Double Blind (Kendra Michaels, #6) by Iris Johansen

Double Blind (Kendra Michaels, #6)

The #1 New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award winning authors are back with an electrifying new novel that will leave your heart racing.Kendra Michaels is reluctant to help the FBI with the most recent case they've brought to her...until she hears the details: The body was found just blocks away from Kendra’s condo. The man was carrying an envelope with Kendra’s name on it, and inside was an SD card with what appears to be an innocuous vi...

Details Double Blind (Kendra Michaels, #6)

TitleDouble Blind (Kendra Michaels, #6)
Release DateJul 17th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreThriller, Romance

Reviews Double Blind (Kendra Michaels, #6)

  • Maureen Carden
    Kendra Michaels was blind from birth. Until she wasn’t; due to a rare, successful stem cell surgery. While she was blind, her determined, brilliant mother decided that Kendra was going to grow up to extraordinary. Kendra thought this was a fine idea, and in furtherance of this goal developed her other senses to an almost otherworldly degree. Even when Kendra gained her sight, she still honed this talent of noticing what most of us have always m...
  • Felicia
    I'll preface this review by saying that this is my first book by these authors and it is exactly what I was expecting. I felt like I was reading a soft core superhero story. I found the characters to be unbelievable and not engaging enough for my tastes. That being said, I can see the appeal of this series for readers that enjoy a light read with a strong female lead. The last couple of chapters were really good, I only wish the rest of the novel...
  • Darinda
    Kendra Michaels is not too happy about working with the FBI again, but this case has her name on it. Literally. A woman is killed, and on her body they find an envelope addressed to Kendra. Inside the envelope is a wedding video that no one seems to be able to make heads or tails of. As Kendra gets involved, the body count rises and Kendra herself is in danger. The 6th book in the Kenra Michaels series by Iris Johansen. I haven't read all of the ...
  • Dave
    Double Blind is the sixth novel in the Johansen's Kendra Michaels series and is a fast-paced thriller that is sure to have wide appeal. The main concept is that Kendra, like the superhero Daredevil, grew up blind and thus developed super-senses which allow almost Sherlock Holmesian powers of deduction. Those supersenses are featured at the start, but that focus should have continued throughout. Black ops, a Mack Bolan style warrior buddy, and mys...
  • Linda Munro
    I received this ARC copy of Double Blind via a goodreads giveaway.A friend introduced me to the Eve Duncan series quite some time ago; but, I find the new characters, introduced via that series to be just as intriguing. This is another novel in the Kendra Michaels series.Kendra was born blind and her best friend, Olivia was blinded by an accident. Kendra’s sight was restored via an experimental stem cell operation in another country and this ga...
  • Sarah
    Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of Double Blind by Iris and Roy Johansen that I read and reviewed.This is the sixth book in the Kendra Michaels series and I can honestly say I think this series gets better with each book. This book took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I was actually in tears at one point because I am so invested in these characters and I was feeling Kendra's pain at one point. I love it and I can't wait to see where the authors...
  • Nickole H
    Love the books in this series!
  • Pam
    I have come to like Kendra Michaels more than Eve Duncan but this book falls short on action and suspense and has too much relationship stuff which I don't want in a mystery novel. But thanks to Goodreads for the ARC.
  • Danielle Urban
    Double Blind by both Iris and Roy Johansen is an exciting thriller. A deadly game that could end up worse if not stopped soon. A serial killer is hired by a company to handle problems for them only that the killer goes off the edge and blackmails them. The killer is then able to get away with a lot more than planned. Murders are now being traced to the company and the company can't control their hired hired any longer.  FBI is introduced into th...
  • Toni
    Love Kendra Micheals stories. When a woman dies with a flash drive on her way to find Kendra, things get personal. Of course Lynch will do anything to protect Kendra, but she feels better dealing with things on her own. That is until her best friend Olivia is taken. Then all bets are off. Which leads to Kendra, Lynch, and Jessie heading to Afghanistan, but that's also where the story ends. Can't wait for next one. Thanks to netgalley for giving m...
  • Christine Cheripka
    Double Blind was a mystery with a lot of action, mental games and man/woman involvement.....This was the kind of mystery worth getting up early to read so you could get to the "who dunnit" parts.....Double Blind had the tough and talented Kendra, Lynch and Jessie who had the skills and guts to head into any situation and not back down...I won this book on Goodreads, worth the read.
  • Tracie Runge
    Double Blind is a fast paced, engaging read. Kendra is resourceful, independent and strong not letting anything get in her way. With a well-developed surrounding cast this was and thrilling read. I loved this story, the dynamics was well written and I will reading many more books by this author.
  • Dee
    One thing that drove me nuts in this book were all of the underline words and sentences! I also wonder why Kendra is so aggressive. (Eve Duncan is like this also). I appreciate strong women characters but think they don’t have to be so aggressive.
  • Robert
    Too far over the top. If you don't like macabre stories don't read this book. Kendra is extremely observant so she gets hired as a consultant to the FBI. Guests at an event are being murdered and anybody who investigates is targeted. The first mystery is revealed halfway and it's sick. The bigger mystery is why are so many people willing enable it and cover it up. The narrative is 90% dialogue.
  • Dan
    Kendra Michaels is back and is helping the FBI because a woman was shot and run over trying to get a SD card to her. The card had a video of a wedding reception. But Kendra doesn’t know who the victim nor the people in the video are. When the bride from the video is abducted and murdered, the hunt for the killer goes into high gear.Along with Kendra, Jesse Mercado and Adam Lynch are back to assist. This is an energy packed thriller which kept m...
  • Leah Green
