The Summer I Met Jack by Michelle Gable

The Summer I Met Jack

New York Times bestselling author imagines the affair between JFK and Alicia Corning Clark - and the child they may have had.Based on a real story - in 1950, a young, beautiful Polish refugee arrives in Hyannisport, Massachusetts to work as a maid for one of the wealthiest families in America. Alicia is at once dazzled by the large and charismatic family, in particular the oldest son, a rising politician named Jack. Alicia and Jack are soon engag...

Details The Summer I Met Jack

TitleThe Summer I Met Jack
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Romance

Reviews The Summer I Met Jack

  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...4.5 Stars!This is the first novel I’ve read from Michelle Gable. The first line of the book blurb: “New York Times bestselling author imagines the affair between JFK and Alicia Corning Clark - and the child they may have had.” I was intrigued. The fact that this is based on the real-life romance between Jack Kennedy and Alicia Corning Clark is fascinating.Alica Darr (f...
  • Michelle
    Launching 5/22/2018THE SUMMER I MET JACK is my fourth book and I'm still recovering from writing it!Yes, it is that Jack, and yes, it's based on a true story. The wealthy Alicia Corning Clark died in New York, in 2016, at the stated age of 79 but she lied about her age constantly and apparently even in death. Her estate and wills were in a state of bedlam so attorneys tried to track down possible heirs. She didn't have any children...or did she? ...
  • Ann Marie (Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine)
    ***Please visit my my Instagram page to enter the GIVEAWAY.***When I first heard about this book, I was very excited because I had read Michelle Gable’s I’ll See you in Paris and already knew I liked her writing. Like many Americans, I’ve always been drawn to glamour and glitz as well as the drama and tragedy of the Kennedy family. I somehow had it in my head that this was going to be a very Kennedy-centric book detailing one of his many af...
  • Bkwmlee
    For me, this book was a huge disappointment and while I wouldn’t say that I regretted reading it, I do wish that I had stood my ground a bit more in terms of not accepting widgets for books that I wasn’t tremendously interested in reading. Of course, I already knew going into this book that it would be a story about the Kennedy family (albeit a fictional story), more specifically about JFK and the love affair he supposedly had with a woman na...
  • Stacey
    4.5 The unexpected pleasure of going into a book blind is so rewarding. The Summer I Met Jack is pure pleasure as I’m whisked away to the 1950’s. The story shifts from the 1950’s to present day which kept me intrigued and reading on to find out how the two intersect.Barbara Kopczysnka is an immigrant from Poland. She changes her name to Alicia Darr to assimilate and appear more American. She soon finds employment at the house of the Kennedy...
  • Jamie Rosenblit
    I loved this book! Let me preface by saying, I am really not the biggest historical fiction person, even when I love a book that’s historical, it usually takes me a bit to really pick up the pace. The Summer I Met Jack was really an exception here, I was hooked from page 1 and I stayed up hours past my usual bedtime to devour every last word. There was no hope of sleep, I had to see how Alicia’s story would play out. I’ve always been intrig...
  • Darlene
    Great piece of historical fiction about the Kennedy clan. I enjoyed it!
  • Sue
    Michelle has taken on the daunting task of telling a story about the Kennedy family. Everyone of a certain age feels like they know all there is to know about the Kennedys so what could she possibly write about. Boy oh boy, does she show the doubters. She tells the story about a woman who had an affair with JFK in the late 50s who could have changed history. She was someone that I had never heard of and the author's research into the family is so...
  • Martie Nees Record
    Genre: Women’s FictionPublisher: St. Martin’s PressPub. Date: May 29, 2018The book’s blurb reads, “Based on a real story - in 1950, a young, beautiful Polish refugee arrives in Hyannisport, Massachusetts to work as a maid for one of the wealthiest families in America.” The family is the Kennedys. Of course, the Jack in the title is a young Jack Kennedy. I was disappointed in this book, but it may be my own fault. I thought I was reading...
  • Patricia
    I really enjoyed reading me uncorrected copy of THE SUMMER I MEET JACK which is a fictionalized account of the life of Alicia Darr. This novel primarily take place in the 1950's and 60's. Alicia had quite an interesting life. Originally from Poland, Alicia meets JFK while living and working on the east coast. Next, Hollywood, and a ton of names are dropped along the way! If you are looking for an entertaining read, look no farther. I received thi...
  • Tammy
    I have always been obsessed with the Kennedy's. The Summer I Met Jack fed my obsession and I had a hard time putting it down. Michelle Gable did an amazing job researching! I ended up falling down a Kennedy rabbit hole after reading this book and different accounts of Alicia Darr's life. This book is fiction but is based on real life people and events. Loved it!
  • Tracy
    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway! Whoo-hooo!! This is my third book by this author and I did enjoy it. I would love to know more about what is real and what is fiction. I realize the little details can't all be real, but I believe the author was very meticulous about her research and you feel that in the story. A lot of people are fascinated by the Kennedy family and this is just another piece of that puzzle! A not well known tale which ma...
  • Karen
    This novel incorporating an unlikely romance between a poor Polish immigrant and America’s 35th President JFK was a page-turner. It often had me pausing to wonder what was truth and what was fiction. I read the book in just a few days and it piqued my interest to learn more about the real Alicia Corning Clark. The character on which she is based truly comes to life; Alicia’s strength of spirit and culture shine through.The Kennedy’s are por...
  • Sharlene
    A fascinating look at the Kennedy family, Jack and Alicia Corning Clark. Could not put this one down. Amazing attention to details.
