearsals starts to catch her eye--someone she knows she absolutely shouldn't be with--she can't help but be pulled into the spotlight. Austin native...

Details Lies You Never Told Me

TitleLies You Never Told Me
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
GenreYoung Adult, Thriller, Mystery, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews Lies You Never Told Me

  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    About: Lies You Never Told Me is a young adult thriller written by Jennifer Donaldson. It will be published on 5/29/18 by Razorbill, an imprint of Penguin Random House, 336 pages. The genres are young adult, mystery & suspense, social issues, and fiction. This book is intended for readers ages 14 and up, grades 9 and up. This book is the author’s debut. My Experience: I started reading Lies You Never Told Me on 4/15/18 and finished it on 4/24/1...
  • Michelle
    For a YA mystery / thriller this wasn't too bad at all. Elyse is a shy girl that lives with her drug addicted mother in Portland, OR. Her best friend Brynn has been acting since she was a little a girl and with her help Elyse becomes interested in their schools theater program. Romeo and Juliet is the upcoming production and the new theater teacher, Mr. Hunter, thinks Elyse is perfect for the role of Juliet. The starring roles always go to Brynn ...
  • Trina (Between Chapters)
    Note: I was sent an early copy of this book by the publisher for promotion and review consideration.Representation: One of the two POV characters and his family are Mexican American. His kid sister has Down Syndrome. A side character is Filipina American. One of the POVs depicts poverty and living with an addict parent. There is possible unnamed mental illness. Abusive romances.Content warnings: There are 2 abusive romances (both m/f couples, one...
  • Vani
    WHAT?!Okay here's the thing. I've said before that every time I read a mystery, I'm waiting for a huge, Fight Club-esque twist and I NEVER GET IT. But this time I did!!!! I actually yelled, "WHAT?!" And for that alone, this gets all the stars.It's also incredibly well-written, not insanely over-simplified like so much YA. It's unbelievably emotional. I wasn't just watching these relationships, I was invested in them. I didn't love the characters ...
  • Tziggy
    Excellent story! Each chapter had me rushing to read the next. This had me guessing quite alot throughout the book. I cannot wait to read more from this author.
  • Jay G
    Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my Youtube channel: REVIEW: and Gabe have never met but each have a story to tell. Elyse has never liked to be the centre of attention so when she is cast as the lead in her high school play everyone is surprised. That's when she starts gaining attention from someone she never expected to fall for. Gabe is...
  • Malia
    3.5 starsI was excited to receive a copy of The Lies You Never Told, a book in a genre I usually enjoy! The story revolved around Gabe and Elyse, and I often like the multiple POVs when done well, because they add a certain roundness to a story. The characters were engaging, though they plot felt a little predictable to me at times. That being said, it did not detract from my enjoyment of the book. I was curious how the two plot lines would come ...
  • Lou
    I thoroughly enjoyed this sneak peek, the first 74 pages of LIES YOU NEVER TOLD ME, and would definitely be interested in reading the rest of it. I feel invested in the characters journeys and excited about what eventually happens as you delve deeper into the book. The more I read the harder it was to contemplate placing it down to do something boring but necessary. In the end, I decided that for my own good I would finish it all before attemptin...
  • TL
    I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own. ---Maybe I shouldn't have read this after the Echo Killing, but for me this was just okay *shrugs* Not great not bad, just in the middle.
  • Susan Kennedy
    I didn't hate it, in fact I wasn't sure I even liked it, but I kept reading. I was getting annoyed at the two different stories going on. One chapter about one and the next chapter about another and on and on that is the way it went through the entire book. Then, about six or so chapters to go I'm thumping myself on the head. I have no idea where my brain went or why I couldn't put the two stories together. I only hoped that it would all come tog...
  • Nina-Tala (JustAddAWord) Shannak
    This is how thrillers should be. Everyone, take note. Look, by far the genre I’m the most pickiest with is thrillers. So rare do I genuinely care for a character’s safety, or am surprised by the so-called twists and turns of the plot. I’ve read HERE LIES DANIEL TATE and was meh about it. I’ve read THE HANGING GIRL and was disappointed. ONE OF US IS LYING was fun fluff, but nothing more. But this one? I think it’s safe to say that LIES Y...
  • Aisling
    Whoa! This one blew me away. I read an ARC copy and I really can't wait to see how this one explodes into popularity. It begins with alternating stories--great dialogue, fast paced, interesting characters but for sure you can see what's coming; it's like watching a slow moving train crash. At one point I even scoffed to myself 'well that was predictable' BUT, dear reader, you HAVE. NO. IDEA. I think the author does a truly brilliant job of pullin...
  • Sylvie
    'Lies You Never Told Me'by Jennifer Donaldson4/5 stars.At first I thought this book book was going to be a slasher aka with a killer constantly murdering people because in the tags it was described as "Thriller''. However, throughout the book I realized it was more psychological thriller than a slasher thriller.Before reviewing this book I want to point out the trigger warnings:Domestic violence, forbidden relationship, drug addict, abusement and...
  • Nicole (Read Eat Sleep Repeat)
    Although this didn’t completely blow my mind, Lies You Never Told Me was an extremely readable and entertaining book.Told from the two perspectives of Gabe and Elyse, this story unfolds as we see through the eyes of each of them every other chapter. After completing just the first two chapters, both storylines had my interest and I was curious to see how they would connect. I had a few guesses, one of which took the lead fairly early on and ult...
  • Marla
