Island of the Mad by Laurie R. King

Island of the Mad

Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are back in the New York Times bestselling series that Lee Child called "the most sustained feat of imagination in mystery fiction today."A June summer's evening, on the Sussex Downs, in 1925. Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are strolling across their orchard when the telephone rings: an old friend's beloved aunt has failed to return following a supervised outing from Bedlam. After the previous few weeks--with a ...

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TitleIsland of the Mad
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Mystery

Reviews Island of the Mad

  • Jen 3_Piets
    I’m going to mark this down as my most anticipated book of 2018. There will be other new releases, but if I’m going to have a sick day and go into hiding in the local library, it will be the day the new Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes book arrives on my Kindle. The anticipation won’t kill be but only because I’m sooo excited to read a new one!!
  • Erin
    Another great entry in the Mary Russell series! With much of the book focused on experiencing a new place that has personal meaning for Russell (Venice!) and becoming the right character for the investigation, it hearkened back a bit to some of my favorite parts of The Game and O Jerusalem. Maybe a touch less danger to Russell and Holmes than some of the earlier books. And I always love when we get to see characters that are old friends again.If ...
  • Sabrina Flynn
    Whenever I read a book in this series, it feels like coming home. I loved Island of the Mad. Holmes and Russell spent quite a bit of time together in the book, and there was a very big nod to Nelly Bly—a female stunt reporter/investigative journalist in the late 1800s.
  • Linda Baker
    It's 1925, and Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are still recovering from the events of The Murder Of Mary Russell and the loss of their longtime friend and housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson. Her departure forces Russell to undertake domestic duties with frustrating and less than stellar results. One evening Russell receives a call that will upturn their lives and take them into the fledgling fascist state taking shape in Italy. Her friend Ronnie Beaconsf...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    To be reivewed over at Fresh Fiction (!
  • Elisabeth
    4.5 stars; I wouldn't call it "amazing" necessarily, but certainly great fun and a delightful return to form for Ms. King. Good mystery, great current events, the rich travelogue we've come to expect from this series, all painstakingly researched and with notes in the back - and Holmes and Russell, back at their best.I particularly appreciate the history in this volume, as it is frighteningly relevant again today. I also appreciate the lightness ...
  • Kathy Martin
    Mary gets a phone call from a college friend which sends her off on her next case. Ronnie Beaconsfield Fitzwarren is concerned about her Aunt Vivian who has disappeared. Vivian has spent years in and out of asylums, most recently Bedlam for a series of mental health issues. Mary met her once when she accompanied Ronnie and her new baby son to Bedlam to show him off to her aunt. Apparently, she and a nurse got a weekend pass to visit her older bro...
  • Dgordon
    Another great addition to the Mary Russell, Sherlock Holmes stories. A missing crazy heiress, Venice, Mussolini's Black Shirts, Cole Porter and Elsa Maxwell, what could be more fun.
  • Sophia
    The life in the Roaring Twenties can seem like a mad, mad world, but their latest case brings Russell and Holmes face to face with the truly mad, the dangerously ignorant, and a hard look at their own eccentric life.Island of the Mad is the fifteenth installment in the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series. The books are strong on suspense, but also follow closely with global and personal historical events for the main characters so they must b...
  • LifeBreakingIn
    Summary (from June summer’s evening, on the Sussex Downs, in 1925. Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are strolling across their orchard when the telephone rings: an old friend’s beloved aunt has failed to return following a supervised outing from Bedlam. After the previous few weeks—with a bloody murder, a terrible loss, and startling revelations about Holmes—Russell is feeling a bit unbalanced herself. The last thing she...
  • Cole
    The plot of this book revolves around the search for Lady Vivian Beaconsfield, the young aunt of Mary Russell's college friend Ronnie). Specifically, Lady Vivian has gone missing from (sorta) Bedlam. She's spent most of her adult life in various mental institutions, at first against her will and then eventually by choice (of a sort) because it is where she is safe. As per usual, Laurie R. King weaves together a few distinct threads into one story...
  • Alina
    It was a pleasure to be introduced to Mary Russell. This is my first book of the series and I've enjoyed the fun detective.The story begins with the disappearance of Lady Vivian Beaconsfield, an aunt of Mary's close friend, Ronnie. After looking into Lady Vivian's history, Mary uncovers a secret that her friend's aunt has been hiding for most of her adult life. And the last piece of information gives Mary an approximate whereabouts of Lady Vivian...
  • Patricia Romero
    It didn't take much to have a woman parked in an insane asylum back in 1925. Standing up for yourself, would be called hysteria. Being gay or wanting to be independent or a million other reasons that showed just how few rights women had.When Vivian, the aunt of Mary's friend, goes missing after a week-end at her half-brother and guardian's home, it becomes a race to find Vivian before her greedy and mean brother can.From the dark gloominess of Be...
  • KP
    (Review to come once it has been posted on the John H Watson Society web page.)
  • Jill Elizabeth
    This is one of my all-time favorite Holmes spin-off series. In Laurie R. King's oh-so-capable hands, the Great Detective is handled brilliantly - and his wife and co-conspirator, Mary Russell, is one of my favorite heroines in fiction. She is sassy, brilliant, and holds her own more than admirably as she matches - and shares - wits with her husband, Sherlock Holmes. It is extra impressive that King has managed to run this series well into double-...
  • Pamela
    This the 16th book in the Mary Russell series, and finds Russell and Holmes in Venice in search of the aunt of a friend who has disappeared from a birthday party. What ensues thereafter is patently Russell. Russell and Holmes follow the missing aunt, Vivian, and her nurse, Rose, to Venice on a gut feeling by Russell. Holmes plays a secondary role here much as Russell played a similarly secondary role in the early books of the series. As Russell s...
