The Rose Legacy (The Rose Legacy, #1) by Jessica Day George

The Rose Legacy (The Rose Legacy, #1)

Orphaned Anthea Cross-Thornley has been shuttled between family members her whole life. When she receives a letter from a long-lost uncle, she dares to dream that she will finally find a home. Upon her arrival she is shocked to learn that her uncle secretly breeds horses--animals that have been forbidden in their kingdom for centuries. More alarming is Anthea's strange ability to sense the horses' thoughts and feelings, an ancient gift called The...

Details The Rose Legacy (The Rose Legacy, #1)

TitleThe Rose Legacy (The Rose Legacy, #1)
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherBloomsbury USA Childrens
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Animals, Horses, Adventure

Reviews The Rose Legacy (The Rose Legacy, #1)

  • Jessica
    Why hello there, little book I've worked on for Lo, these many years! If you are wondering, this is the story that started as "Horse Brigade." I actually used it as a reading piece several years ago, so some of you lucky people might have heard the first couple of chapters! It got bumped aside for the Castle Glower books, but now it's ready to take the stage. It has horses, and intrepid young girls, and even tiny pet owl. Basically: everything yo...
  • Jenn
    When I was young, I was absolutely horse-crazy and read every horse story I could get my hands on and asked for a horse for Christmas every year (never received one, but still...). If I had had this book then, it would have blown my mind, but since the author wasn't yet around, I suppose it's definitely worth the wait: a fantastic action-adventure in a Victorian-type, steam-punk-y world where horses are viewed as better off dead, since the rumor ...
  • Beth
    The beginning of The Rose Legacy, when Anthea gets off a train and steps into a new world, where nothing makes sense, and everything she knows turns out to be wrong, and the ground is constantly shifting beneath her feet, is flat-out spectacular. It may be one of the best metaphors for growing up I've ever read. (It's not a metaphor for growing up at all, which is probably why it's so powerful.) It's great. ...And then the book falls apart. She h...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from NetgalleyAnthea is an orphan who has been sent from family member to family member her whole life. She's been with an aunt and uncle for several years, and it's not too bad, but when her aunt is expecting, the stress of havin Anthea around is too much, and she is once again sent away. This time, however, she is sent to live outside Kalabar's Wall, which was installed hundreds of years before because of a plague that killed horses. Anyo...
  • Dena (Batch of Books)
    Basically, this is all my childhood horse fantasies in a book. 💖💖💖Excuse me while I sigh dreamy eyed at the stars and fantasize about horses.Okay, I'm back, but I'm still fantasizing about horses.Remember those horse books you read as a kid? Haven't you wondered where all the modern horse books are? Because I have. And there aren't any. Until now.And let me tell you, this book was worth the wait. Basically, it's all my childhood horse fa...
  • Sara
    If I had just seen this book on the shelf, I probably would have passed it over. Not because I don't like the cover but because I don't really lean toward the animal books and the cover shows a girl riding a horse. I think it's a great cover but not really my style. However, knowing that Jessica Day George wrote it, I decided to give it a try. Everything I have ready by her I have loved-the Tuesdays at the Castle series being one of my favorites....
  • Leah
    This was delightful. The horses were wonderful, definitely my favorite characters. I did like most of the humans, too. The story was sweet and, at times, humorous. The setting was lovely. I liked the farm by the sea the best.
  • Chrissy
    I have no idea what I just read. But I finished it, so there's that I guess...The problems started early. There is no explanation of why Anthea doesn't remember living in not-Scotland (it has another fantasy name, but like in Game of Thrones, these countries are analogs to England and Scotland, so that's what I'm going to refer to them as). The first few chapters are about Anthea freaking out that she's being sent into exile away from the snooty ...
  • Rena
    This fell way short of JDG expectations. The plot was not very original and the horse's love felt...creepy? Very sorry I did not enjoy this more.
  • Eleanor M.
    The Rose Legacy book 1 by Jessica Day George This is the kind of book that my sister and i love to read, just like Jessica we both had a crazy love for horses when we were younger.Anthea had want to become a Rose maiden all her life but when her ant and uncle sent her into exile beyond the wall she discovers more then just her long lost uncle Andrew and cousin Jilly, she finds herself on the last farm as they called it surrounded by horses, som...
  • Joy Smith
    I enjoyed the premise and the characters (the horses, especially Florian, the humans, and the little owl, Arthur). Anthea has been passed from one home to another and then exiled beyond the Wall. It's a harsh life, she thinks, after arriving at Last Farm. She rebels and complains. And it's treason! Meanwhile Florian is trying to reach Anthea, but they are kept apart because no one, including Anthea, understands what he wants. Well, he is a stalli...
  • Dianna
    What a fabulous book! I got it for my daughter and she loved it so I figured I'd better give it a try too. We can't wait for the next one to come out.
  • Liahona Whittle
    Awesome book for horse lovers, I loved it! Can't wait for next year for the second book to come out.
  • Critterbee❇
    The Rose Legacy appears (to me) to be the first in a series featuring Anthea, who has a way with horses, in a land where they have been forbidden and long thought extinct. Anthea, raised as an orphan and shipped from home to home, is sent off to family in the wild lands outside of a huge wall 'protecting the kingdom.' She discovers a land with mysterious horses and forgotten family, and has to re-think what really is true and real versus what she...
  • Samantha
    Jessica Day George, I love you, but not this book, sadly. It DOES, however (whatever my opinion), accurately capture a girl and her love of horses. (I should know, my sister is one of those crazy, amazing people.) The story was actually great, but I never got to like Anthea. She seemed to be too prissy and annoying. She also changed her mind A LOT. The sad thing is, though, I can see myself doing the same thing if I were in her shoes. Everything ...
