Christmas Past (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #8.6) by Jodi Taylor

Christmas Past (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #8.6)

The First Farrell Family Christmas Max, Leon and Matthew - together at last for Christmas at St Mary's - a time of conspicuous consumption, riotous misbehaviour and the traditional illegal Christmas jump. And this time, it's inter-generational. Donning her unfamiliar mother hat, Max takes Matthew back to 19th century London, where they plan to deliver a parcel of Christmas cheer to his former friends, but find themselves confronting the terrifyin...

Details Christmas Past (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #8.6)

TitleChristmas Past (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #8.6)
Release DateDec 25th, 2017
PublisherAccent Press
GenreScience Fiction, Time Travel, Short Stories, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Christmas Past (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #8.6)

  • Sara
    One Christmas tradition of late has been reading the annual St Mary's Christmas short story, and this years edition was really good. I loved the interactions between Max and Matthew, I found them really heartwarming and genuine. It's great to see Max develop as a character into more of a mother figure for Matthew, even if it covers a lot of heartache. More then previous years this also felt more like a 'traditional' Christmas tale. I did miss Pet...
  • Richard Derus
    This short story, a slight fortysomething pages, will reaffirm your faith that shitty small-souled ill-smelling people will gracelessly meet their fate as soon as Author Taylor has their number.Happy Christmas, Disaster Magnets.
  • Alexandra
    Short holiday story involving mostly Max and Matthew. Ending is a bit unbelievable, but can be forgiven as the intent is for a satisfying feel-good story. Fans of the series should enjoy it, but won't miss anything important if skipped.
  • Emma Flanagan
    I’m now fully caught up on all things St Mary’s and actually have to wait for the next book. 😩
  • Mburrows
    Love, love, love. Since Jodi Taylor is my favorite author I would expect nothing less than the best. I was not disappointed. Anxiously awaiting the next installment.
  • Nicole
    At last, the wait is over and the annual St Mary's Christmas romp has arrived and it was well worth the wait.Max, Leon and Matthew are finally going to spend their first Christmas together. It has been particularly rough for them. Matthew kidnapped by Ronan and left in Victorian slums was finally rescued by his father. For Matthew years have passed whilst for Max it was only days. Instead of a baby she found herself with a small, untrusting boy w...
  • ClareM
    A Merry Christmas 😃YESSSSS! This is satisfyingly totally Taylor, and pure Max. I can hardly wait for the next volume. More soon, please!
  • Josie Jaffrey (The Gin Book Club)
    Yet another excellent short story in the St Mary’s series. It was heart-rending, engaging and hilarious in classic Jodi Taylor fashion. I became distinctly misty-eyed on more than one occasion.I can’t wait for book 9.
  • Karsyn
    Cute good story, typical Christmas at St Mary's fun, without the chaos. 3.5 stars, rated down just because it's too damn short.
  • Kelly
    Marvelous St Mary's Christmas story!