Keep Her Safe by Sophie Hannah

Keep Her Safe

She's the most famous murder victim in America. What if she's not dead?Pushed to the breaking point, Cara Burrows flees her home and family and escapes to a five-star spa resort she can't afford. Late at night, exhausted and desperate, she lets herself into her hotel room and is shocked to find it already occupied — by a man and a teenage girl.A simple mistake at the front desk... but soon Cara realizes that the girl she saw alive and well in ...

Details Keep Her Safe

TitleKeep Her Safe
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Did Not Finish, Crime, Audiobook

Reviews Keep Her Safe

  • Deanna
    When I first read the description for this novel, I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I've read a few of Sophie Hannah's previous books and really enjoyed them. I’m sorry to say I had a tougher time with this one. Cara Burrows has had it with her family and decides to travel from her home in the UK to a five star resort in the United States. She cuts off all communication. She’s not abandoning them forever; she does give ...
  • Maureen
    Cara Burrows has problems that she feels unable to sort out in the maelstrom of daily life, so she withdraws the family savings and leaves her husband and two teenage kids behind, and flies to a luxury spa resort in Arizona. On arrival at the resort she is mistakenly given the keys to a room that is already occupied by a man and a teenage girl. The next day Cara hears a conversation about the sighting of a girl called Melody Chapa who was thought...
  • Miriam Smith
    For me, "Did You See Melody" by Sophie Hannah is one of the better 5 star books I have read in a long while. In my opinion this story is an excellent example of psychological crime thrillers at its best. Cara Burrows flees her home and family in England to fly to the five star spa resort hotel called "Swallowtail" in Arizona to spend time by herself and help sort out her future. On arrival at the resort she is mistakenly sent to the wrong room wh...
  • Mandy
    I really enjoyed this. Sophie Hannah is just such a good storyteller, I was engaged from the beginning and the book held my attention to the very end.Our main character, Cara Burrows, books herself on a holiday to an exclusive spa\hotel in Arizona. She is actually running away from her problems with her family and their reaction to the news that she has given them. I liked Cara immediately, and found it quite easy to sympathise with her situation...
  • Zuky the BookBum
    Yikes. This was bad, really bad. This started off as a buddy read with my reading pal Nicki @ The Secret Library, but she couldn’t even finish this one… and I don’t blame her!Prepare yourselves for a very harsh review.First off, let’s talk characters. Cara, our main character, has run away from home for a pathetically trivial reason, and not only that, has spent 1/3 of her families life savings to get away. She was an irritating, whingy c...
  • Pauline
    Cara Burrows goes on holiday to a five star spa hotel in Arizona to get away from her family and to have some time to sort out her future. When she arrives at the hotel she is given the wrong room key and finds herself caught up in the mystery of a missing girl. Did you see Melody? by Sophie Hannah is a thriller that has many twists and turns. I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Margitte
    Not a review, just random thoughts. Phew! What a modern day Hercule Poirot riddle! What a great mystery! And the ending? Oh myyyyyyy.... I'm more confused than a sloshed tick on a hot stove plate.Far-fetched but fantastic. I had a few laughs too. I wonder the same thing about American advertising of products. Who buys it when the ad says:The Dolbrynol advert has ended and the next one, for something called GlucoFlush, is behaving in exactly the s...
  • Mackey St
    3.5 Stars, rounded downSophie Hannah is an incredibly gifted writer; her words flow off the page and keep me both engrossed and entertained. Sadly, in as much as I thoroughly enjoyed reading Keep Her Safe, the book was so problematic that it is difficult to rate it highly.Cara Burrows is a distraught wife and mother who flees from her home in London all the way to Arizona to a posh 5 star resort that she cannot afford. This is, of course, what an...
  • Liz Barnsley
    **Copied from Blog Review**So I’m going to be taking one book out of my well loved previous or recent/early advanced reads that I have loved and recommending it each week – these novels will always be available now and may be old, new or somewhere in between the two.This week I’m going with “Did You See Melody?” the latest twisted thriller from Sophie Hannah – I read this a few months ago but it is now out there in the world and if yo...
  • Rachel Hall
    What a deceptively well-crafted psychological thriller this standalone read from Sophie Hannah proves itself to be and after this resounding success from an author that I have only read in the short story format previously I think I have some catching up to do! Undoubtedly the most creative take on a psychological thriller that I have read for some time, Did You See Melody? couches itself in the light and frothy territory of chick lit for the fir...
  • Selena
    I received an ARC of this from Goodreads for my honest review. I think the story line was very slow and hard to get involved in. It almost felt like a teenage story line with a he said, she said high school mentality. I struggled with the fact that Cara ran away from home and left her two children behind because her husband was upset she was pregnant. From Cara who came off as a timid, lonely and withdrawn person to her husband who can't handle w...
  • Christine
    I am always thrilled to read a new Sophie Hannah book. Did You See Melody? is the latest standalone, from the Queen of Psychological thrillers. Quite simply, Sophie Hannah does it with style.With a plot faintly reminiscent of Agatha Christie, Did You See Melody? takes us to a posh five star spa resort in Arizona, USA. Cara arrives exhausted, after the flight from the UK. She has taken a well needed break from her family. Cara is directed to the w...
  • Gary
    This is the 2nd book I have read by author Sophie Hannah the previous one been the Agatha Christie style novel and I have to say I enjoyed this one more. The main character Cara Burrows goes to Arizona on a spur of the moment holiday without telling her family to try and deal with her family problems. On her arrival she is taken to her room where she finds it occupied by a man and a teenager. The next day, after overhearing another conversation s...
