Without a Country by Ayşe Kulin

Without a Country

From the international bestselling author of Last Train to Istanbul comes a novel based on true events that explores the depths of pride, devotion, and persistence as four generations of a family struggle to forge their destinies.As Hitler’s reign of terror begins to loom large over Germany, Gerhard and Elsa Schliemann—like other German Jews—must flee with their children in search of sanctuary. But life elsewhere in Europe offers few opport...

Details Without a Country

TitleWithout a Country
Release DateJul 1st, 2018
PublisherAmazon Crossing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews Without a Country

  • Katie B
    By the early 1930s, Gerhard Schliemann knows that his family is no longer safe living in Germany because they are Jewish. He eventually finds employment in Turkey and soon his wife and two children join him and attempt to adapt to life in their new country. This is a historical fiction book that not only follows generations of a family from the 1930s to present day but also the country of Turkey as it undergoes massive changes throughout the year...
  • Sarah
    I’m assuming that something was lost in translation with this book. The story had to potential to be a great one, but it seemed like the author was trying to tell too much in not enough pages. The second half of the book felt rushed, and much of it felt like a recitation of facts rather than a narrative. A lot of the dialogue felt forced, and there was not much character development in the second half.
  • Joy D
    Multi-generational family saga that takes place mostly in Turkey over a period of over eighty years. It starts with a family of Jewish Germans fleeing Hitler prior to the start of WWII. The story begins in 1933 with Dr. Gerhard Schliemann, his wife Elsa, and their two children, Peter and Susy, leaving their home at short notice and eventually making their way to Turkey. Gerhard and other Jewish scientists are hired by a Turkish university to help...
  • Linden
    1930lardan bugune Turkiye'yi etkileyen olaylari anlatmak ugruna bir cok faktoru es gecen roman. Karakterler gecit toreni yapiyor kitap boyunca, ne kisilikleri derinlemesine tanima imkani duyuyoruz ne de anlatim edebi bir tat birakiyor. Kurgu da, anafikir de, karakterler de yuzeysel olmaktan ote gidemiyor
  • Jeanette
    Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres, especially stories where Jews and the Nazis are concerned. This book was a little different to many stories that i have read, mainly due to the family making Turkey their home after fleeing Germany. This was a very enjoyable book and the further i read, the quicker i was turning the pages. I am not going to write about the story, as i do prefer one to read the book for themselves, but i do recomme...
  • Harmonyofbooks
    Elsa, sahilde koşturan çocuklarıyla torunlarını göstererek, "Şu hale bak, Gerhard," dedi, "biz Yuhidi bir Alman çifttik ama Amerikalı bir oğlumuz oldu, Türk kızımız, Hristiyan ve Müslüman torunlarımız var. Bu nasıl kadermiş?""Renkli bir kadermiş Elsa, bizim hayat çizgimizi biz değil, Hitler çizdi!"5/5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Art arda dört nesil kadının öyküsünü anlatan bu romana bayıldım. Yazardan okuduğum ilk eseriyd...
  • Lilisa
    Thanks to Kenneth Dakan for translating Ayse Kulin’s book from the original Turkish publication and giving readers the opportunity to experience Turkey over four generations with a Jewish family - the Schlimanns. In the 1930s, Dr. Gerhard and Elsa Schlimann and their young family fled Germany and via Switzerland settle in Turkey. One of many Jewish families, the Schlimanns begin a new life in Istanbul, each generation attempting to integrate in...
  • Barbara
    This was my choice for the Amazon Prime 'free' book for June and I chose it because I'd previously read 'Rose of Sarajevo' by the same author and recognised the name. Unfortunately I found the book rather disappointing. It's a four generation 'saga' that tracks the evolution of a family in Istanbul. The first generation were a Jewish academic and his family, fleeing from the Nazis to help Ataturk set up universities in Turkey. The second generati...