    I received an ARC of Double Blind. I am personally a huge fan of Iris Johansen. I love her books written with her son Roy Johansen. That being said this book left me a little confused.I am a Kendra Michaels fan. I have read all 6 books. I love her character. I also like her friends. The roles they play are very important in each book. They remain key elements in all Kendra books. Usually Kendra books have a serious edge of your seat desperation t...
  • Donna Hines
    "When you're blind, you're totally in the dark, but if you can hear, it saves you."Well right as rain, this cocoon needs to expand and break out into the beautiful butterfly it was meant to be!When a body turns up within block of Kendra Williams condo she's reluctant to take on the case. That's until an envelope with her name on it along with an SD card from a wedding reception comes into play. The groom was murdered a week prior to the discovery...
  • Joanne
    I had heard of author Iris Johansen but had read nothing written by her. Kendra Michaels, the protagonist of the book, was formerly blind. I had not known that this is Book 6 in the series. About 4 chapters into the book, I realized there had to be more and decided to see how many other books previously were written with Kendra and if I would want to know more about her. Not really. I like strong women but I did not get a feel for Kendra as bein...
  • Stacy Kingsley
    I haven't read any of the previous books in the Kendra Michaels series, so I don't know as much about the character as some others probably do. But this book, Double Blind, wasn't a bad one. I do feel like I was missing some information, like how she went from blind to seeing, but I also feel like that may be something that wasn't part of the books, just background information. There were moments that I thought were slow, and Kendra wasn't my fav...
  • Zita
    Engaging, fast-paced action and suspense…This is the sixth book in the Kendra Michaels series that can be read as a stand-alone.No matter how hard Kendra Michaels endeavors to stay away from assisting in criminal investigations for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies she still gets drawn in, her inquisitive intelligence and the unique abilities she retained after gaining sight years ago make her especially effective at solving complex ca...
  • Marti
    Double Blind by Iris and Roy Johansen was such a surprise for me. I cannot believe I totally missed this series before now. I liked the characters, the situations they were in and how they worked on solving them! This book is listed at the sixth book in the Kendra Michaels series, but I didn’t feel like I had missed out of a lot and was able to dive right in!Kendra Michaels is a music therapist. She works with children with autism helping them ...
  • Diane Saul
    This is the 6th book in the Kendra Michaels series. I feel like the author gave you enough background information so you could read this book even if you haven’t read the others.Kendra was blind for 20 years before an operation gave her sight. To compensate for being blind her other senses were much more accute than a person with sight. Kendra is a music therapist but is called on by the FBI to help on cases. Because of her acute senses she not...
  • Madoka Kamimura Mason
    Kendra Michaels was born blind. She had to rely on her other senses to help navigate the world around her. When surgery restored her sight, she was able to pick up on details that would have gone unnoticed by others. This skill brought her attention from the FBI. When she is not consulting with them, she uses music therapy to help others cope with their worlds. She is brought back into their world when FBI Agents Metcalf and Griffin bring a case ...
  • Jacoby
    Double Blind is another joint book between Iris and Roy Johansen. I am a big fan of Iris Johansen and always liked her writing style and voice. I also really like the character Kendra Michaels. She has an interesting past and her keen observation skills are always interesting to observe. Unfortunately, I don't find the books she co-writes with Roy Johansen of the same caliber. This particular book is mostly dialog. While that in and of itself is ...
  • Diane
    Double Blind by authors Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen was non-stop Kendra Michaels action! I really enjoy this series and even if you have not read the previous books do not hesitate to jump in and read Double Blind. Once you get into the plot and twists of the story you will understand the title. Kendra is a very gifted source used by the FBI in helping to profile and investigate some of their most puzzling cases. Kendra had been blind, but sin...
  • Book Him Danno
    I wanted to love Double Blind by Iris and Roy Johnansen but for some reason this book was lacking. They created an amazing synopsis that will have reader jumping for the book but fail to full fill those expectations. IN many ways I felt like I was reading a half done super hero story that couldn't find its grove. The story was more about the relationship and less action packed as the other books in the series which seems to be the main drive of t...
  • Lori
    First , I was lucky enough to win this book in the give away and I am grateful for that. I really liked the book , I enjoy Kendra Michaels, her best friend Olive and the hunky dangerous Lynch. Also Jessie got roped into in the story too. I like the FBI agents . They all have their own personalities and it works well. Off to catch a cruel murderer they all have their roles to play.One complaint, and I know I will get flack from this.Johansen has a...
  • Elizabeth
    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. This is the sixth book in a series, but I didn't feel like I needed to read the others to get into it. On the plus side, Kendra Michaels is an interesting protagonist. She's smart and has a unique skill set (a result of being blind). Her first few scenes felt like Sherlock solving a crime in the BBC series. On the negative side, the plot was a bit ho-hum. The intro was intriguing... but with every scene th...
  • Cindy Sacks
    I had not read any of the Kendra Michaels books previously, but like Iris Johansen's other works, so thought this would be a good choice. It is fast-paced and suspenseful, but a bit far-fetched at times. Kendra was blind, but had a stem cell operation to regain her sight, so is often pulled into helping the FBI/CIA with cases. This one struck close to home, as a woman was killed close to Kendra with an envelope in her possession marked for Kendra...
  • Diane Sallans
    I received this book thru a Goodreads Giveaway. I've read lots of Iris Johansen's books over the years and have enjoyed most of them. I read the first book in the series last year, and upon winning this book have also read books 2-5. Of course there is going to be murder in these books but I cringe if they get too gory. I was ok with this one. The series has a core cast of supporting characters - Adam Lynch (Kendra's potential romance connection)...