Strength (Curse of the Gods #4) by Jane Washington

Strength (Curse of the Gods #4)

Willa Knight: Dead? Alive? Damned to a state of eternal bad luck?Willa and the Abcurse brothers are back, and more determined than ever to stick by each other. Unfortunately, Staviti has other plans, plans that threaten to change the natural order of the worlds—though nobody really understands why. His agenda may very well affect all beings on Minatsol, even those that thought themselves safe in Topia. Even Willa-invincible-Knight. Unsure with ...

Details Strength (Curse of the Gods #4)

TitleStrength (Curse of the Gods #4)
GenreNew Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Strength (Curse of the Gods #4)

  • Kai P
    I never read a book twice, but this series broke my sanity. Now, every single day, I go to goodreads just to see if it’s released or at least when. I feel like having withdrawal symptoms from addiction. I, so, totally need this. As in ASAFP. Crap, my patience is driving me cray-cray!Update:Come on out! Damn it. I can’t stop thinking about this. I want my abcurse harem, please!!
  • Findingnemoes
    this book is really character-driven of teens I dont thing that this book is funny
  • Christine Rinaldi
    Does anyone know when this book is going to be released?
  • Mellissa
    Yes!!! Rome's book finally!!! "There is a Fine Line Between Creation and Madness" That sounds like a hint to me... Because we still haven't heard who Willa's father is or could be... I have MY OWN speculations but I could be wrong. Ahhhh! So Excited!We have a Cover, which is Gorgeous! Now all we need is a Release Date!!!