Light of the Stars by Adam Frank

Light of the Stars

Light of the Stars tells the story of humanity’s coming of age as we awaken to the possibilities of life on other worlds and their sudden relevance to our fate on Earth. Astrophysicist Adam Frank traces the question of alien life and intelligence from the ancient Greeks to the leading thinkers of our own time, and shows how we as a civilization can only hope to survive climate change if we recognize what science has recently discovered: that we...

Details Light of the Stars

TitleLight of the Stars
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherW. W. Norton Company
GenreScience, Nonfiction, History, Space

Reviews Light of the Stars

  • Carrie
    Imagine you are a time traveler who just landed on Earth 2.7 billion years ago. As you step outside on this younger version of our planet, what's your first experience? The answer is pretty simple.You die. The inner science geek in me devoured this book looking at the possibility of past alien civilizations. This comprehensive look at cosmic life, proposed as early as 2200 years ago by a Greek philosopher. Frank takes readers through historical v...
  • Lindsey Thomas
    Take everything you think you know about aliens and throw it out. Light of the Stars is a brilliant and fascinating look into the world of astrobiology and its implications for Earth’s future. Using a combination of science, history, and narrative, Frank illuminates how humans, as an intelligent civilization, are driving the course of Earth’s evolutionary fate. He asserts that we are most likely not the only intelligent civilization to have e...
  • Steve Nolan
    The beginning of this book made me anticipate that it was going to be LIFE CHANGING. It sorta then just ended up being a summary of a lot of other work - most of it real cool! - but that never really turned into what I expected. Prolly a 3 star, but I just felt let down at the end.Lot of really cool thought experiment stuff, though! I also prolly read it too fast.
  • Sugarrr
    I've received this book through the goodreads giveaway :)It was a fantastic read!!! I feel like I've learned so much while reading this book, so many interesting things like the greenhouse effect on Venus , Earth and Mars !! Loved it loved it loved it!!I wholeheartedly recommend this book !!