You Were Made for This by Michelle Sacks

You Were Made for This

A gripping page-turner for fans of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW and THE PERFECT NANNY, Michelle Sacks's You Were Made For This provocatively explores the darkest sides of marriage, motherhood, and friendship.Doting wife, devoted husband, cherished child. Merry, Sam, and Conor are the perfect family in the perfect place. Merry adores the domestic life: baking, gardening, caring for her infant son. Sam, formerly an academic, is pursuing a new career as ...

Details You Were Made for This

TitleYou Were Made for This
Release DateJun 19th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Suspense

Reviews You Were Made for This

  • Melissa
    This utterly addictive and downright disturbing domestic thriller is impossible to set down for any length of time. The author’s unique writing style and the unsettling reality of living life through the eyes of this cast, sparks a page-turning frenzy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you saw us you’d probably hate us. We look like the cast of an insurance commercial: shiny, happy us. The perfect little family, living the perfect little li...
  • Berit☀️✨Traveling Sister✨
    4.5 Dark and Disturbing Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5from the blurb... a dark look at marriage, motherhood,And friendship... don’t always agree with the blurb, but this one is spot on! Michelle Sacks did a fabulous job of painting a disturbing picture.... this book will make you look twice at the closest people in your life...Sam and Mary have moved to Sweden from New York, and appear to be loving a quieter lifestyle... Mary is the picture of domest...
  • Kendall
    Oh my GAWD... what a crazy ride this was!! I LOVED IT!!!! Michelle Sacks delivers a stunning debut filled with lies, sex, jealously, greed, and suspense that will leave you on the edge of your seat. BUCKLE UP.. this is a definitely a ride that you want to experience. There were so many things that I loved about this book. Multiple POV's from our three main characters: Mary, Frank, and Sam. Let's meet Sam and Mary. They appear to be a loving and h...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 “life is not always a bowl of cherries” stars to You Were Made for This! 🍒🍒🍒🍒This was a book I had to read based on reviews from my friends, including Jewels, Kendall, and Michelle. And of course they were right- this one was good! Merry, Sam, and baby Conor are living in the idyllic countryside of Sweden after a leap of faith move from NYC. This is a shiny, new life for them, and it’s almost too good to be true. Merry is fulf...
  • j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]
    4.5 STARSWhen Sam inherits a cottage in the Sweden countryside, he and his wife, Merry, pack up their hectic lives in NYC and begin a brand new life in an cold, isolated country with their infant baby.In Sweden, they are the very picture of domestic contentment. Merry gardens and bakes with a fervor that would put Martha Stewart to shame. Sam begins working at his dream career as a film documentarian. Their adorable baby is a fat little cherub, a...
  • (Bern) Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
    This dark & disturbing psychological thriller is not for the faint of heart! I found You Were Made for This to be both enthralling and difficult to read. I don't think I have ever read a book where every character was so psychologically damaged, wretched and despicable. The story is told in 3 alternating point of views and there was no respite - not one of them had any redeeming qualities. Page after page, things went from bad to worse.The bo...
  • Paromjit
    Michelle Sacks writes an intense claustrophobic and harrowing psychological thriller that treads disturbing and sickening territory with protagonists that have little in the way of redeeming qualities. New York university professor, Sam, is married to set decorator, Merry, with a infant son, Connor. Sam comes into an inheritance, a remote cottage in a rural part of Sweden. They move from their frenetic and busy lives in Manhattan to Sweden, shedd...
  • Susanne Strong
    4 Stars. Weird, Wild, Intriguing and Full of Suspense!Merry and Sam live quite the life. The best life, the happiest life. They couldn’t ask for more. They left their pasts behind: everything, bad, horrible and sinful and made their great escape to Sweden. To a new life, filled with light, love and new possibilities. Merry life’s work has become building a home for her family. She wakes every morning, making baby food and homemade jam and bre...
  • sue
    Merry, Sam and their baby, Connor. A perfect little family in the perfect little setting. Sam who has the perfect little wife, Merry bakes blueberry pies, cooks well, cleans and sees to the garden.The Mother who loves and adores her baby. Sam who wanted nothing else but to have a homely wife and a child of his own in the most idyllic of settings.They have it all. But is Merry all that she appears to be?Then along comes Frank, she is a long standi...
