Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane


Sisterhood is forever…whether you like it or not.Prep meets Girls in White Dresses in Genevieve Sly Crane’s deliciously addictive, voyeuristic exploration of female friendship and coming of age that will appeal to anyone who has ever been curious about what happens in a sorority house.Twinsets and pearls, secrets and kinship, rituals that hold sisters together in a sacred bond of everlasting trust. Certain chaste images spring to mind when on...

Details Sorority

Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherGallery/Scout Press
GenreFiction, Thriller, Contemporary

Reviews Sorority

  • Tucker
    Having read news reports about hazing and other illegal activities in college fraternities but not seeing much news about sororities, I was interested in how Genevieve Sly Crane would portray them. “Sorority” is fiction but because Crane was once a sorority sister I anticipated that it would have some truth and reality in it, and if it does, it’s not a pretty picture. The sisters were cruel, judgmental, extremely self-absorbed, and none of ...
  • Marti Newman
    To clarify some clear misunderstanding...this book is meant to be short fiction, NOT a novel. Things will not “wrap up” in the end. The amount of characters is not overwhelming nor overkill; as each story concludes, you are meant to move past the characters within it. I was haunted and intrigued as I read this book. I have never been part of a sorority, but related to some of these women on a brutally close level. Their stories are real and d...
  • Stephanie
    I received a copy of this title via NetGalley. It does not impact my review.I did not go to a college that had sororities (nor would I have tried to join one if there were), but I really enjoyed the show Greek, so that’s kind of what I was expecting from this book. However, Sorority was not at all like I anticipated. It did not really follow a typical plot structure, but was more shorter vignettes of different girls from the House. I was a litt...
  • Anne
    This was an interesting look at contemporary sororities--with all the drama, friendship, betrayals, and secrets one would imagine. Fortunately it was nothing at all like the sorority I belonged to in college as apparently now drug use, rampant sex upstairs, vicious hazing, and raging parties are not much monitored so it is like one big "sister" party most of the time. (Sure, we snuck in a bottle of wine every now and then but we had a house mothe...
  • Abby
    This linked story cycle kicks off with the death of sorority sister Margot, but it's not a whodunit. Margot's demise is more of a catalyst, triggering each of the sisters we meet to act out in their own particular ways, thus revealing a new facet of the sometimes-powerful, sometimes-toxic connection among them.It's not a "woo-hoo, spring break!" book, but there's plenty of bad behavior on display, and while a lot of the characters we meet aren't ...
  • Jamie
    This book is not my usual hang and to be honest I thought it was going to be a trashy beach read sort of book. And yet there is a LOT of good stuff here. It's a pretty deft exploration of what it's like to be a self aware, self loathing, self harming but still self assured young woman. I'm not sure that there's a purely likable character to be found in this book - and yet that's where a lot of its charm can be found.
  • Kate
    This story is told in a nonlinear narrative by multiple characters. This made it a little hard to follow, but also made me want to re-read it when I finished the last page.I never wanted to be in a sorority and that's because I imagined they were all like the one in this book. Catty girls who are caught up in appearances. Frenemies, more than friends, all looking for others who can help them achieve whatever they think of as success. So, maybe I'...
  • Mikol by the sea
    I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an advance copy. People expecting a light and easy read will be disappointed. Those that want to explore a work that has gritty, honest and challenging character portrayals in a singularly unique novel format are in for a fabulous read.
  • Michael Chapman
    Not a book I'd usually read, so I am pleasantly surprised. Definitely not meant to be a novel, but sort of a collection of short stories about different characters. They are tied together, but very loosely. I knew this going in, so was not disappointed. Very dark, which I liked. Realistic. Doesn't "come together" like a traditional novel would, but I tend to like books that are more edgy and experimental. Worth reading, especially if you can appr...
  • Dana
    The characters in sorority are very well developed. I can see the sarcastic, sad, troubled college girls trying to find their way in the world. They are trying to discover who they are while trying to remain unjaded. I feel that the characters in this book were in survival mode of the sorority. This novel kind of reminded me of Requiem for Dream. Although there was little to no plot in this book, the characters drove each chapter around the death...
  • Randi Robinson
    This book was not exactly what I expected. It is not a neat story of sorority life on an idyllic Northeastern college campus. It is actually more of a “true” story. It is the story of a sorority with all its warts showing, told as a series of stories set during and after college about the sisters of this sorority. The sisters were a diverse group with a prim and proper “church” girl, the girl who sleeps around, the ones who drink and do d...
  • D
    I received a copy of this very well written story from Goodreads. It is really a series of rather fascinating vignettes about a fictional New England college sorority. Humorous, melancholy, and occasionally shocking, you will remember reading about the sorority sisters for quite some time.
  • Devyn
    I received this book from Goodreads.Another Not My Cup of Tea review. Like many, I thought Sorority was a murder mystery. I thought it'd be a pretty interesting book about a sorority sister that offed another sorority sister, and now the whole feckless house is scrambling to find out who did it before more murders are committed.But, sadly, no. No murder, no plot, no fun.It turns out I can only stomach the 'Mean Girl' thing is one of them is dead ...
  • Magdalene Brandeis
    This book is haunting, and compelling, and the writing is so beautiful and exacting it makes my toes curl. Don't miss out on a fabulous read!!
  • Kathleen Gray
