The Anomaly by Michael Rutger

The Anomaly

Not all secrets are meant to be found.If Indiana Jones lived in the X-Files era, he might bear at least a passing resemblance to Nolan Moore -- a rogue archaeologist hosting a documentary series derisively dismissed by the "real" experts, but beloved of conspiracy theorists.Nolan sets out to retrace the steps of an explorer from 1909 who claimed to have discovered a mysterious cavern high up in the ancient rock of the Grand Canyon. And, for once,...

Details The Anomaly

TitleThe Anomaly
Release DateJun 19th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreHorror, Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Reviews The Anomaly

  • Sara
    Michael here's the thing. You're about to become absurdly famous. People are going to be badgering you to be on their talk shows. Saturday Night Live will do a spoof on you. David Letterman will come out of retirement just to do a top ten list with you on it. There will be fan fiction. So much fan fiction. Everyone is going to know who you are. You're going to have some clout. Power to get things done. Or to stop things from happening as the case...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Good Lord this was brilliant. Creepy as all heck, a brilliant main protagonist, a hugely engaging wider cast and a horrifically addictive plot. I finished it late last night, bleary eyed, hugely satisfied with the entire read including the heart stopping finale. Also loved that the explanation made a fantastic kind of sense and wasn't pulled out of the ass end of nowhere in an attempt to be clever as so often happens with this type of adventure b...
  • Emma
    This is one of the best science fiction thrillers i’ve read in AGES. If you like Mathew Reilly or James Rollins, this is very much for you.Opening with a horror movie/Indiana Jones moment that sets the scene with terrifying screams in the dark, it then switches to a more chatty, diary style narrative related directly to the reader by amateur archaeologist, Nolan Moore. He walks the fine line of being both cocky and amusing, managing to be genui...
  • Susan
    Sometimes my son watches a TV programme where a group of, very strange, men, wander the backwoods of America looking for, and yet, never finding, strange creatures. This novel is cleverly based around a similar show – The Anomaly Files – a low budget, online show, with a similar theme of exploring conspiracy theories and, false history stories. The narrator of this novel, Nolan Moore, is the presenter, and he and the producer/director, Ken, h...
  • Vanessa
    "...And step one of that is getting out of this crevice. Because it sucks in here. This is the place and point and time from which the rest of our lives start. There is a path from here. And so we need to move along it. We have to go on, and keep going. Okay?""Okay," she said, very quietly. Then, a little more strongly, "Okay. Sorry.""Don't be sorry.....I'm not enjoying this process either, and that's because it's shit. So let's go." I started to...
  • Benjamin Thomas
    Nolan Moore leads a team of four TV web series production crew members in an effort to retrace the path of an explorer from 1909 who made an important but mysterious discovery of a cave high up in the rock strata of the Grand Canyon. Nolan’s crew hopes to ramp up their reputation of chasing after strange conspiracy theory anomalies and turn this potential find into ratings gold and hopefully an actual TV network program. Thus, they allow a jour...
  • Evelina | AvalinahsBooks
    I have to agree that I was completely hooked on the promise of fight and adventure! I still believe that this story could have been delivered so much better, and not just in terms of how it was told, but the story and its details itself. Tell anyone this premise and they'll tell you "this should be a movie, NOW". That's no coincidence – the author happens to be a screenwriter, and I actually wondered if he was before I read the acknowledgements...
  • Jennifer
    The Anomaly is just the kind of James Rollins novel I love - an action-packed tale full of quippy characters in exotic locales that takes two facts and turns them into something that skirts the edges of both science fiction and horror. Except Anomaly isn't Rollins, it's Rutger - a pseudonym for a California-based screenwriter - who lacks Rollins' ability to slow boil a reader in how implausibly nuts his plots are until it's too late to care.To hi...
  • Jessica Diatalevi
    Oh. Dear. Lord. I could NOT wait for this one to end. Many, many, many times I thought about calling it quits but I read so many reviews saying how “horrifying” and “scary” it was so I kept pushing through waiting...hoping for something scary—even remotely good to happen. It wasn’t until after page 200 that it got somewhat (and I use the term lightly) interesting. But I can assure you, at that point I went from pure boredom to “what...
  • Thebooktrail
    I read this at nightI couldn't sleepI was transfixed by those mountains, that Canyon, that cavernWhat an adventure!I've been trekking in the Grand Canyon but nothing like this! It's thrilling and horrific beyond beliefVery clever, atmospheric and deliciously dark"The Beach" for the trekkers and trailers of the travel worldFull review once I've recovered
  • Caidyn (BW Reviews; he/him/his)
    RTC 7/25!
  • Kate
    As has been said, there is something of the Indiana Jones about this magnificent thriller. It delivers on every level from start to finish and is extremely well-written and brilliantly imagined. Caves and I are done with each other..... if I should see one again, I'm walking the other way. This is most definitely worth a pre-order.
  • Margie
    The Anomaly, which begins with a spine-tingling prologue and for which film rights have already been acquired, strongly resembles an Indiana Jones script. The author, mindful of this, even mentions Indiana Jones at one point. As much as I liked the Indiana Jones movies, I was rolling my eyes at some of the inane scenes and dialogue in this book, especially in the beginning chapters. I knew I should stop reading after this blatantly misogynistic d...
  • Asha
    I’d like to think Michael Crichton would give this a thumbs up.
  • Nancy