  • Doreen Queen
    In her series about Mary Russell, Laurie King has partnered the infamous Sherlock Holmes with a wife that is his intellectual and deductive equal, despite being half his age. When asked by her best friend to investigate the disappearance of an aunt who has been voluntarily living in Bedlam, Mary would like to decline, but both she and Holmes agree that a trip to Venice, where Lady Vivian might be hiding, would be preferable to staying home. Venic...
  • Patti
    Having recently finished a binge rewatch of Sherlock I found myself looking around for some good old Sherlock Holmes-style fun. So I was very happy to request an advance review copy of Island of the Mad from NetGalley. This was my first encounter with the series of Sherlock-inspired tales, but that wasn't really a hindrance. There were a few references to previous books that went a little bit over my head that did not interfere with my understand...
  • Sarah
    Thanks to Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review--no, seriously, THANK YOU.Island of the Mad follows the same vein as many of the recent Mary Russell books in that the book starts off pretty introspectively. It takes several chapters of character-building to get to the action, but (as usual) the depth of her foundation-setting pays off, and we get explore Bedlam and Venice (VENICE...
  • Judy Beetem
    I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of this book. Accepting it was a no-brainer - I adore Mary Russell AND Laurie King. My Mother-in-law recommended the Mary Russell books to me while I was pregnant with my son - about 18 years ago! I'm not a huge Sherlock Holmes fan but these books are amazing. Mary is a young, super intelligent Jewish/American girl. She came to Cornwall after her parents and brother were killed in a horrible car acciden...
  • Anne
    Island of the Mad, a Mary Russell novel by Laurie R King is the latest entry into the franchise. It is like going home, reading a novel from such an accomplished author. Mary's friend Ronnie has lost her great aunt Vivian who had been home from a mental hospital on furlough and then disappeared. She has called upon Mary to help. The search takes Mary and Holmes to Venice. This book gives a nice tour of Venice in the 20s, somewhat damaged from Wor...
  • Gregandemy
    Thank you to the publisher for gifting me a digital copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for my review.I quite enjoyed Island of the Mad. I didn't realize until I started reading this that I had read another by Laurie R. King and fortunately enjoyed it. King is a talented writer and a good storyteller. In Island of the Mad, she tells the story of Sherlock married to his apprentice, Mary Russell and hints at past cases they have worked on t...
  • Mandolin
    I was THRILLED to receive an advanced copy of this much-anticipated read. It did not disappoint. The newest in the Russell & Holmes series takes my favorite pair to Venice, in search of a madwoman that Mary fears isn't so much mad as haunted by the looming and very real threat of her grasping older brother. In a story rich in historical detail, the two immerse themselves in the high society of the city and find that, despite its beauty, a darknes...
  • Mary Garrett
    ISLAND OF THE MAD by Laurie KingFrom Bedlam (Bethlhem Royal Hospital) to Venice, busy with parties, water skiing, and Fascists, it does seem the world is indeed on a path toward madness. Holmes and Russell boldly go, to try to find Mary’s friend’s missing aunt, and with an additional mission on behalf of Mycroft. Using their wits and humor, they sort through layers of “all is not as it seems.” Allies include a “platoon if not a company ...
  • Jen
    I received an advanced copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Another fantastic addition to the Russell & Holmes canon - witty dialogue, intriguing plot twists, with a slice of historical context. The plot revolves around Russell helping an old University friend locate her missing aunt, deemed "mad" by her other relatives. Clues lead to Venice, where Russell and Holmes navigate the canals and encounter colorful characters. Meanwhile...
  • Bethany Swafford
    Home after several years of nonstop adventure and intrigue, Mary Russell responds to the distress of her friend. From insane asylum to the glamor of Venice, the decadent side of the Roaring Twenties comes to light as Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes follow the in the footsteps of a “mad” woman.Though I have never been overly fond of Mary Russell, the cases Laurie R. King concoct and the detailed settings keep me coming back to the series. Thi...
  • Roxanne Spencer
    I’m a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell (and of Mary’s biographer, Laurie King), but was disappointed in the last episode (The Murder of Mary Russell), which seemed to me to be very dark. I’m happy to say that the joy has returned in the latest adventure Island of the Mad.I received access to a copy from NetGalley on Monday, and finished reading it on Tuesday (luckily for me that I was on spring break and had no pressing obligations t...
  • Kimberly
    Island of the Mad is the fifteenth Mary Russell novel, fifteenth! Somehow, I still love Russell & Holmes in this book as much as I did in The Beekeeper’s Apprentice. In this installment, Russell & Holmes travel to Venice and the descriptions of the people, their lifestyle, and the scenery are dreamy and gorgeous. The historical settings and social issues are particularly elucidatory—Russell learns about the living conditions at Bedlam while H...
  • Audrey Adamson
    I was sucked in by the cover and the title, but in the end, this wasn't the book for me.Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are asked to oversee the case of one of Russell's friends. It seems her aunt went missing while on a day pass from a mental asylum. I had never read the series before (nor did i know it was a series at first), and was excited to see Holmes have a female partner. But then I learned they were married and calling each other by the...
  • Kaye
    Another thoroughly enjoyable read from Laurie R. King. I've read all her books, but especially enjoy the Mary Russell series, for its sheer creativity and solid intelligence. Each one also bids me view history in a new (Holmesian) light and lets me visit exotic cultures that I may or may not have visited in real life. In this case, Sherlock Holmes' intrepid young wife heads to Venice, with husband in tow, to help a friend -- after a brief, daring...