All the Ever Afters by Danielle Teller

All the Ever Afters

In the vein of Wicked, The Woodcutter, and Boy, Snow, Bird, a luminous reimagining of a classic tale, told from the perspective of Agnes, Cinderella’s “evil” stepmother.We all know the story of Cinderella. Or do we?As rumors about the cruel upbringing of beautiful newlywed Princess Cinderella roil the kingdom, her stepmother, Agnes, who knows all too well about hardship, privately records the true story. . . .A peasant born into serfdom, Ag...

Details All the Ever Afters

TitleAll the Ever Afters
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreFantasy, Retellings, Fiction, Fairy Tales

Reviews All the Ever Afters

  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...3.5 Stars “We all know the story of Cinderella. Or do we?” I’ve never been big of fairy tales, but the description of this novel had me intrigued. “All the Ever Afters” is the story of Princess Cinderella told from the point of view of her stepmother, Agnes.Agnes has heard all of the rumors….how cruel she apparently was to Elfilda (Ella), that Ella’s step-siste...
  • Carrie
    All the Ever Afters: The Untold Story of Cinderella’s Stepmother by Danielle Teller is a fantasy retelling. Taking on the idea that every story has different sides readers get to know Cinderella's stepmother from her point of view from childhood until after Cinderella's wedding. I would warn of the sexual content within this one making it for mature readers.Agnes was born a peasant and while her family found a husband for her sister Agnes was t...
  • Faith (BookSelf ~ You Are What You Read)
    I received this ARC from William Morrow on LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of this book in any way."Being strong does not disqualify you from being beautiful."Wow this book is amazing! The Writing For a debut, this is absolutely astounding! This is one of the most well written books I have ever read! As an example, here's a bunch of quotes I particularly loved:"Compelling fiction often obscures the h...
  • Isabella Conti
    When I reached the end and closed this book, I felt fulfilled, and at so many levels. The language captured me first. What a complete command of expressions! A pleasure to watch its secure stroke, its expert unfolding; a painting that becomes sculpture and walks you all around an image, a scene, a character, a plot. An exquisite mastery of the written word that reminds of Umberto Eco. I even found a few words I had to look up, yet so expertly pla...
  • Darque Dreamer
    All the Ever Afters is realistically refreshing! It is captivating and emotional. With a unique twist on a classic faerie tale villain, this one is sure to impress!When I saw the synopsis for this one, I was immediately drawn in. Heartless by Marissa Meyer went to my mind, and I was expecting a whimsical tale about why Cinderella's stepmother was evil. What I got was a more realistic story about Agnes and her upbringing, and a twist on Cinderella...
  • Astro Teller
    THIS BOOK IS NOT (strictly speaking) FANTASY. All the Ever Afters is a thoughtful reimagining of the characters from Cinderella as real people in a real medieval setting. The plot has a nested structure, with the familiar details of the fairy tale embedded in the longer rags-to-riches arc of the stepmother's narrative. The book can be enjoyed on many levels; even the insightful stepmother is not always fully aware of the layers of psychological c...
  • Kevin Cullen
    What’s a good novel for if not to whisk us away from every day life and transport us to another place and time, a chance to escape and be entertained by way of a captivating tale. “All the Ever Afters” delivers in spades! Danielle Teller’s well crafted, fresh new take on an old Fairy Tale, captured my imagination with her depiction of Cinderella’s family and their before unknown struggles. I was completely drawn in by their constant tus...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum’ve never been able to say no to a good fairy tale retelling. They are my absolute weakness, and I’ve been especially tempted as of late by the recent crop of novels touting the point-of-view of the “villain”. It ultimately led me to pick up All the Ever Afters, which boldly bears the tagline describing itself as the untold story of Cinderella’s stepmother, the n...
  • Kira
    2.5 starsThis wasn't the book for me. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because of the quality of the writing. The story itself bored me to death. I wanted to read this because I love fairy tale retellings. The story of Cinderella's stepmother seemed interesting. I thought I would see her in a different light and understand why she became the evil stepmother. Somehow her story never made me sympathetic to her plight. A fair amount of the b...
  • Chelsea
    DNF @ 12%I don't think this a bad book at all, but it's everything I personally don't like in fantasy.- kingdom and court politics- formal language- marriage plots- infodumping of world / character backstoryNot for me, unfortunately, but I wouldn't deter any fantasy fans.
  • Kim
    I absolutely love fairytale retellings especially when they’re told from the perspective of a villain, so Iwas quite excited to read this. I was expecting a fantastical tale filled with magic, but instead the author chose to tell this more as a historical fiction and it worked quite well. Instead of fairy godmothers and feats of magic it had realistic explanations for what happened in this often retold tale.I found that I had much more sympathy...
  • Natalie
    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I read it all in one day!Teller painted such vivid pictures in my mind that I feel like I was part of the story. You could smell Aviceford Manor. You felt like you could lie on the floors of the abby because they were so clean. The alehouse reminded me of the setting at a Renaissance Festival (please know that is a compliment!). I had no idea how hard life was for women in that era, or any era before...
  • Rebecca Lyman
    I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.I have recently enjoyed the influx of fairy-tale retellings and the tales that are told from a different point of view. I loved the movie that came out a few years ago, Maleficient, and of course one of my all time favorites in this vein was the musical, Wicked. From these stories we learn that evil is not born but made, and truthfully is decided by the story-teller...
  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    Adored this! Review to come
  • Katie
    I loved this. It is such a fun retelling of Cinderella from the Stepmother point of view.