    If you're looking for a fast-paced Indiana Jones/Dan Brown kind of adventure, this is it! A conspiracy theory YouTuber and his crew discover something real and dangerous while filming for an episode. I loved the overall plot. It was creepy, exciting, edge-of-my-seat material, but still intelligent and interesting. There was some clumsiness in establishing characters and their personalities, but overall it was a great read. I couldn't put the book...
  • Rose (Traveling Sister)
    "But your soul knows. Your soul most likely had an inkling long before the events you're struggling to comprehend had even occurred, sensitive as it is to currents and changes too subtle for the conscious mind to observe, and responsive as it can be to the futures shaping themselves in front of you.And so your soul sits waiting for you to catch up." - Michael Rutger, The Anomaly---------------------------Due to the fact that I haven't read scienc...
  • Wendy
    What a belter of a book. Chillingly entertaining and a thundering good read.Allow me to offer five reasons why this plucky amateurs’ quest into the unknown kept me glued to my seat:• Its sheer originality.• Re-invents why you should be afraid of the dark.• Genius conversational volleys.• Commendable application of ominous and unpredictable circumstances• A sterling cast that’s impressively relatable, especially when there’s cause ...
  • Rachel Emily
    This book was so crazy! And Good! And ridiculous! And I just loved it!I really enjoyed the writing - great voice for the main character, Nolan - loved his sarcasm, his wit, and dryness to the narration. Great supporting cast of characters as well. This is like...sci-fi/horror/suspense, and I thought that it was done very well. The suspense was done very well - I was SO nervous for these people, and I can't imagine being in those caves in the dark...
  • Krystle
    Skeptical to the Scientific Community's dismissal of myths, the protagonist, Nolan investigates various myths & legends with his crew for his YouTube show. As he & his crew search for the mysterious & ultimately unconfirmed Kincaid cavern within the Grand Canyon, they soon all realize that they may have bitten off more than they can chew. They encounter villains, giant rolling stones, and strange dangerous creatures, all of which may trigger majo...
  • Julia Cardamone
    Uhg, I'm absolutely torn here, so ultimately going with a solid 3 stars. First and foremost, I could not and did not put this down. I finished it all in one sitting and don't regret that at all.The first 3/4ths or maybe even 4/5ths of this book are completely spell binding. I was taken away and swallowed whole by the premise from page 1. And then, geez, so many amazing, unexpected plot twists. I spent my entire read with my nose dug into the page...
  • Beverley Albright
    I won this book on the goodreads giveaway. I would, actually, give this book 3.5 stars.At first, I thought this book was hokum. It had every Indiana Jones movie, every Destination Truth and Expedition Unknown episode reference or recreation imaginable. Even the author was making fun of this fact. I kept thinking, this guy can write so why doesn't me make up his own stuff?But once he got all that out of his system, the story began in earnest. It t...
  • Jessica
    Argh. This book could have been 5 stars. The first two parts of the book, holy hell...amazing. It builds you up with humor and leads you into scary, in a way of the unknown. I had to stop reading it at night because it was just creepy. I loved the first half of this book..and then...Meh. The big reveal fell flat for me. Once the unknown was taken away, the book lost the scary factor for me and I think that's why it was so disappointing. Still cre...
  • Stephanie Mills
    oh my lord!!!! I loved this book and will be reading anything they put out!!! I can not wait for this to become a movie!!!
  • Amy
    I'm going to disagree slightly with the blurb, and say I think it's a little more the National Treasure gang mashing up with X-Files. Our protagonist Nolan does pointedly mention not being an archaeologist a couple of times, after all, making him a little less Indy-like. This was a quick light read, one that didn't ask me to think too much. After turning the last page and seeing that the author is also a screenwriter, I realized why. I definitely...
  • Ryan
    [SPOILERS....kind of]Michael Rutger's The Anomaly is an energizing and suspenseful archaeological sci-fi horror that will keep you reading chapter after chapter. From the beginning of the book to its bizarre climax, the book maintains an ever increasing tone of suspense and anxiety-inspiring tension. The characters are also well written, each multifaceted and believable,=. Nolan Moore is a slightly arrogant but likable down-on-his luck protagonis...
  • Melissa
    Probably one of the best thrillers I've read in a while! Rutger's writing is phenomenal. The way he weaves words and sentences together is beautiful. The way he laid out the story and each of the characters was perfect. Each character had a personality and I easily became invested in them. The main character, Nolan, was fantastic. A wannabe Indiana Jones type researching the unexplored and the unexplained. He was cliche enough that you almost fel...
  • Shayne Bauer
    This book is somewhere between The DaVinci Code and The Descent; however, it is not as complex as the former and not as scary as the latter. Therefore, I think I was a bit disappointed in the read.It took me some time to digest Rutger's style. He uses high-level vocabulary and lengthy sentences. This paired with the content made for a read that is no easy task--but I liked that part. What I didn't like was that the plot took WAY too long to get g...
  • Dave
    Oh, this was a huge amount of fun. A film crew head off to the Grand Canyon to investigate a mysterious cavern found (and lost) decades earlier, reportedly filled with treasures galore.Look, this was never going to end well, was it? A bunch of amateur explorers wandering around ancient dark caves? What could *possibly* go wrong?Lots. Lots of things could go wrong. And boy, do they go wrong.The Anomaly could easily be written off as yet another su...
  • Mitch
    Unfortunately the payoff is more like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull than Raiders of the Lost Ark or Last Crusade...