Florida by Lauren Groff


Storms, snakes, sinkholes, and secrets: In Lauren Groff’s Florida, the hot sun shines, but a wild darkness lurks. The New York Times-bestselling author of Fates and Furies returns, bringing the reader into a physical world that is at once domestic and wild—a place where the hazards of the natural world lie waiting to pounce, yet the greatest threats and mysteries are still of an emotional, psychological nature. A family retreat can be deraile...

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Release DateJun 5th, 2018
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Literary Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Florida

  • Hannah
    Any book called “Florida” needs to be infused by a thorough sense of place and Lauren Groff does just that. I have been a fan since LOVING Fates and Furies a few years back and have been meaning to pick up more of her books and this very strong collection of short stories has cemented her place in my heart.While not every story is set in Florida, Groff’s protagonists all have a connection to that place, a connection they sometimes strain ag...
  • Esil
    3+ starsI loved Lauren Goff’s Fates and Furies. I thought the writing was absolutely brilliant and the story and characters were really original. So I was pretty excited to get my hands on Florida, which is Goff’s latest short story collection. Unfortunately, I can’t rave about the stories in the same way I raved about Fates and Furies. I recognize her talented writing, but there was a flat clever feel to her stories that made it hard for m...
  • Rebecca Foster
    Two major, connected threads in this superb story collection are ambivalence about Florida, and ambivalence about motherhood. There’s an oppressive atmosphere throughout, with environmental catastrophe an underlying threat. Set-ups vary in scope from almost the whole span of a life to one scene. A dearth of named characters emphasizes just how universal the scenarios and emotions are. Groff’s style is like a cross between Karen Russell’s S...
  • Neil
    This was my first real experience of Groff. The final story in this collection, Yport, was included in Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists 3 which I read several months ago, but that didn’t help me much because it has been so majorly re-worked by the time it gets into this collection that it is almost a new piece (same basic story, but significantly edited): I was comparing the two for the first few paragraphs, but the changes are so n...
  • Dan
    I really liked this collection! As a Florida boy, I had high expectations and Groff met them and surpassed them. She captured the other side of the place that tourists — and the popular imagination — often miss, the grittiness and the quiet desperation. This collection is filled with a palpable sense of danger lurking around every corner in the natural world. The protagonists go to great lengths to protect themselves from panthers, gators, sn...
  • Ellen
    I had already read a few of these stories, previously published in The New Yorker, and was delighted to revisit them. Lauren Groff has an altogether unique writing style, and I am warming to it more with each book she publishes. I enjoyed the unusual Arcadia and was even more transported by her dazzling and singular Fates and Furies. This new collection of stories has all her gifted and intriguing lyricism: poetic language, brilliant and unexpect...
  • Jaclyn Crupi
    I loved some of these stories more than others but I loved them all.
  • Jillian Doherty
    The stories in this collection span characters, towns, decades, even centuries - each feeling like its own full narrative instead of individual stories (there are wonderful links between them too).Florida is at the heart of this book but the characters and story spans the country and world with its rich characters, climate, history, and state of mind! If you love rich, literary, and atmospheric writing then you'll love this too. (I'm not always a...
  • hayden
    thanks to riverhead books and edelweiss for the advance copy.i'm a big fan of lauren groff. i read her 2015 novel, fates and furies, and loved her writing, then met her at a book signing and admired her as a person, too: funny, dazzlingly intelligent, well-read. florida is only the second book i've read of hers, though i plan to remedy that soon.with florida, she's written a collection of stories that come together to form a loose, novel-esque wh...
  • Uriel Perez
    After wowing readers (former President Barack Obama included) with 2015's 'Fates & Furies,' Lauren Groff returns with a collection that is just as wise and as meticulously constructed. Within the sun-kissed, palmetto-strewn swampland of Groff's Florida we encounter a pair of abandoned sisters, anxious mothers and a woman being pushed to the outer edges of her former life. Looking inward and out, Groff examines the lives of her characters with a s...
  • Rachel Watkins
    Lauren Groff's collection of short stories have an underlying character (the place that is Florida) and a lurking theme: what society says mothers should be. There is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction, danger, and oppressive humidity in these stories, yet they celebrate the strength and resilience of women most often undervalued by our culture. I dare you to read this without underlining brilliant passages.
  • SibylM
    I won a free copy of this book via a Goodreads giveaway, and an honest review was requested. Lauren Groff is such a wonderful writer, I knew I was in for a treat with these stories. They are all lined with a sense of danger, foreboding, and general creepiness, though the danger comes in many forms. To fess up, I have a severe snake phobia and I had to speed-read through a couple of the snake-centric stories! Groff does a terrific job of describin...