  • Nazanin
    4 StarsMerry has a perfect life with her perfect family, her husband and the baby. They are happy and enjoying their life. Her husband is proactive and she admired it and in return, she is the exact woman he wants. After so many years not seeing each other, Frank, Merry’s childhood friend decided to see her and her life. They’ve grown up with each other and more like sisters. When Frank came to their life, she feels at home, she is so intimat...
  • Lou
    Although this is apparently a debut, I could've sworn i've heard the name Michelle Sacks in reading circles before this. Maybe it's just me, must be. One of the aspects that drew me to the book was the setting - the Swedish countryside, somewhere I would love to visit, sets the scene for this dark and disturbing read.Merry and her husband and young baby, are creating their dream life in Sweden, far from the events that clouded their lives whilst ...
  • Jan
    I feel the need to warn that this book contains scenes of child abuse. It's not easy to read, but if you can get past it, there is a solid domestic thriller here. This book shocked me with it's directness and unsympathetic way of highlighting the darkness that resides in people. The characters are shallow, selfish, jealous, manipulative and down right horrid, but the face they put on for show every day hides it all from the world. They smile, hug...
  • Michelle
    Wow!!!It's books like this that make my cold black heart happy. I'm astonished that this is Michelle Sacks debut novel. If you want to meet a cast of unsavory characters then this is a book for YOU!!! Sam & Merry are married and madly in love. They recently moved from New York City to live in idyllic Sweden. Here is where they plan to raise their new son Conor. Merry loves their beautiful cottage. She spends her days with Conor, tending the garde...
  • Shannon
    Thanks to Little Brown and Company for sending me You Were Made for This by Michelle Sacks. Wow, that was something wild! Pretty disturbing if you ask me which of course I am fan of. As for my review, I won’t be saying too much to avoid spoilers *BUT* I will say there is a possible trigger within the story. Your Were Made for This is told in three different POVS. We hear from Merry, Sam and Frank. Merry and Sam have recently moved to Sweden fro...
  • Ova Incekaraoglu
    Full review here First of all I must confess this: I read this book in one sitting. The writing is really good. The story captured my attention from the first page, I found myself dazzled switching between the viewpoints of Sam and Merry, a couple with a young baby, recently relocated to an area outside Stockholm. They left bustling city of New York and in this new settlement, the nearest public transport is 50 minutes walk away, they are in the ...
  • Babydimps (Suzy)
    1.5 stars - rounded up for quick chapters Easily the worst book I’ve read in 2018 - so far. I’m definitely in the minority amongst most of my GR friends, but I couldn’t stand this book. I did not like the writing style. It read like someone talking in monotone. The 1/2 star given was for the multiple POV’s (which I am a big fan of) and the quick chapters (also a big fan). Other than that, I couldn’t wait to finish this book. I almost ga...
  • Jamie Rosenblit
    Another heart-pounding psychological thriller told in multiple point-of-views (my favorite!). You Were Made for This starts out with a couple and their young baby who have recently moved to Sweden from Manhattan and mentions an old friend of the wife Merry's, a girl named Frank. We soon learn Frank will be coming to visit and the friendship might not be as rosy as it seems. At the risk of spoiling the fun, I'm not going to offer more plot points,...
  • Jayme
    4.5 CHILLING stars! Merry and Sam appear to be the perfect family, building a perfect life in Sweden. A new baby, and a fresh start. But appearances can be deceiving. Unless it is your oldest and dearest friend who comes to visit. Frank (Frances) isn’t buying into the facade being presented. She doesn’t believe that Merry is really enjoying pureeing baby food, and baking from scratch. She doesn’t believe that Merry is the adoring mother she...
  • Liz Barnsley
    You Were Made For This is a beautifully written, utterly riveting and genuinely disturbing novel that ate up my morning.Merry and Sam live an idyllic life in Sweden – but even the brightest lives hide the darkest secrets. When Merry’s best friend Frank comes to stay she sets off a series of events that lead to tragedy…You Were Made For This is extremely absorbing – the author paints a picture with words, the sense of place is palpable and...
  • Roman Clodia
