Not So Normal Norbert by James Patterson

Not So Normal Norbert

Norbert Riddle lives in the United State of Earth, where normal means following the rules, never standing out, and being exactly the same as everyone else, down to the plain gray jumpsuits he wears everyday. He's been normal his whole life--until a moment of temporary hilarity when he does a funny impression of their dictator, Loving Leader...and gets caught!Now, Norbert's been arrested and banished to planet Zorquat 3 in the Orion Nebula, where ...

Details Not So Normal Norbert

TitleNot So Normal Norbert
Release DateJul 2nd, 2018
Publisherjimmy patterson

Reviews Not So Normal Norbert

  • Ms. Yingling
    ARC received from publisher at ALA MidwinterNorbert lives in a futuristic dystopia where everything is gray and depressing. His parents were arrested and taken away years ago by the Truth Police, and he's being raised by a boring aunt and uncle. When Norbert stands up when the teacher is out of the room and riffs on the Loving Leader of the society, he is also arrested and sent to Zorquat Three with other children who are also deemed a menace to ...
  • C. B. Whitaker
    I tend to review books from the more select small presses, but every once in a while, a mass market release catches my attention. Such is the case with Not So Normal Norbert, a fun summer read for middle graders. Patterson and Green’s science fiction fantasy is full of quirky humor and adventure and takes a stand for being different and creative, especially where homogeneity and conformity are championed. Norbert Riddle lives in the United Stat...
  • Jess (bookwyrmbella)
    4.5 🌟This was a fantastic book with lots of humor but also a wonderful message about freedom of expression and making sure to always be yourself. I did feel there were a few moments when things moved a little too slowly but otherwise it was an interesting story that kept me coming back for more. I would recommend this to anyone who loves middle grade books or is looking for a good laugh. This is perfect for someone who always felt like they we...
  • hpboy13
    I had this with me after BookCon, and read it all the way through on a 3-hour bus ride. It was nothing special – it’s framed as an absurdist satire of dystopias and summer camp, but doesn’t really have much to say beyond “Imagination is good!” There was also SO. MUCH. FILLER. Despite how short this was, only about half of the book actually developed character or moved plot along. The remainder was the author thinking he was being clever...