  • Cynthia Shannon
    I picked up this book because I was heading to Florida, a place I'd be avoiding at all costs if it weren't for work. I read the first half of the story collection on the flight and by the time I landed I was even more terrified of the place than before. Groff's writing is fantastic - that goes without saying - and her stories confront angry, messed up, and lonely women who are unapologetic about being angry, messed up, and lonely. Every story was...
  • Sophie Zucker
    this is a book with an AESTHETIC
  • Amy
    This one took a while to get through. I devoured Arcadia and Fates & Furies, but this collection of short stories about America's Wang is so thoroughly suffused with dread that I was kind of avoiding it. The writing is mostly great, but in the place of great stories and characters, there's just lurking doom -- from sinkholes, snakes, panthers, rapists, starvation, homelessness, the French. I've been carrying it around in my bag for weeks, only di...
  • Sue
    With thanks to Random House Cornerstone via NetGalley for the opportunity to read this. After a reading a couple of novels in succession with complicated plots, I was delighted that this collection of short stories floated to the front of my bookshelf and I could dip into it in bursts. That’s not to say that some of the stories didn’t leave a deep impression on me, short as they are. I have visited Florida several times but didn’t see the F...
  • Christa
    I received an ARC copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway. I'm happy that I won it because I'm not sure I would have bought it on my own. I've never read any of her other works so I came in with no preconceived notions about how good the writing should be. She's definitely a good writer and it held my attention, but I started to feel like the stories were a bit repetitive towards the end. More than one involved a large storm or hurricane a...
  • Kourtney
    I was fortunate to access an advanced reader copy of this book. Short stories don’t tend to be my thing, but I loved Fated and Furies. I enjoyed the stories, they left me wanting more. I wanted a full story from each cast of characters!
  • Daniel Casey
    a fantastic short story collection & one of the best books of the year. this ought to be everyone's 'beach read' this summer. these stories are elegantly crafted and resonant without being convoluted or pompous
  • Jamie
    a gorgeous and important collection from one of my favorite living writers.
  • Laura King
    Such a rich collection, I was shocked reaching the end of so many stories because I forgot they weren't their own self contained novels.
  • Elliott
    From the first story’s opening lines of the very first short story in this collection, Lauren Groff had me hooked. She is a writer who I marvel at her dexterity of being able to write in so many different styles and yet do so in a way that is wholly herself and totally resonates with the reader. Each story in this collection is so different from the last and yet, together, they form a total cohesiveness that comes from each story building on th...
  • Nick Moran
    Full review TK in The Millions.
  • Bill
    I loved this collection. If I was lost in the desert, I think I could stay alive by drinking in its imagery. I had read most of these previously, particularly those that made it into the New Yorker but I don't think I quite realized how much they are influenced by the setting of Florida until they were placed side-by-side like this. Parts of them reminded me of the crazed setting of Swamplandia!. The stories I hadn't yet read were welcome additio...
  • Jamey Bradbury
    I practically shoved a woman aside to get my hands on this advance copy of Florida, and it was totally worth it. As expected, Lauren Groff's second short story collection is intelligent and luminous, populated by characters that seem both modern and timeless. There's really not a dud in the bunch, although some of my favorites include "Above and Below," "At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners," "Dogs Go Wolf," "Eyewall," and "For the Love of God, ...
  • Amanda
    The stories of Florida, connected in theme and tone, read cohesively. As the book’s title suggests, all the stories either take place in Florida or characters connect to the state in some way. Beyond the locational element, all the stories share a blending of the beautiful with the grotesque, shock with mundanity, though even the mundane feels heavy. Groff’s Florida is sunny and warm and at the same time dark and dangerous, with evil continuo...
  • Ilana
    I liked Lauren Groff’s Arcadia and Fates and Furies, but I was really much more taken with the surpassingly good writing in the short stories in Florida. I remember a line from The Orchid Thief, something to the effect of Florida not being fit for human habitation. How that line echoed for me while reading the stories here, and sensing the plant and animal danger lurking in each one, the natural and the human threats waiting to reveal themselve...
  • Sarah
    I was provided with a digital advanced reader copy from Penguin Publishing Group via Edelweiss. Thank you very much for choosing me to do this review of this forthcoming book.I enjoy collections of short stories, so when I caught word of a collection about Florida coming out this spring I was very excited to read it and even more excited when I saw I was approved for an e-arc. I have never read anything from Lauren Groff before, but I loved her w...