  • Becky B
    Anthea has spent her life passed from one relative to the next. She isn't thrilled with the prospect of moving again, especially when she hears that the house is in the exiled lands of Coronam. How will she ever become one of the Rose Maidens if she's sent out into uncivilized country? And then Anthea arrives at the Last Farm and she sees horses, creatures she's been told all her life in the city no longer exist because they caused a horrible pla...
  • Martha
    Anthea is miserable in her existence as an orphan bounced from relative to relative, often doing maid chores of all kinds from shoveling coal to polishing silver. Yet all of that changes when Aunt Deirdre (her current guardian who is expecting another baby) needs Anthea's bedroom. Thinking she has exhausted all possibilities of places to live with relatives, she is surprised when her uncle announces she will be moving beyond the "Wall" to the Exi...
  • Angie
    Anthea is a proper lady who only wants to be a Rose Maiden. But she is also an orphan who has been shuffled among her relatives since her father died. When her current guardian decides it is time for her to go she suddenly learns that she has an uncle beyond the wall.  The wall was put in place to protect the people from the mysterious horse disease that killed thousands of people and led to the elimination of horses. What she finds at her uncle...
  • Stacie
    The Rose Legacy, by Jessica Day George, is a horse-inspired fantasy for middle-grade readers. The first in a new series by Jessica Day George, it appeal to those who love animals and magic, as well as readers who like steampunk books. The story's protagonist is Anthea, an orphan who has moved from home to home through her young life. When her Aunt sends her to live beyond The Wall to The Last Farm, she discovers she has family she never knew ther...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    George, Jessica Day The Rose Legacy, 260 pages. Bloomsbury, 2018. $17. Content: Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: PG. Anthea has been moved from relative to relative ever since she was orphaned, until she is invited by a distant uncle to come and live with him. Anthea is hesitant to live with this uncle because he lives on the other side of the Wall and Anthea has been raised to think only outlaws live on the other side. When Anthea gets ...
  • Misti
    Orphaned Anthea has been shuffled from one relative to another ever since her parents' death, but now she is being sent to an uncle who lives in the wild lands beyond the Wall. At his farm, she will discover that many of the things she's been taught all her life are untrue -- particularly regarding horses, which she had heard were disease-carriers and extinct. Neither of these things are true -- so why is that what children south of the Wall are ...
  • Debbie
    "The Rose Legacy" is a tween fantasy novel. I loved novels involving horses when I was a kid, and I enjoyed this one even as an adult. The characters acted realistically and were interesting. The world-building, though not extensive, did give it a unique feel. Anthea grew up with cars and trains, but life on the family farm revolves around horses and using the gift that allows people to communicate with horses.Anthea has been passed around from r...
  • Claire Hill
    Ten-year-old me is LIVING right now. The Rose Legacy is the story of Anthea Thornley, who has been moved from relative to relative since she was very small. When she is ousted from her last home, she is sent to live with her uncle in the far north, above the wall. When she gets there, she discovers that what she has heard all her life is a lie—horses exist, and they live at Last Farm. This book is a love letter to everybody who wished passionat...
  • Michelle
    The story itself wasn't bad but the main issue that I had with this book is that nothing really made much sense. The main premise is that horses were killed off for being "dangerous" and causing plague and everyone now sees horses as monsters and the whole plot revolves around that, but it just wasn't believable. It all seemed thrown together and unreal. I mean, a king builds a huge wall to protect his people from horses? I could understand this ...
  • Elizabeth
    While I don't think anything else she writes could beat the glories of Tuesdays in the Castle, I think this comes pretty dang close. I'm a sucker for princess stories + magic animal powers, and like, you throw in Jessica Day George's writing on top of it? Ooh boy, I'm there. :DI may go more in-depth reviewy later, but for now, I will leave it at this: The Rose Legacy is a fun, easy read. The world-building is interesting for its uniqueness, and t...
  • Becky H.
    Anthea has been passed from relative to relative but is surprised when she is sent to live with an uncle she did not know about. This uncle also lives beyond the Wall to the Exiled Lands. She is however very surprised and shocked when she arrives and sees the monstrous horses that are on his estate. Horses have long been outlawed for carrying the plague. But all of Anthea's fears melt away when she meets the horse Florian and discovers that she h...
  • Miranda
    Received an ARC via Netgalley.Anthea is a poor orphan girl who has grown up being passed from relative to relative. When she is forced to move one last time to family she has never heard of, she finds an uncle and cousin who welcome her with open arms and discovers a world of wonderful creatures. She also finds that she has a special gift and is able to communicate with the horses in a wonderful Way- they can speak with each other using their min...
  • Brandon
    I read this with my seven year-old daughter and it was clear that we both finished the book just to finish it. The story meanders without a clear conflict and although there is a decent resolution, it mostly comes out of nowhere and consequently wasn't satisfying. There are some threads deliberately left open for a sequel, but none of them suggest the conflict or need for a sequel. The writing throughout was mostly dull, but the concept was inter...
  • Kasey Giard
    Such a fun, creative story.I've never read a fantasy which used horses the way this one did. I liked that they were this mythical creature and had the special bond/magical ability with humans.I enjoyed each member of the cast of characters, especially the more unexpected ones, like the little owl. Anthea had my heart from the first page. She was so clearly an amazing girl overlooked by family members. I loved the relationships she built with her ...