Never Let Go (Haven, Montana #2) by Jill Sanders

Never Let Go (Haven, Montana #2)

Activist meets corporate in this sizzling romance author Jill Sanders. Trent McGowan has never been the guy who doesn’t get what he wants. He and his brothers are making a go of the oil business, and he’s always had a bit of a reputation with the ladies. Only lately, something’s been missing—something Trent never realized he needed…until he sees his childhood crush standing on the picket line, trying to destroy his company. And what hap...

Details Never Let Go (Haven, Montana #2)

TitleNever Let Go (Haven, Montana #2)
Release DateFeb 20th, 2018
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Never Let Go (Haven, Montana #2)

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  • Mayas
    The suspense is killing me. I need to get to the root of the problem and destruction like NOW... This had even more WTF moments but I would say the Brian may have straightened up. His talk with Addy had more meaning that what was shown. I still can’t get a handle on Dennis and his beef. Carl is just bitter and want something he didn’t work for.Now let’s get to the stars.... Trent sexy self and Adrianna. Couldn’t have asked for a more perf...
  • Suzanne
    Addy Collins grew up in Haven, but her family life was never a happy one. Her mother was cold and almost cruel to the point that Addy thought she had been a mistake. Her father wasn't any better and neither of them showed her any love. At her first opportunity she left home and was working for FREE, environmental activists who were currently in Haven to find out what the McGowan family were up to. It was clearly something big as there was a lot o...
  • Barbara Tobey
    Exciting, romantic, heart-warming, and frustrating. Didn't think about this book as being part of a series. I want all the various situations, problems, etc. wrapped up neatly at the end. Yes, it does have a wonderful ending to the story. It is the loose ends that I know are suppose to make me want to read the next one in the series and I do, but I wanted to keep reading until everything came to a successful conclusion now. I did skip over the in...
  • Terri
    This is book 2 of this series by Jill Sanders. I read the first one also and I'm glad I did. Although this could probably be read as a stand alone, I think reading them in order is going to make things a lot easier to understand in this series.In Never Let Go, the McGowan brother that is the main character is Trent. When a girl he went to school with shows back up in Haven working as an activist and protesting his company, he's thrown for a loop....
  • Melissa mckim
    I loved this story very good. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it and if you haven't read Jill's books before you should start with book one closer to you.. Jill a very talented author and every time she comes out with a new one I have it pre-ordered. Loved the characters and the cover and the story line. Hope you get your copy Feb. 20,2018.
  • Tracy Flick
    I absolutely loved Never Let Go. Once I started it, I didn’t want to put it down. I adored Trent and Addy together and how Trent’s family accepted her with open arms. Never Let Go was a wonderful book full of romance and suspense.
  • Joan
    Adrianna Collins is a campaigning activist and environmentalist. She spends her time moving to wherever her help and expertise are needed in the best interests of the natural world. In this novel she returns to her hometown to fight off a land deal that is thought to involve fracking. She meets up with some old school friends, some nice and welcoming, others not so much so.Trent McGowan is the middle of the three McGowan brothers. They have also ...
  • Melissa mckim
    I loved this book couldn't put it down. If you haven't read Jill book. I suggest you start with closer to you book one! Loved the cover and characters in it. I think there can be more put in to this series. Fantastic read. Hope you get your copy on Feb. 20,2018. Must read.
    Sweetest Surprise!!!Trent McGowan had never had a problem getting what he wanted. Whether it was in business or in his personal life but lately he felt as something important was missing in his life. He never knew what it was until he saw his childhood crush (Abby Collins) again after many years. Adrianna "Abby" Collins, an environmentalist who returned to her hometown of Haven, Montana, on a mission to stop oil mining. But she never imagined she...
  • Kim Vanravenswaay
    Trent and Addy are on opposite sides as far as their jobs. Started out that each was trying to get the other to share secrets, but ended up trusting each other more everyday. I really enjoyed Never Let Go, and can't wait to read the next book in this series. The wait will be hard. I want to see what happens next.
  • Doni
    I absolutely loved, Never Let Go, by Jill Sanders. It is a great addition to the Haven, Montana series.There is everything you want in a book.It's heart warming, suspenseful, & sexy.The story pulled me in, & kept me reading, wanting to find out what happens next. I really enjoyed reading Trent & Abby's story.Can't wait to read Trey's book!!A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE!!!
  • Kirstie Ibrahim
    Never Let Go takes us back to the close knit McGowan family in small town Montana. Trent and Addy have known each other for years but Addy wasn't the type of girl Trent usually dated all those years ago. Addy is on a mission with her job and Trent is basically standing in her way but this won't stop the sexual chemistry these two have for each other. I enjoyed watching how Trent and Addys relationship grew and how the rest of Addys family story e...
  • Teresa Price
    ** I have received an Arc for an honest review! **This book is the second in the series. I highly recommend reading the first book in series.Set in Haven, Montana.I absolutely loved this story!! A lot of things happen in this book that I would have liked to throw my phone and I had myself saying, “OMG, now this? Seriously?”It is Abby Collins and Trent McGowan story.Addy goes to college for two years and decides to drop out of college and her ...
  • Jane
    I want to thank Jill Sanders, author and Goodreads First Reads for the eBook Kindle copy ofNever Let Go that I won on the Giveaway.When Trent McGowan decided that he was in love with environmentalist Adrianna Collins he decided to Never Let Go. This is the second book in the series and continues the story of how the three McGowan brothers took over their family oil drilling business when their father died and turned it around.The family including...
  • Mary