  • Mandy White
    So good!!! I was so excited to get this from the library and it did not disappoint me at all. Great story!
  • Ova Incekaraoglu
    For full review please click hereCara Burrows flees from her family. She is ultra angry about something that’s not revealed to the reader. Wasting away a big chunk of their savings she flies away from her family drama to Arizona, miles away from her Hertfordshire home, to stay in a 5 star holiday resort. Then something really weird happens. (As it always does in Sophie Hannah novels) She is sent to a non-vacant room by mistake of the receptioni...
  • Nic
    2 stars. I struggled with this book really. It started very slow, the first 30% was a description of a spa basically. The main character Cara had run away from her family for what seemed like such a trivial reason, using life savings just to punish her family??!Then a weird mid section of transcripts from a tv show and another annoying character Juno. Swiftly followed by a totally implausible Tarin the florist come police officer??!Plus numerous ...
  • Joanne Robertson
    I have to start by saying that I am a HUGE fan of Sophie Hannah and I’ve followed her Culver Valley series since the brilliant Little Face! I love that series but wasn’t as keen on her last standalone novel whereas I know reviewers who have loved the standalone books but not the series! So this is a difficult one for me as it’s now been 3 days since I read this book. That’s three days and three sleepless nights where this book has gone ro...
  • Kristy
    Cara Burrows runs away from her family--who live in England no less--to an Arizona spa. She leaves her phone with the rental car company and, exhausted by her travels, checks into her room, only to find it occupied by a man and a teenage girl. It's obviously a mistake by the front desk, but after hearing another guest's ramblings, Cara starts to wonder if the girl she saw is murder victim Melody Chapa. Melody Chapa is incredibly famous in the U.S...
  • Katie B
    Cara Burrows needs an escape from her family for awhile so she decides to fly to America and stay in a fancy resort for a few weeks. After opening up her hotel room door, she soon discovers there has been a horrible mix up because the room is already occupied by a man and a teenage girl. The front desk receptionist apologizes for the terrible error and upgrades Cara to a more luxurious suite. When Cara becomes aware of a famous murder case that d...
  • Sam
    This was a fist Sophie Hannah book for me so i didn't know what to expect. The setting is Arizona, and I went there with Cara Burrows. I traveled around the 5 star luxury resort, that is Swallowtail, felt the heat and craved a cocktail. I'm not going to give the plot away on this one but I will say that I expected an entirely different book than the book I read. You start with some family difficulties and your set up for a family saga, but then i...
  • Jo
    Did You See Melody? offers a completely fresh take on the tried and tested psychological thriller genre, that we have all grown to know and love. I do love these type of books, but sometimes they can all feel a little like each other. This is were Did You See Melody? stands alone, it takes this genre and does its own thing. I loved it. It is clever, twisted and hugely relevant to the social media led world that we all live in today. I am new to t...
  • Cleo Bannister
    When you pick up one of Sophie Hannah’s books, I’ve learnt it is best to expect the unexpected and she’s done it again, I was gripped by the mystery of the seven year old’s disappearance seven years ago, a disappearance that had gripped America from the start.As to be expected from this hugely talented author we have characters that are so memorable you’ll want to send them a Christmas card, or at perhaps cross them off the list, becaus...
  • Laura
    Book reviews on Ahh, another release from one of my favourite authors - Sophie Hannah! I kept this until I knew I had some time to really get into it, and I wasn't disappointed...This is definitely an odd book in some ways. It starts out as something that seems very different - I felt almost as if I were reading a book you'd class as (and sorry for the annoying classification here) 'chick-lit', but then it suddenly becomes mor...
  • Renita D'Silva
    Loved this book. As with all of Sophie Hannha's books, it was clever, twisted, complicated and thrilling. Loved Tarin Fry most of all and the interaction between mother and daughter.
  • Joanna
    Read the first 100 pages - boring ! So incredibly boring, all about the resort and the spa blah blah blah. This is supposed to be a thriller ? Read the last 30 pages - what a let down. So glad I didn't waste any time on the middle ! Give this one a miss !
  • .
    thanks to william morrow/harper collins and all involved in this goodreads giveaway.closer to 3.25 starsfirst, i'm somewhat flummoxed that information seems to be rather hidden this book has two separate titles: keep her safe stateside, and did you see melody? overseas. why the supposed secret? though i really do prefer keep her safe, once you get into the story it kind of tips you off than the simple question of the former.cara burrows - the sto...
  • Carolyn
    I had very low expectations going into this book and Sophie Hannah hardly met those. I've read high school short stories that were better written than "Keep Her Safe." I'm so disappointed in the author, publisher, editor, etc, for having such a low standard of what they print. They must think so little of their dollar signs, I mean, their readers.The dialogue between the cops was insanely forced (like her research came from rejected scripts of La...
  • R
    Found this one difficult to get into. The 1st 100 pages were quite tedious with the spa introduction. Actually felt like a chick-lit novel. Changes tact somtime into the novel to a more psychological thriller. However I never could gel with any of the characters. Somehow Cara annoyed me the most, the others so so. The plot had a decent twist towards the end but I kinda predicted it. Probably just gorr off on a bad start (1st 100 pages) which didn...
  • Ellie
    The first thing this book did was hit me with a large dose of holiday envy. It then took me on a mind bending journey that still had me guessing right till the end. Sophie Hannah is an exceptional writer and 'Did you see Melody?' Is a brilliant example of this. I was riveted right till the end and have been left wanting more from a jaw dropping ending. Bravo. 👏🏻 Thank you NetGalley and Hodder & Stoughton for an advanced copy.