    Lies You Never Told Me was a page turner. I liked how the story went back and forth between Elyse in Portland and Gabe in Austin. Their lives were very different yet kind of the same. Elyse is a 16-year-old who decides to go out of her comfort zone and audition for the school play. She has a junkie for a Mom who can’t keep a job and can’t keep off the stuff so Elyse has had to grow up young and try to keep them in an apartment. Then there is ...
  • Amelia
    2.5 stars*
  • Vicky Who Reads
    2.5 starsI feel a little conflicted over this even though this should be a relatively straightforward review. There's something about this book that made me not like it as much as I could have, and it's not something concrete like writing style or a specific plot element. It's more like I have this uncomfortable feeling when I think about this, if that makes any sense. I think this lies within Elyse and her relationship with her teacher, but part...
  • Carlene Inspired
    Find this and other reviews at Carlene Inspired.Elyse. Gabe. Sasha. Caroline. Four students, four very different lives. Lies You Never Told Me is a twisted tale told from the perspective of Gabe and Elyse, two high school students who have never met, but whose lives are about to be changed forever. A gripping Young Adult Thriller, Lies You Never Told Me is a novel about consequences. Elyse is starring in a school play for her first time and she c...
  • Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide/Novelly Yours)
    Initial Impressions 5/11/18: 3- 3.5 starsHM. Well. This book was definitely interesting but I actually think it could have benefitted from more editing, which although I'm no expert in the editing/publishing process, is something I feel a lot nowadays. Let's think of non-spoilery things first... I did find the direction of this book really interesting! There was a nice twist and that light bulb moment when I finally realized exactly where this bo...
  • Kris
    This book was outstanding! I’ve never read anything by this author, but it will added to my auto buy author list. I thought it was told in such a great way to the point where everything came together I was blown away. I had a tingling feeling that maybe I knew where the whole thing was going, but not to the extent, I’m floored by how amazing it was.I loved both the perspectives the story was told in, and was wondering how everything would lin...
  • Karima chermiti
    Actual rating : 3.75 starsTrigger warning: (view spoiler)[abuse, toxic relationships, substance abuse, kidnapping, murder, an adult manipulating a minor into a relationship (hide spoiler)] Everything worth doing has the possibility of ending in pain Sneaky, dark and upsetting; Lies you never told me is a manipulative book about obsession, toxic relationships and unhinged emotions; this is a book you don’t want to miss. Told in alternating nar...
  • Rebecca
    Teens (Gabe and Elyse) risk it all for love.Told in alternating narratives, Lies You Never Told Me followed Gabe as he made the momentous decision to break up with Sasha, his long time, popular, and controlling girlfriend, and Elyse as she earned the leading role in her school play and learned how to command the spotlight. By the end of this dark, twisty, and shocking tale, however, Gabe and Elyse learned the hard way that "everything worth doing...
  • Diana Iozzia (Bookworm Banter)
    “Lies You Never Told Me”Written by Jennifer Donaldson“Lies You Never Told Me” is a complex book. We meet four titular characters, Elyse, Gabe, Catherine, and Sasha. Sasha and Gabe are breaking up, and Sasha is hell bent on preventing that from happening. Gabe meets Catherine and starts to fall in love with her. In a separate perspective, Elyse begins to fall in love with her drama teacher, Aiden. After this begins, I don’t really unders...
  • Natalie M
    A parallel narrative which alternates between the main protagonists with each chapter. This story takes you on the path of two young adults who make a few bad decisions and the consequences that follow for everyone. Some of the teenagers are far nicer than any you’re likely to meet but the storyline is intriguing and far more complex than first perceptions.
  • Katie B
    Elyse isn't sure if she's up for the task of playing Juliet in her high school play of Romeo and Juliet. Her best friend, Brynn, is the one with more experience in the spotlight. But when someone shows he believes in her, Elyse gets caught up in a web of secrets and lies that could have horrifying consequences.Gabe wants to break up with his high school girlfriend, a controlling and manipulative girl named Sasha. But she's not going to let him go...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    ***Thank you to First to Read for providing me a complimentary copy of LIES YOU NEVER TOLD ME by Jennifer Donaldson in exchange for my honest review.***3.5 STARSIn Oregon, Elyse lands the part of Juliet in her school play while beginning a dangerous relationship. In Texas Gabe’s ex girlfriend doesn’t want to let him go. And she’s willing to stoop to crime to get him back. These teens stories come together in a deadly conclusion.Almost from ...
  • Lorrea - WhatChaReadin'?
    As a teen high school has to be the hardest, yet most defining moments in your life. It's where you decide what your life is going to be like for the rest of your life. Whether you'll go to college, or find a a trade, or do absolutely nothing. Two teens, Gabe & Elyse are trying to figure out life right now. Gabe is dating one of the most popular girls in school, although he's not too keen on the way he treats her and he's thinking about ending it...
  • Natille
    I was hooked on this book from the first sneak peek. Gabe's story has me gripped as I read more about him and Sasha. Then get parents paint a nasty view and I immediately think they ran poor Gabe over as he leaves their house, but I was off the mark and that was probably what hooked me. This is definitely worth reading for those within the age bracket and is a good psychological thriller for teens. As you read further you will be introduced to tw...
  • Jamie
    3.5 rounded up!Listened to this on audio and the strong narration was definitely a big plus! Around 40%, I had a strong hunch as to what the twist might be and I was ultimately right, which ruined a bit of the “oh-em-gee moment” for me, but still a fun ride, nonetheless!