Dreadful Company (Dr. Greta Helsing, #2) by Vivian Shaw

Dreadful Company (Dr. Greta Helsing, #2)

Contemporary fantasy in the world of Strange Practice, starring Dr. Greta Helsing, whose family has been keeping the supernatural community not-alive and well for generations.When Greta Helsing, doctor to the undead, is unexpectedly called to Paris to present at a medical conference, she expects nothing more exciting than professional discourse on zombie reconstructive surgery and skin disease in bogeymen -- and hopefully at least one uneventful ...

Details Dreadful Company (Dr. Greta Helsing, #2)

TitleDreadful Company (Dr. Greta Helsing, #2)
Release DateJul 31st, 2018
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Vampires, Horror

Reviews Dreadful Company (Dr. Greta Helsing, #2)

  • Fiona
    Urban fantasy with heart would be how I'd describe this series - whatever happens, the overall sense of how things should be never changes, and the ultimate goal remains the same: right wrongs, help those who need it, and encounter all sorts of interesting monsters along the way.This time the action takes place in Paris, and the best parts - both the Catacombs and the Opera House got to play a central role this time. Ruthven and Varney are still ...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2018/08/13/...Despite the mixed reviews for Strange Practice, I ended up enjoying it a lot and was very excited for Dreadful Company. Ironically though, it’s now this sequel that’s making me feel a bit conflicted. It was a fairly good book, though perhaps not great. And I definitely thought the first book was better.Dreadful Company picks up shortly after Strange Practice ended, on...
  • Nick
    This picks up a few months after the first book, it's interesting to see where things have gone since that story ended and how the characters have changed or grown. The same warmth and humour is present in the writing and the sense of a wider much more complicated hidden world we saw a glimpse of in the first book is expanded upon a little.This is everything you could want in a sequel, the same writing and fun from the first book, the characters ...
  • Lena
    Greta is in Paris for a conference where she encounters true horror: a coven of poser vampires, as lacking in ethics as taste. The horror. The horror.I enjoyed the expanded characters, especially the French werewolf! This series has fuel for miles.Give me more!
  • Hackmops
    Dreadful Company was a nice follow-up to Vivan Shaw's excellent debut novel Strange Practice. Was it enjoyable? Overall, yes. Was it as strong as the first book? Not quite.For me, the main draw of the Greta Helsing series is the supernatural doctor stuff. It is so original and Greta is a very capable doctor - basically, if you enjoy Peter Grant's policing-with-a-side-of-spellcasting in the Rivers of London series, then Greta Helsing as a doctor t...
  • Kate
    The first book in this series is one of my favorites ever, and the second book is no different. Vivian Shaw takes plenty of my favorite classic stories and a lot of very good stuff from her own very good brain and blends it into the perfect story. Nothing makes me happier than a new story with Greta and I can't wait for book three.
  • Becca
    God, do I love this series. If you like Ben Aaronovitch's RIVERS OF LONDON series, but find at times that the writing gets a little too abstract and strays from the point (as I sometimes find when reading them), this series is the perfect antidote. It's got everything I could want in a book with a few minor quibbles. I don't have a very coherent review other than: I loved this.
  • Mark
    Last year, Strange Practice, the first in this ongoing series, was one of my unexpected delights, so much so that it was one of my 'favourite five' Fantasy novels of the year. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that I was really looking forward to this one.Dreadful Company begins pretty much where we left things at the end of Strange Practice. If you remember, Dr. Greta van Helsing, daughter of the more-famous van Helsing, is a physician to those ...
  • Adri Joy
    Dreadful Company builds on the strengths of the first volume in the series, delivering another solid urban fantasy adventure.Dreadful Company is the second novel from Vivian Shaw in the Dr Greta Helsing series, following last year's Strange Practice. Readers who follow a fair bit of fanfiction may have already come across Shaw's works in the Homestuck, the MCU and Star Wars fandoms as coldhope. This background puts Shaw in a strong position to br...
  • David Thalenberg
    I am enamouredI love this world of cute monsters, demonic corporate structures, vampires who believe in their own worst stereotypes, and a dedicated doctor of really really alternative medicine. Please continue as long as you are able, and thank you.
  • Ziggy Nixon
    4+ stars! Another exceptional read from Vivian Shaw!I'm not one to generally go along with the sort of Hollywood-esque praise (you know: love love kiss kiss, let's do lunch DAH-ling) that is oft included in the small-case, roman-numeraled pages of new books. However, I am going to borrow some comments describing 'Strange Practice' that work just as well for 'Dreadful Company', allowing for the whole time-space continuum bits that I'm no doubt vio...
  • S. Nemo
    I definitely prefer the original. I find this sequel lacklustre, and at 70-something percent, nearly DNF'ed. I only pushed on because I've already gone too far up the road, but it wasn't really reading so much as skimming.Here's what worked: I like seeing the old gang back. Grisaille is awesome, loved him. Varney's line about the wilting flowers was lovely. Here's what didn't: So few women and it's nearly a reverse nonsexual harem. Greta herself ...
  • Donna