    I thought I'd reached saturation point with twisty domestic noire thrillers told through a series of revolving first-person narrators but this book persuaded me back and had me racing through to the end. While the premise is different, there's quite a strong Gone Girl vibe about this: the marriage-under-a-microscope, the toxic relationships, the twisted characters. Sacks is smart about socially-prescribed gender roles ('devoted and all-nurturing ...
  • Abby (Crime by the Book)
    Find my full review here: is the kind of book that’s bound to spark some very divided opinions. YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS features a cast of totally unlikeable characters - reading this book felt, to me, a bit like watching a train wreck that you just can’t look away from. I ended up enjoying this one a lot, but it won’t be for everyone, that’s for sure!!
  • Trevor
    Rounding up to 3* for this debut. There's a part of me that's thrilled to know that even after reading dozens of "Sherlock" novels, I can still be surprised from time to time. I was aware that this was supposedly a "wtf" ride, but I was outraged & disgusted by the actions of the characters, & let's face it- the characters themselves. YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS is filled with one awful circumstance after another, & it is not watered down with redeemin...
  • Obsidian
    Please note that I received this book via NetGalley. This did not impact my rating or review.Huge sigh. This book was a mess. At first I was momentarily intrigued because the book seemed to be setting up things with the husband in this story (Sam) to be sinister. All of his rules for mothers/wives seemed to be playing that way. But then you get further into the book, and when Merry's "best friend" Frank comes to visit, the book just goes freaking...
    The scene is heavenly... far away from events that shrouded their previous life in New York, Merry and her husband Sam are creating their new dream life with their baby, living in a perfect house in the Swedish countryside. Of course they’re delightfully happy...why wouldn’t they be?When Merry’s childhood friend Frank comes to visit, she can hardly recognize the new Merry. Slowly but surely though, disturbing fissures become all too apparen...
  • Christine
    You Were Made For This is a clever psychological domestic drama from debut author, Michelle Sacks. It is the kind of read, that will sit very uncomfortably with some readers. Some of the moments of drama are hard to read. For that, I am full of admiration. This is very dark. Sacks delivers a shocking tale of three dysfunctional people, that will make most of the audience squirm. Well done, Michelle Sacks, for particularly emotive powerful prose.F...
  • La La
    At one point in reading this book, somewhere past 50%, I thought I was going to be able to squeak out a three star rating because it seemed like it was finally getting into some solid psychological musings, but then characters ended up having psychotic episodes, supposedly stemming from childhood "traumas", that were just too out of this world. The author should count herself very lucky if she thinks that the childhood events these characters exp...
  • michelle
    Sam inherits a rundown house in the Swedish countryside, so himself, his wife Merry and their infant son Conor decide to move from their busy lifestyles in New York city and start a new life in Sweden. They move to some idyllic place miles from anywhere. When they get to the house, it is rundown and covered in dust and the garden is a mess, full of weeds and debris. It takes them a while to do the place up and even clear the garden and grown thei...
  • Catherine
    It starts out as a fairy tale, a perfect little family, living the perfect life in the perfect world. Then it descends into nightmare as the illusion of perfection is stripped back revealing the rotten core within.This story deals with domestic abuse, with a controlling, unfaithful husband, isolating his American wife with their small baby in a remote island in Sweden. His wife has her own issues too, including her resentment and abuse of the bab...
  • Catherine Eve
    What a ride! Harrowing. Disturbing. 3.5 stars for a book that I could hardly put down. I enjoyed the sec, straightforward prose that stands in sharp contrast to the twisted lines of thought the three main characters in this almost-chamber drama indulge in, and the web of lies they all help spinning.Yet, the warped psyches of the whole cast of characters do raise some pivotal questions that are only answered in fragments and allusions. I particula...
  • Sherri Thacker
    It’s been awhile since I haven’t finished a book and this book is sooooo disturbing on so many levels, I just can’t go on. The things they do this baby is just horrendous! Stopped reading at page 180. I just don’t care how it ends. I will not recommend this book to anyone.