Splinter in the Blood (Carver and Lake #1) by Ashley Dyer

Splinter in the Blood (Carver and Lake #1)

A propulsive debut suspense novel, filled with secrets, nerve-jangling tension, perplexing mystery, and cold-blooded murder, in which a police officer on the hunt for a macabre serial killer is brutally attacked, and only his partner knows the truth about what happened—and who did it.After months of hunting a cold-blooded murderer that the press has dubbed the Thorn Killer, Detective Greg Carver is shot in his own home. His trusted partner, Rut...

Details Splinter in the Blood (Carver and Lake #1)

TitleSplinter in the Blood (Carver and Lake #1)
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Suspense

Reviews Splinter in the Blood (Carver and Lake #1)

  • Paromjit
    This is a intense blend of psychological thriller and police procedural set in Liverpool. Aside from a hunt for a sociopath serial killer, known as the Thorn Killer, there is the mystery and intrigue of the relationship between DCI Greg Carver and DS Ruth Lake, underpinned by distrust, lies, secrets and deception. Carver is the lead investigator of the killer who has tortured and killed 5 women, tattooing them painfully using a thorn as the stylu...
  • Linda Strong
    Just WOW! What a story! What a ride! This debut novel blew me away! Hopefully this is only the first in a long series.Detective Greg Carver is on the trail of a serial killer ... The Thorn Killer. This killer grabs woman and spends days and days tattooing their bodies with a thorn, filled with poison. So far there have been 5 victims with no evident connection.Detective Greg Carver is shot in his own home. His trusted partner, Detective Ruth Lake...
  • Liz Barnsley
    I am unsure whether this is pegged to be the start of a new series, but I really hope so because I thoroughly enjoyed it - I found the main characters to be divisively engaging and the dark undertone to the plot really did get under my skin.I liked this one for the way it was told - we start with a detective shot and his sergeant standing over him - but did she shoot him? If so why? That is the question and instead of going back in time we go for...
  • Christine
    Like Doctor Who, acclaimed author Margaret Murphy has regenerated. This time, Murphy has joined up with Helen Pepper in a brand new series, under the pen name Ashley Dyer. For those of you who do not recognise the name Margaret Murphy, check out A. D. Garrett, her brilliant and compelling forensic crime series. It is exciting to read Splinter in the Blood, from such an accomplished and talented crime writer.Splinter in the Blood follows the hunt ...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK for an advance copy of Splinter in the Blood, a police procedural featuring DCI Geg Carver and DS Ruth Lake of Liverpool police.The novel opens with a bang, almost literally, with Ruth removing a gun and cases files from Greg's house while he lies dead from a gunshot wound in his chest until she realises he isn't dead. With Greg rushed to hospital Ruth is left to lie to the investiga...
  • Chris Nolan
    Having read Margaret Murphy's books written as A D Garrett, I was very much looking forward to her new venture as Ashley Dyer, and it exceeded all expectations. DS Ruth Lake and DCI Greg Carver are investigating the murders of five young women in Liverpool and a breakthrough seems close when Ruth finds Greg shot in his flat. Both principal cops have interesting back stories and the plot is absolutely fascinating, full of twists and rapidly evolvi...
  • Monika
    Jag tror jag gillade den här boken redan efter bara några meningar. Vi kastas rätt in i handlingen, in i en scen som kan betyda nästan vad som helst. Jag gillar verkligen tvetydigheten här. Den sätter igång fantasin och väcker intresset, minst sagt. Läs mer på min blogg
  • Jessica
    Thanks to William Morrow for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. Whenever a new crime series comes out I'm always excited to be able to start from the beginning. SPLINTER IN THE BLOOD is book one to the Carver and Lake series, and man, talk about a debut. Ashley Dyer brings us a psychotic serial killer, gruesome murders, and a web of deceit as one detective tries her best to keep her secrets hidden.Detective Greg Carver is fo...
  • Anna Underground Broke The Camel's Back
    There have been several attempts over the years to settle upon the ‘rules’ of writing detective fiction. One rule almost universally agreed on, although phrased differently by different people, is: ‘The truth of the problem must at all times be apparent – provided the reader is shrewd enough to see it.’ And herein lies the great joy of the whodunit: sifting as you read, what is significant and what isn’t, which are the genuine clues a...
  • Nancy McFarlane
    Splinter in the Blood is a combination of all I love in the mystery/thriller genre. It is a true whodunit with red herrings galore, a classic police procedural with the normal in fighting and competition for credit, and lots of psychological elements all melded into a terrific read. How could you not want to continue when the book opens with DS Ruth Lake holding a gun and standing in front of her dead partner DSI Greg Carver, in his apartment. Sh...
  • Carol
    Typical detective/police mystery. There was something about the writing that I just did not enjoy. I felt we were just thrown into something without a good layout as to how the story got to where it was in the beginning. The main character could have been more likable if more time was spent explaining who she is as a person. Once I found out that Ashley Dyer is actually two authors writing together it made sense that the writing felt like things ...
  • Christen Moore
    2018 has been a great year for the strong female lead character in crime fiction. At least every other book I have read this year features a new intriguing leading lady. From police officers, FBI agents, to tarot card readers and nannies, the list just keeps growing and I am loving it. Splinter in the Blood continues this wonderful trend. Dyer takes everything crime fiction readers love about serial killer thrillers and adds a refreshing twist....
  • Mary Picken