    Think of this as a mosaic of the women who shared space with Margot, who overdosed during the pledge process for their sorority. This is not a linear story but rather a series of vignettes set both during and after college. Some of these may be surprising, others unsettling but they are realistic. It isn't the sorority that is at fault for the problems in any of these women's lives, although it may compound them. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. ...
  • Kristy Jewel
    If you're looking for a novel that has a true beginning, middle and end, this is not the book for you. Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane tells the story of various sorority sisters in bite sized short stories. The story unwraps to reveal the story of Margot. I went into this book expecting a full story and not various short stories. That in itself took me a bit to get used to. Though it wasn't a format I was expecting, I still enjoyed it. The chara...
  • Cindy Roesel
    "It's absurd. It's obnoxious. It's impossible to leave."Were you in a sorority? If you answer yes, Genevieve Sly Crane’s novel, SORORITY (Scout) is the book for you. SORORITY is a deliciously addictive, compulsively readable exploration of female friendship and coming of age. And let's face it, those of us, who answer no, are really curious about what goes on in a sorority house.Shannon is a bulimic. Kyra is considered a slut. Ruby worships at ...
  • Kacey Willitzer
    "Epsilon was Margot's room. Nobody lives in Epsilon" As soon as I read that line I was hooked. Sorority life isn't as perfect as it seems. Crane lays out the lows and darkness of what happens behind closed doors and the struggles that come along being a member of a Sorority. Chapter one is a little hard to follow since all the rooms and all the "sisters" are mentioned but the rest of the book is laid out well. Each following chapter focuses on a ...
  • Lauri Rottmayer
    Well. This was such a different book for me and it had a completely unexpected ending. I'm sitting here like, wow. Hmmm.But it was good! It's not a whole story, exactly. It's about the members of a sorority and, while they are connected by that, it's almost a group of short stories. I've not been a member of a sorority but it strikes me that it's probably a fairly realistic representation of that life. I liked it a lot and would recommend others ...
  • Paul Pessolano
    “Sorority” by Genevieve Sly Crane, published by Gallery/Scout Press.Category – Fiction/Literature Publication Date – May 01, 2018.If a mother or father who were sending their daughter off to college and read this book she would absolutely be forbidden to rush a sorority.The book tells of a sorority and the lives of the girls in the sorority, especially those who are pledging the sorority. Each girl’s lives are studied and how they adapt...
  • Bryant Loney
    A phenomenal examination of the cruelty and complexities of college sisterhood.
  • Linda Quinn
    If you’ve ever wanted an inside look at a sorority, this would be the book for you. The outer shell of perfection that the rest of the world sees is cracked open to show the imperfections of each girl, with hopes, dreams and weaknesses. After reading this book I am left with extreme thankfulness that there are no sororities at my daughter’s college.
  • Rachel Reeves
    DNF at 29%
  • Shahna Seal
    I received an advanced copy of Sorority from Netgalley, Gallery/Scout Press, and author Genevieve Sly Crane in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by those mentioned above.I wanted to read this because I was in a s sorority. Thankfully, my experience wasn't as dreadful as these characters' experiences are. The writing takes an interesting style as each chapter is told in a different sister's perspectiv...
  • Angela
    I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways.As a member of a co-ed service fraternity in college, I was interested in reading Sorority, because there don't seem to be a lot of books out there about the college experience. If I had read this book before rushing my fraternity, I probably never would have gone through with it! This sorority experience isn't all puff paint and toga parties, but a dark look at college Greek life.This boo...
  • Marissa
    *** While I received this from NetGalley for review purposes, my thoughts do not reflect another's agenda. ***So I picked this up thinking it would be completely different than it was. I expecting some kind of plot to surround these girls and the sister who is found dead right away in the book. But it isn't that.This is more of a collection of character studies of girls in a sorority. And for that reason, I see it more as a collection of short st...
  • Andrea
    So on Monday morning I found myself sitting on the train realizing I left my phone and kindle at home. Not a fun realization with an hour plus train ride. So I grabbed this book for my commute home. And in the 10 minutes I had to grab a book to read I picked this one. I thought it would be a murder mystery. I thought it would be a fun kind of light hearted read. I totally just grabbed the book without reading reviews to see if it might be somethi...
  • Michele
    I received my e-copy from Gallery/Scout Press.I look at the 2 little stars and they sadden me. This book, for me, was just that...OK. It didn't make me cry, laugh, sigh, or anything else. I didn't fall in love or like with any of the characters. I didn't sympathize or empathize with any of them. I finished this book because I thought surely SOMETHING exciting was going to happen. Maybe there was a twist with Margo's death since the story revolved...
  • Becky Baldridge
    Sorority is more a collection of short stories than a full-length novel. The story starts with an introduction of sorts to each girl, or sister, in the the sorority, and from there we get a story from each of them. From the blurb, I expected a bit of suspense surrounding Margot's death and I suppose there is some question about whether or not it's suicide, but primarily, the book covers some part of each young lady's life, either right before, du...
  • Shari Suarez
    I picked up this book thinking that it was a mystery/thriller. It's not. It's the story of the overdose (suicide or accident) of Margot, who lives in her sorority house and the effect her death has on her fellow sisters.I found it difficult to read as the author doesn't use quotation marks. She identifies what each character says with a dash. It's an unusual writing choice that didn't work for me.I had a difficult time liking any of the character...