  • Bambi Unbridled
    All the Ever Afters: The Untold Story of Cinderella's Stepmother is Danielle Teller's fiction debut*, and she certainly starts off with a unique premise and interesting tale. Teller is a former doctor with some impressive institutions on her curriculum vitae, and I am a sucker for a brainiac fiction author. So this was a book that I was highly anticipating once William Morrow brought it to my attention.As you can tell from the title, this is the ...
  • Anupama C K(b0rn_2_read)
    A beautiful retelling of Cinderella , from the step mother’s perspective.Cinderella was always one of my favourite fairy tales , so i was excited to read it from the Step mother’s POV. As i started the story i realised that i didn’t even know her name it was always “the wicked stepmother”, who made Cinderella , do all the work and pampered her own daughters. So let me tell you , her name was Agnes, by the time i finished the book i actu...
  • Jessica
    I acquired this ARC through a friend and love everything about it, all the way down to the way the cover feels. I actually read the whole book on my last day of vacation during plane rides and layovers. It all starts with this whimsical cover that makes me think scrolls, and men on horseback making proclamations as of crowd criers of old. Come one come all to the Queen’s ball for her son join me in watching him fall in love with a great beauty ...
  • Sarai Henderson
    An amazing retelling of a favorite tale. I absolutely adored this story. We all know Cinderella's stepmother, but we never really knew why she was the way she was. This book takes us through a hard life of a normal girl, and gives us insight into the reasons she became the "evil" stepmother. It was almost a historical fiction, more than a fantasy, something that I enjoy. A great read, with many heartbreaking twists that I think would appeal to an...
  • Cheryl
    OMG. Calling all fans of fairy tales; you have to pick up a copy of All the Ever Afters. You don't want to have any regrets being the only one not talking about this book. I really loved author, Danielle Teller's imaginative take on Cinderella's step mother, Agnes. This book is refreshing as it does not focus on the main character, Cinderella but an understated character...her stepmother. I really felt for Agnes. If you go into this story with an...
  • Helen Riley
    This is one of my favorite books of all time! Not fantasy or a fairy story but rather an outstanding novel that just happens to follow the "true" story of a fairy character.The writing is absolutely beautiful, I was entranced by the stunning flow of the narrative - emotionally engaging and wonderfully evocative of a time long passed. And I thought the characters were written beautifully. I was incredibly impressed by the complexity of Agnes who i...
  • Gina Rudan
    This is a perspective shifting riveting read for women and for the men who love them. Agnes, Cinderella's step mother's real story is shared and you quickly learn of her deep love, resiliency and strength. She is a heroine and I found myself quickly celebrating her courage and relentless drive to provide for herself and her family. This untold story was long overdue to be shared. All the Ever Afters is enjoyable, inspiring and extremely culturall...
  • Kristen Beverly
    I always love the behind the fairy tale type stories. This one goes into the background of how Cinderella’s step mother became who she was, starting with her teenage years. Really fun!
  • Jen
    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.2.5 stars for All the Ever Afters. This book took a while for me to get into, and I honestly didn't know if I was going to finish it, but it really did start to grow on me around the 60% mark. WHAT I LOVED:-The idea. This storyline was unique and different and more realistic than any fairytale. Everybody knows that there is (at least) two sides to every story, and Teller...
  • Am
    3.5I went into this expecting magic and fantasy. What I got was historical fiction and historical fiction is not my cup of tea. That being said, it was very well done. Teller managed to keep me reading to the end and made me care for the characters. If you like historical fiction, then this is the book for you.
  • Kae Davis
    Overall, I rate this book a 4.5/5 stars. This book was also sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This review is written with the attempt to not contain any spoilers!All The Ever Afters is one of those surprisingly AMAZING books. It took me a while to read because I just didn't want it to end, so I would only read a little bit here and there. This isn't exactly historical fiction, but it does use political language in rega...
  • OneMamaReads
    4.5 Stars for All the Ever AftersThis novel is a heartbreaking example of the realities and pain of motherhood. The sacrifices and selflessness a mother will endure in order to assure a pleasant life for her children.All the Ever Afters is the story of Cinderella, but told from the perspective of her "evil" step-mother, Agnes. As you can imagine, a lot of the fanciful elements are proven to be false and the relationship that existed between Lady ...
  • Courtney Giraldo
    This book was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.Fairy-tale retelling alert! We all know how much I dig this genre, and this one was no disappointment. All the Ever Afters is a re-imagined tale of the classic Cinderella whose main focus is Agnes, or as you may know her from the more well known version, the evil stepmother. Agnes is a young child when she is forced from her home into servitude as a laundresses apprentice a...
  • Andi (Booklovinmama25)
    All of us know the story of Cinderella and her evil step-mother and step-sisters, or do we?This story begins with the background of the step-mother Agnes who from a young age is separated from her family and forced into servitude as a laundress for Aviceford Manor. Agnes is alone, friendless and is mistreated, but her life starts changing when she gains a friendship with Sir Emont Vis-de-Loup, a melancholic drunkard.She eventually escapes to beco...
  • JJ || This Dark Material
    BLOG // BLOGLOVIN' // TWITTERAll too often, it's the villains who emerge as the most interesting characters in fairy tales. How could they be so evil in the face of such innocence? In the case of Agnes—later known as the Evil Stepmother in Cinderella's story—she wasn't evil at all. In Teller's hands she becomes a pseudo-orphan, sent away from home to work at the lord's manor at an early age. Agnes spends the rest of her life overcoming the ne...