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. Triggers -- violence and suicideThis story has it all, intrigue, love, family dysfunction and a happy ending. Trent has adored Addy from afar since childhood. Not knowing how to approach the nerdy girl, he watched her grow up and leave their little town. Now that she's back, Trent isn't going to miss his opportunity to show Addy his true feelings.Addy left Haven to find peac...
  • Brandi
    This was a great addition to the series.Daddy had a bad relationship with her parents and didn't know why she was in Haven. Trent had a wonderful relationship with his parents but with the death of his dad, he is finding it hard to fill his shoes.I loved the interaction between them. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Becca
    Addy is in charge of a group of protesters who are keeping eyes on the McGowen family. Trent is the middle brother, in charge of land development. The mystery deepens as the family gets closer to sharing their big secret (the technology their father created). We are still left with several suspects. There is also the tragedy of suicide in this story. A good read and I’m antsy to find out who was behind all the bad stuff.
  • Bec - Book Magic: Under a spell with every page
    Trent McGowan and Adrianna 'Addy' Collins are on opposing sides when it comes to oil mining. While Addy is determined to stop the destructiveness of it, Trent and his brothers are doing everything they can to make certain their father's legacy remains alive. However, Trent has always considered Addy to be the one woman that got away, and now he's determined to do everything he can to prove that he is the right man for her. Will Addy give Trent a ...
  • Charlotte Lynn
    I love a good series that each book can be read as a standalone. That is exactly what the Haven, Montana Series is. Each member of the McGowan family will get their own book to tell their story and I am so excited to get to know each one of them.Never Let Go is Trent’s story. Well, Trent and Adrianna’s story. Both are from Haven but Adrianna left and is only back to protest against Trent’s family’s business. Seems an unlikely match but it...
  • Patricia Solla
    This is a book in Jill Sanders' Haven, Montana series. It is a good stand alone story. Addy Collins is an environmentalist who was born and lived in Haven, Montana until she was old enough to go out on her own. Addy has returned working for an environmental group trying to stop businesses from polluting the earth. Trent McGowan is running his father's oil company with his brothers and Addy has been sent to find out why they were buying a large tr...
  • Yvonne
    Whether you are new to this author and/or this series, you will come to love them both.This time the story centers around the McGowan brother, Trent, and Addy Collins.Trent and his brothers have returned home after the passing of their beloved father, and have made a successful oil business, even better.Addy, an environmentalist, and native of Haven, MT, has come back to protest any possible damage the McGowan company might be doing to the enviro...
  • Julia David
    I am really liking this series. This book left me with questions that I am sure will be answered in Trey's story. Addy came back to town and was not happy about it. She doesn't have a good relationship with her parents and then Trent keeps paying attention to her. She knows he and his brothers are players. Trent dated all the girls in town but her and she isn't about to get involved with him now. Trent had left Addy alone because she is so much b...
  • Cali Jewel
    Emotionally charged, action packed, sexy sweet second chance romance for two child hood sweethearts that just could not be more perfect. Trent McGowan sweet, sexy, charming and the McGowan brother that is considered the lady's man. Together with his brothers they are struggling to make a go of the family oil business when protesters line up at the gates and a flash from the past is front and center. Environmentalist Adrianna Collins is smart, sex...
  • Irene Marshall
    Great bookThis the second book in the series is another very enjoyable read. It covers Trent and Addy's story these two start off on opposite sides she is an environmental activist and he an oil man but their attraction for each other breaks down all barriers. Both are originally from Haven and went to school together they had each secretly liked the other then but did nothing about it. A lot happens to Addy her Jeep is blown up and her father co...
  • Sherrie Kauffman
    Jill Sanders continues to write stories that make you laugh and cry. There were many roadblocks put up between the family members and are uniquely solved. I learned to expect a surprise in every chapter. Can't wait to read her next book! I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys family relationships and good clean romance. Thank you, Jill!Jill Sanders continues to write stories that make you laugh and cry. There were many roadblocks put up...
  • Micky Cox
    The second installment to the Haven, Montana series was very interesting, but definitely left you hanging so you know there has to be at least a 3rd book coming which is good news if you love a series to keep you interested like I do. Intriguing plot with interesting characters that have been well developed. You either really like them or really don't as the author intends you to have feelings of like/dislike for them individually. I'm looking fo...
  • Kimberly
    Review featured at www.books-n-kisses.comI really enjoy the writing of Jill Sanders. I thought this story was sweet, heartfelt and had some real “ah ha” moments… at least for me. This is the second in the series and while each books romance can be a stand alone there is a background story that continues throughout the series. I thought the characters were very real. They feel what a normal person would in the exact situation(s). I have enjo...
  • Sarah
    Never Let Go is an excellent addition to the Haven,Montana series by Jill Sanders. While there is a back story that continues from Book One, it's certainly not a deal breaker if you don't read them in order. The McGowans are a close knit family, especially after the loss of their father, and it pulled at the heart strings the way they brought Addy into the fold right from the start to show her love and support that she never experienced from her ...
  • Patricia Myers
    Love the McGowan brothers! Trent and Addy's story is sexy, hot, suspenseful, with mystery and many heart warming moments.I loved how the Mc Gowan family took Addy into their circle. I was drawn into the story right away and wasn't ready for it to end! Ms. Sanders ll has a way of writing that just draws you into the story and makes you fall in love with the characters. Still unanswered questions and mysteries to be solved. Can't wait for the next ...