    Greta Helsing, doctor to the supernatural, is kidnapped by a coven of vampires while attending a medical conference in Paris.I very much enjoyed the first book in this series but this sequel disappointed me somewhat. I wanted to spend more time with Greta and her medical practice in London and with her friends. While most of Greta's friends come with her to Paris, she spends nearly all of this novel as a prisoner or attempting to escape. There's ...
  • Yaaresse
    Oh, that was just a ridiculous amount of fun. With the first book of this series, there was an awkward getting-to-know-you phase that one had to get through in order to get to the story. Shaw's writing seems sharper and more confident this time around, and she's figured out how to introduce the premise to any newcomers without boring those of us who read the first book in the series. She relentlessly pokes fun at undead trope -- nearly choked on ...
  • Lucille
    I was going to rate this 3 stars because while I enjoyed it I didn't loved it as much as Strange Practice. But still in the end it ended up being another hit mainly thanks to the great cast of characters. While Strange Practice had the characters almost always together and working to solve a mystery, here we see Greta more often alone or away from her friends for more than half of the book, and we have pov from new characters and not so much of t...
  • Rosemary
    Seriously delightful second book in this series takes our heroine to Paris and a certain Opera House -- that one, the one with the chandelier -- as well as into lots and lots of underground tunnels. Because it is Paris and Helsing, there's catacombs, vampires (dreadful and nice), vampyre (nice and conflicted), werewolf (très charmant in bipedal as well as quadrupedal form), well monsters (adorable and usefully bioluminescent), and a pair of trav...
  • Tony
    A very satisfying follow-up to Strange Practice, the second in the Dr. Greta Helsing series takes place in Paris. Shaw's writing is economical, keeping the action brisk while also managing to fit in plenty of literary and cultural references. The complex homage to Phantom of the Opera is particularly impressive. It makes me want to research more about the famous catacombs of Paris. On the surface, this may look like a lot of urban fantasy/mystery...
  • Kiwi Carlisle
    I loved this book. I would happily move into the world Vivian Shaw’s constructed for us if I had any useful skills to offer. Once again, she delightfully mixes references from pop culture with concepts from heavy old classics of nineteenth century horror fiction that can still freeze an imaginative reader’s blood. Plus she throws in hellphones, Polari, chocolate croissants, unlikely lovers, and whatever else it takes to keep me hooked. The ne...
  • Abby
    A great sequel to Strange Practice. Greta proved that she is very resourceful and capable of accomplishing things on her own. I also loved the relationship growth between her and Varney. Too many authors have their MC stuck in relationship limbo for too long, but Shaw has definitely avoided that trope. Honestly my favorite character throughout the whole book was Grisaille. His growth as an individual was done so well! I really, really hope that h...
  • Sandradine
    This was delightful to read!I'm thrilled that it's even better than the previous book. The characters have more "flesh", the wit is fantastic and the good feelings you get at the end is endearing so now it's become one of my favorite paranormal series.Oh yes, Paris will have to be revisited with a new perspective!
  • Michele
    Dear gods, I love Greta Helsing so, SO much!! I adore her compassion for the 'monsters' she encounters - she treats everyone, vampires, demons, ghouls, etc. with such respect and empathy. Even when she's kidnapped by the lieutenant of the Parisian coven, she has the time and patience to talk kindly with the newly-turned vampire, Emily. And she saves the life of one of the coven vampires when she could've just left him to die. Greta's unfailingly ...
  • Kat Ficalora
    So when exactly is Grave Importance coming out?!Vivian Shaw has done it again. I'll admit, as excited as I was for this sequel, I was terrified it wouldn't hold a candle to the first. It seems like all sequels are prone to the "sophomore slump", but I couldn't be more pleased with how Dreadful Company turned out. New (well developed) characters blended seamlessly with the old. Two stories met perfectly, right in time for a fantastical turning poi...
  • Debbie
    This is the second in a fun series. It reminds me a lot of Penny Dreadful -(TV series) only not so scary and creepy. But it brings together different 'historical' vampires, demons, etc. -all at the same time. Lots of fun.
  • Fiona
    An absolute delight! Have devoured it and am now impatiently waiting for book 3. Loved the developments for Greta and Varney, have my suspicions for Ruthven too. The only question I have is, what happened to Winston the whistle monster?
  • Casandria
    Great fun!
  • Heather
    4.5/5 a charming series about monsters, doctors, self-saving women, and croissants. I’m a fan.My one thing I missed from the first book was the working relationship between the women in the medical clinic. It just rang so true, women just get sh*t done.
  • Tracy
    Great read! So as not to spoil, I loved the references but won't name them, darn it! This one was a lot of fun
  • Tim Hicks
    Good fun, and well worked out. Interesting characters. Slow start, but it really picked up after that, and used all the stuff that we saw in the slow start. Greta seems to love about four people/things, but each differently, and somehow she still comes across as believable. The psychopomps kept reminding me of Aziraphale & Crowley from Good Omens but I forgive that because that were given actual "remedial psychopomp" work to do. Gotta go, I need ...
  • Hannah (Peevey) Way
    I loved it. Shaw has created a fun, intelligent and engaging magical mystery series with characters as fun and witty as you might expect from Gaiman.