  • Seda Yetik
    İlk 100 sayfa iyi gerisi berbat. Yazar her şeyi yazayım derdine girip hikayeyi dağıtmış ve dağılmış.
  • Ahmet Şahin
    Açıkcası yerli yazarlar içinde Ayşe Kulin benim için çok farklı bir noktadadır. Bunun en büyük sebebi güçlü kaleminin yanı sıra olaylara bakış açısı ve bunu gerçekleştirirken seçtiği konuların tam merkez oluşu. İşte, kanadı kırık kuşlarda böyle bir kitap. Dört farklı dönemi anlatıyor olsada, tüm dönemlerin geçişleri ve içindeki paralerlikleri çok güzel ortaya çıkarmış. Kitabın bu noktada yakın ta...
  • Gail Smith
    This family saga begins as a German pathologist learns that he must leave Berlin immediately: Hitler is beginning to round up Jews. He and his family eventually relocate to Turkey, where he is instrumental in bringing other displaced Jewish doctors and scientists to staff the new Istanbul University. He and his daughter begin the assimilation process by learning Turkish, while his wife and son continue to see themselves as German. This story of l...
  • Rosemary
    Intriguing book spanning several generations of female narrators. The movement was somewhat slow, but I enjoyed immersing in a culture mostly unknown to me, that of Turkey and in particular German Jewish immigrants to Turkey. I think this book was one that was free from Kindle during World Book Week (or something like that) and I'm glad I took advantage of this opportunity. Some of the headlines of faraway political travails came to life through ...
  • Thebooktrail
    BookTrail postcard review: I always read Ayse Kulin's books and this was a poignantly painful yet interesting read. I knew practically nothing of the role of Turkey in the 2WW and in the persecution of Jews so this was a real eye opener in many ways. Written in a very accessible and easy-flowing style.
  • Demet Çıkrıkcı
    Alıştığım Ayşe Kulin tadının çok gerisinde kalmış. Sanki zorlama yazılmış gibi; başlarda çok akıcı ilken daha sonra tıkanan bir hikaye. Severek okumadım diyebilirim.
  • Liesbeth
    I openly admit defeat on this book, and I’ve given up half way through. It’s not a part of history I know much about and I was looking forward to learning more. However the characters are poorly developed to a point whereby as a reader you just don’t care about them. The story jumps a lot, just as you get into a certain part it halts abruptly and restarts a few years later. Hence there just isn’t enough substance to hold my attention.
  • Mandy
    The problem with this novel is that it’s just too ambitious. To encapsulate the entire history of modern Turkey – from 1933 to the present – through the story of four generations of one family covers too much ground and involves too many characters, leading to a lack of depth in the characterisation and a rather bewildering gallop through a complex era full of incident. The author tackles a lot of weighty themes – identity, nationality, c...
  • Kathryn Gauci
    This novel resonates with what is taking place in many parts of the world today. Based on the true story of highly educated German Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, many were welcomed under Ataturk's education policy of trying to recruit the best minds to the new universaties, hospitals, and cutural intstitutions of the Republic. Many resettled in Turkey after the war yet the question of identy proves to be a difficult one, especially for the next gener...
  • Kutlu
    Kitabimiz kronolojik acidan gayet zengin 30 lu yillardan gunumuze uzaniyor. Bu surecte yahudi aile odakli bir hayatin ortasinda buluyoruz kendimizi. 4 nesili iceriyor icermesine de her biri uzerinde ayni oranda durulmamis ve kitabin baslarinda Ataturk zamani egitimdeki surecinin uzerinde yogunlasinca kitabin devaminin da bu yonde ilerleyecegini dusunmustum. Fakat kitap bir anda türk dizilerine donerek aşk temali bir kitap haline geldi. Karakter...
  • Carol