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Barbara, now Alicia Darr, has left Poland and arrives in the USA with many hopes and dreams in the 1950s. She rooms with another immigrant, Irenka, and they become fast friends. Irenka takes a job on the East Coast working as a maid in the affluent town of Hyannisport for the famous Kennedy family. Alicia follows Irenka to the Hyannisport and through Irenka she meets Jack along with the whole Kennedy clan. She is enamored with the family, but esp...
  • The Lit Bitch
    Most people know who John F Kennedy was and can probably name a fact or two about him. President. First Catholic president. Assassinated president. Democrat. Bostonian. War hero. Hyannisport yachtsman. Rich Playboy. Womanizer.I think it’s safe to say that he is one of the most recognizable presidents in modern memory. For me personally I am not a huge fan of the post war America time period but I was intrigued by this novel. Though I know quite...
  • Kristin (Always With a Book)
    Full review to be posted on blog.*Loved this book - so engaging, very readable, very interesting!*Knew nothing about Alicia prior to reading this...but found her to be such a fascinating person.*Whole time I was reading, kept asking myself - was this true, did this really happen - but refrained from checking Wikipedia - wanted to enjoy book for what it was - so glad I did!*Book is definitely about romance between Jack & Alicia, but it's also so m...
  • Katie B
    First of all, it is important to note this a historical fiction book based on a Polish refugee who came to America and worked as a maid in the home of the Kennedy family in Hynnaisport, Massachusetts. Alicia Corning Clark claimed to have an affair with JFK and this book imagines what might have taken place and what would have happened if their romance produced a child. You don't have to be a big fan of the Kennedy family to enjoy this book becaus...
  • Jennifer
    What is it about the Kennedy clan that still pulls us in? I don’t know about you but there’s a mild obsession with them on my part. The Summer I Met Jack explores the early Kennedys — the pre-president JFK — the Jack that was shouldering the dreams of his father and family since the heir apparent died in WW2. Jack meets Alicia Darr, an European refugee, in 1951 in Hyannisport. She is drawn into the orbit of the Kennedy clan and Jack, in h...
  • Enchantress debbicat ☮~Traveling Sister
    Quite a fascinating little story. I read most of this while on a Florida beach. A perfect vacation read for summer 2018. 4 stars!Alicia falls in love with Jack Kennedy one summer where she meets him selling popcorn at a movie theater. He's a flirt. She is smitten. It's fun and engaging. I am not sure how much of it all is true. Gable did a lot of research and it is a great story, even if some of it is fabricated. I thought it well written and eas...
  • Susan
    Based on the Kennedy family’s maid and her affair with JFK, and then some, this story was full of everything I needed for a cold winters read. Full of glitz, name dropping, and multiple celebrity affairs ... who would’ve guessed that it was based on reality! From Hyannisport to Hollywood, it was an excellent read that kept me with my nose buried in the book and not wanting to put it down. A definite must read for every Kennedy fan! **I receiv...
  • Amanda
    This book is full of the glitz and glamour of the stars of the time, and the dark underbelly of the Kennedy clan. But it also has a touch of my favorite period of historical fiction, the stories of girls/women of WWII. I could have kept reading about the life of Alicia for so much longer and sort of wish it had been kept at its original epic length.
  • Linda Zagon
    My Review of “The Summer I Met Jack” by Michelle Gable St.Martin’s Press Pub. Date May 29,2018Michelle Gable, Author of “The Summer I Met Jack” writes an intriguing , unique and enjoyable novel. ” The Genres for this novel are Women’s Fiction and Fiction. The author uses her imagination to incorporate some historical facts to the fictional story. I especially like the concept of “What If”. The story is based on John F. Kennedy a...
  • Jennifer
    Whatever your political leanings, you don't need to be a democrat or a republican to know what love feels like. So don't be afraid that this book is just another look at the famous JFK and his affairs. It's so much more and honestly, it left me quite sad but I'm still so happy to have experienced the world through the eyes of Alicia Corning Clark.I am familiar with JFK's reputation, but I have never delved into the background of his family. About...
  • SOMDReigel
    “Did JFK and Alicia Corning Clark have a secret love child? The article that then turn into Michelle Gable’s newest novel – The Summer I Met Jack.Prior to reading this book, I didn’t know much about this particular generation of Kennedy’s besides my limited impression of a rich, powerful large family with many known reports of infidelity, and accusations of wrong doings. (I was much more interested in JFK, Jr, Caroline and Maria Shriver...
  • Beth
    I thought I won this in a Goodreads Giveaway, but now I see it is an ARC ... so I am wondering if the author or PR folks sent it to me??! I loved the read. I am new to Michelle's writing ... great writing style. I am never sure what it is about the Kennedy clan that does pull us in so so much ...they were just so darn cool, unique and maybe a bit mysterious?!! I was pulled in by the cover, love the story ... it is "based on real events"?? I wonde...
  • Marisa
    First I want to congratulate the author on the extensive amount of research she did to bring this novel to life. As a reader I appreciate it. Secondly this novel was great. The Kennedy family has always been a family with a mysterious hold on the American people. In an era where handsome faces and beautiful women entertained us money above all talked. The Kennedys are nasty people!I loved Alicia. She was a person who had to lie to survive. And sh...
  • Ellen
    I loved Gable’s previous books, but really forced myself to finish this one. The portrayal of Alicia Darr as JFK’s lover seemed to focus on the worst qualities of both people. The characters were unlikeable, and although I am sure based on a lot of research, focused on a lot of gossip and Hollywood name dropping. Not recommended.
  • Susan
    Very excited with this new book by Michelle Gable. The story of Alicia Darr was extremely interesting and written in a style that kept me reading.