    I chose this book to read entirely on the title; it sounded like my kind of book. A police procedural with lots of mutilated dead bodies, at first I thought this would be a gory psychological thriller. And it does have some of that, but overall, the strength of this book lies in the relationship between the protagonists and the multiplicity of twists and turns that have the reader following clues which lead to yet another suspect.DCI Greg Carver ...
  • Deirdre
    Thank you, Goodreads for making me a winner in this Giveaway. And huge thanks to William Morrow for seeing that I received it. I have now met two very talented and knowledgeable British women who can certainly write successfully as one to create a compelling mystery/suspense novel. The given author Ashley Dyer is a composite of one award-winning crime writer and a past forensic scientist, lecturer, CSI and non-fiction award writer. Well, with bac...
  • Samantha
    This is an excellent thriller that slowly unwinds as you follow a serial killer with a penchant for tattooing his victims. The novel is narrated through three different sets of eyes - Carver, a brooding and complex detective. Ruth Lake, a sergeant with a disturbing secret and the killer; hellbent on ruining Carvers life. It’s a novel that much resembles a tangled web, lots of characters overlapping and entangled with each other with a hint of s...
  • Anne
    I received this book from Goodreads. At first, I had just a little bit of trouble following it, but once I got into it I couldn't put it down. Really, really enjoyed it and it kept you guessing, although I never did guess correctly. So disappointed when I turned the last page, I wanted it to keep going. Hoping there will be another one coming soon. Would definitely recommend to add to your reading list.
  • Susan Angela Wallace
    splinter in the blood by Lesley welsh. This was a good read. little slow in places. Greg carver is a detective bit he is found shot in his home. who did it. he was in the middle of a case. was it the killer they are after? I was sure on the characters. I wasn't sure who was telling the truth or who was lying. I really had no clue who was doing the killings. 4*.
  • sarah lerigo
    it's all who who who, why why why - not only does this book keep you guessing, it totally keeps you in suspense.Hope there is more of these two rather unusual characters because I LOVED IT.Thank you netgalley, Little Brown Book and Ashley Dyer for allowing me to read and review this book.
  • L Corky
    I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads GiveawayA very exciting story. The characters are great and the twists and turns WOW! I can only hope that this will be the start of a new series. I would like to see these characters solve a few more cases. If you are looking for a fast paced thriller that will keep you guessing this is it!
  • Nancy
    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway.I enjoyed this book. Well written with believable characters.
  • Michelle B
    I thought this was an brilliant book. Right from the outset I was grabbed wondering what on earth was happening - has DS Lake really just shot DCI Carver? If so why? It seems so unlikely. But if not, why was she holding the gun and why did she remove the evidence? It is not just the opening that is good, the pace and tension is kept throughout the book. The characters are developed so well. I hope this is the first of many in a new series. When I...
  • Daniel Sellers
    I loved this and read it really quickly. It's a great, high-concept thriller: part police-procedure, part high-stakes serial-killer thriller. The very idea is utterly irresistible in a bonkers and thrilling way. I really like the way it starts with a big riddle and then homes sharply in on a much more personal mystery relating to our central character in the very last paragraph … a nice arc to the story.There were a few particularly cracking se...
  • Karen
    For months, a serial killer dubbed 'The Thorn Killer' has terrorized Liverpool, daubing victims with macabre tattoos over most of their body. With no tangible leads, Detective Greg Carver is living and breathing the case... until he is shot in his own home. Finding him in his armchair, the actions of his colleague Ruth Lake are more than suspicious. Instead of calling it in, she removes the gun, carefully wipes down surfaces and takes away Carver...
  • Amelie Belosevic
    2.5/5 STARSI wanted to love this book, I truly did, but something about it was just off for me. I found none of the characters very interesting and wasn’t that invested (the people I liked most were the most recent victim and Carver’s estranged wife, which says something on its own). In the end, I also wasn’t really surprised at who it was because what was supposed to be the huge twist just became very obvious to me about halfway through, e...
  • Linda Thomas
    Very slow reading...
  • Julie Durovchic
    A taut thriller that keeps you guessing. I hope this is the start of a new series, the lead characters are complex and intense. Murder, mayhem and plot twists aplenty.
  • Christine
    A woman stands over Detective Chief Inspector Greg Carver as he sits unconscious in his living room, a bullet wound in his chest. The woman wipes the house of fingerprints, removes Carver's case notes from the Thorn Killer homicide cases from his house, takes off her gloves, and then returns to his living room. When she sees Carver is still alive, she calls for help. Detective Sergeant Ruth Lake is on the scene when paramedics arrive and she tell...
  • Kathy
    4.5 stars.Splinter in the Blood by Ashley Dyer is an absolutely brilliant police procedural that is quite riveting.Detective Sergeant Ruth Lake and her partner Detective Chief Inspector Greg Carver have been working on a particularly sadistic and baffling serial killer case.  Over the course of a year, five women have been kidnapped, ritualistically tattooed and murdered then displayed in carefully positioned poses. The latest murder of universi...
  • Jean Gill
    Loved it! Classy crime thriller with expert forensic knowledgeFrom the opening chapter, which teases you with a crime scene that reveals everything and yet nothing, this is a perfect page-turner. As part of the investigation into two linked crimes, there is a foray into the different worlds of drama students, psychics and esoteric symbols, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Exploring the mind of a serial killer is now de rigeur for the genre but ...