Hidden by Kelli Clare


Small-town Connecticut art teacher Ellie James finds the intense connection she’s longing for when she meets Will Hastings, a seductive Englishman with an alluring darkness. But just days later, her sister and grandmother are murdered and she must confront the unthinkable: is Will a man she can trust, a killer—or both?After surviving a near-fatal attempt on her life, Ellie makes a desperate move: she takes her young niece Lissie and runs to E...

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Release DateJun 5th, 2018
GenreRomance, Suspense, Romantic Suspense

Reviews Hidden

  • Kelli
    It was so much fun delving into the world of obsession and conspiracy and discovering the characters of Hidden. I wrote the main characters boldly, allowing them to lead me and reveal themselves. I hope you enjoy the novel as much as I enjoyed writing it! I would be grateful if you posted a kind review here and on Amazon to help others discover it.
  • Bookingwithme
    Wow!What an amazing and thrilling book this was! I seriously couldn't put it down. This is my first book by Kelli Clare and she has me hooked.There is so much passion between Will and Ellie and add the thrill, excitement, and just overall edge of your seat mystery.I would highly recommend this book to anyone.NetGalley thank you. :))
  • Jen Longenberger
    Kelli Clare is a new author on the scene that, I believe, will be around for a while. She has the ability to introduce characters in such a way that you feel like you have known them forever. Her talent of telling a story is amazing. This is not your run of the mill romance story. Think of your favorite romance author and take it up ten notches. Yes, I said ten! Hidden is a combination of mystery, intrigue, love, and so much more. The love scene...
  • Mackenzie - Traveling Sister
    Well, thus ends my streak of amazing 4- and 5-star reads! It had to end sometime, and this book was it. I hope to provide some fair feedback for readers considering this book, because though it wasn't good to me, others may enjoy it.I want to be honest and state that I am a poor fit as a reader and reviewer for this book. I had agreed to review it because it is marketed as a Mystery/Thriller, but this book is firmly in the Romance category and th...
  • Caitlin Speck
    Kelli Care blew me away with Hidden and had me coming back for more. When I am reading a good book, I get sucked in and cannot put it down. This book is one of those for me. Kelli Clara created a world that I became a part of. The characters came to life before me as I felt all of their feelings along with them. I love the consuming love between Elle and Will and the love and loyalty of the Hastings family. This is one of the best books I have ev...
  • Sally Sutton
    Hidden is a page turner...what a wild ride of twists and turns! I highly recommend this book is a must read. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.
  • Selene
    Genre: Romantic SuspensePOV: First-personWriting style: 3/5Twenty-seven year-old Ellie James returns home to find that her beloved grandmother is dead and her sister is on the cusp of death’s doorstep. Ellie doesn’t think to call the police (immediately) because an attractive stranger comes to her rescue and tells her a nonsensical story about his connection to her:“My father told me about you when I was five and reminded me often how I wou...
  • Holly Jones
    Very captivating and Lots of action! Love the twists and turns, keeps the anticipation flowing!! Will Hastings character sounds fascinating. Truly enjoyable read!! Looking forward reading more from this new author!
  • Cathy Cole
    I love books like this — set in the U.K., twists and turns, atmospheric and with good character development. I wish I could have read it all in one sitting because I think it would have been better and more enjoyable, but I had to break it up over a few nights. It is just a book that begs to be read into the wee hours of the morning. I don't want to give too much of the plot in the review because it will spoil the plot and surprises, but the bo...
  • Cwbythundr
    This is my kind of book. It has it all. Action, romance, intrigue, suspense and characters that you fall in love with. I surely hope there will be more books with these characters. If you read this Kelli Clare, this avid reader wants MORE!
  • Suanne
    Hidden is Kelli Clare’s debut novel. The plot is intriguing, involving an unknown heir to the British throne that can compete with the current queen and her family. Additionally, a family that has vowed to protect this heir to the death and has done so for centuries.Ellie James is an art teacher who moonlights by working in a bar. She is the missing heir. When all but she and her niece are killed the the order that protects the queen, she must ...
  • Madeline ❤️ Romance Bibliophile ❤️
    ♥♥ 2.5 Obsessive Stars ♥♥ALERT ALERT: RANT AHEADSoooo, let's just talk about this cover. Along with the title and book description, I was all over this. I'm expecting an intense stalker-type thriller romance, very Killing Me Softly-esque. But, man, was I disappointed. Okay, it's advertised as a "thriller", and I was not thrilled. I felt maybe a couple moments of tension where I was wondering what was going to happen, but literally, it a...
  • Diane
    I just finished reading Hidden, and I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I rarely read romances, especially the ones with dominance and graphic sex. Yes, this book had that, but it also had a real, even if crazy, story that kept me turning pages into the night. I loved the in-your-face quality of the writing, the rapid pacing, and the off-the-wall story. The protagonist's family had kept a major, earth-shattering secret from her, a...
  • Sharon
    2.5 stars! The premise for "Hidden" -- a mysterious stranger, two murders, and at the center a young innocent girl -- hinted at an exciting thriller with a little romance thrown in for good measure.I didn't not like the storyline. When the stranger Will Hastings turns out to be some sort of protector who's been watching Elle James for a decade, nope, not creepy at all. Then, when Will darkly proclaims Elle was the intended murder target and whisk...
  • Randee Green
    Main character, Ellie James, is an art teacher/bartender in a small Connecticut town on the coast. Her life is rather mundane but happy until she comes home from work one night and discovers that her grandmother and sister have been murdered. As if that isn’t shocking enough, Ellie discovers that her grandmother and sister were keeping secrets from her – secrets that trace all the way back to Richard III. These secrets place Ellie’s life in...
  • Kati Lear
    This cover kind of makes you think it is a YA novel... As the saying goes do not judge a book by it's cover. I was very excited to read. OH MY GOSH. The start of this book, the description the just. WOW. I honestly didn't know what to expect from this book because at the beginning so much had already happened. It had its grips in nice and firmly. There were it's moments of cheesiness. But by goodness I wish I could have dedicated a whole day to j...
  • Sherilynvan
    First of all, I am not a fan of romance. However, the suspense and mystery pulled me all the way through this book. I enjoyed it. The reveals were exciting! I would definitely like to read another book by this author. Thanks to Netgalley and Spark Press for an ARC of this book.
  • Tiffany Harrison
    I expected this to be more of a suspense/thriller type novel and that really isn't the case. It's more of a Romance with some action thrown in. Reads like a young adult novel other than the sex scenes. Not really an appealing novel to me, but if you like Romance novels with a bit of action this might be right up your alley.