    Very well written This book was very well written. It kept me wanting to continue to read it. Historical fiction seems to be my favorite genre, because I learn at the same time as I’m entertained. This book covered at least 4 generations of one family’s struggle with finding a country which would tolerate all nationalities, as their family blended with the people around them. The only reason it did not receive 5 stars was because, in my opini...
  • Rachel Abarca-Contreras
    ShockingI’ll be honest: I was intrigued, then bored, then interested, then bored, then bored again, then suddenly intrigued, heartbroken, sympathetic and empathetic. The journey through 4 generations of Jews from WWII to religious terrorist groups was poignant to say the least. The character development was completely between the lines, but as the story wound down, I realized how attached I’d become to the characters. This one will cause me a...
  • Cıler Inan
    Tek kelimeyle mükemmel, tam da yüreğimde belki de bir süredir üzerini örttüğüm birtakım ince sızılara dokunan ve sonunda gerçek sevginin dini, dili ya da ırkı olamayacağını bir kez daha hatırlatan, aile olmanın gücünü bana en derinden hissettiren bir hikayeydi. Okurken ortak oldum bu 4 güçlü kadının hikayesine ve hepsi ayrı bir değer kattı hayatıma eminim. Kesinlikle okunması gereken, çok değerli bir hikaye!
  • John Keeth
    I Couldn't Put This Book DownI don't usually give a book 5 stars but this one deserves it. I'm not going to go into the plot. You can get that from the other reviews. This is a beautifully written historical novel that is well researched. There is not a dull page in it and I couldn't put it down. It gives a great insight into Turkish history since the 1930's. By all means don't let this one pass you by.
  • Jonathan Donihue
    An Interesting Trip Throu TimeThis book wasn't exactly what I expected but it was an enjoyable read. The author presented an historical overview of a little less than a century in Turkey from the point of view of a particular family. As I commented to a friend of mine; it kind of reminded me of the Brady Bunch, but in the Middle East.
  • Sibel
    Belgesel gibi bir roman. Hızlı okunuyor, sürükleyici. Daha çok olayları takip ediyoruz. Temposu yüksek, olaylar hızlı akıyor. Hele son yüz sayfa, yakın dönem siyasi tarihimizin hızlı bir özeti. Roman karakterleri çok ön planda değil bence. Siyasi, sosyal, kültürel değerlendirmeler yapılmış; yaygın, yerleşik bazı toplumsal değer yargılarımız sergilenmiş.
  • June
    A Book with AnticipationA book about tradegy, predjudice, injustice and heartbreak, but also one of love, forgiveness, endurance, and loyalty. A can't put down book. A lot of life's lessons learned.
  • Mike Collins
    PointlessThis book is well-written and readable, but completely pointless. It starts with a story of one generation, then, seemingly, in few pages, advances to the fourth generation. The connections are loose. There’s no plot and barely a story, just words. I cannot believe I finished it. I kept waiting for some grand point to be made, but... nothing.
  • Nicole Patterson
    2.5 stars for this book. I really enjoy books set in the 1930s. This one was a little different then I was expecting it to be. There was a lot of history about Turkey which was a little slow reading for me. But I liked all the generations that I got to read about. Was wishing for a little more at the end. Left it open ended which I didn't like all that much.
  • Hülya Kurugöllü
    30'lardan günümüze Türkiye ve Yahudilere uygulanan zulmün tarihinin 380 sayfaya sıkıştırılmış biraz hızlı bir özeti olmuş. Bu durum insanı yorsa da başımızdan geçen büyük ölçekli musibetlerin hatırlatması gibi... Bunun dışında farklı kuşaklardan kadınlar arasındaki bağlantılar ve yaşanmışlıklar güzel kurgulanmış. Eleştirmek istediğim bir nokta kitabın birkaç yerinde mantık ve yazım hatalarının ol...
  • Sinan Yuce
    Gereksiz bir kitap olmuş. Zaten aldığım kitapların yanında bedava gelince yazın roman okumayı sevdiğim için okudum. Kitapları yarıda bırakmayı sevmediğim için sonuna kadar zor getirdim. Aceleye getirilmiş gibi.
  • Selin
    1930 lardan günümüze kronolojik sıra ile meydana gelmiş siyasi/toplumsal olayların herbirinden bahsedicem diye zorlama yazılmış bir roman.