Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle

Three Days Missing

Those closest to us are often the most dangerous…It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: the call that comes in the middle of the night.When Kat Jenkins awakens to the police on her doorstep, her greatest fear is realized. Her nine-year-old son, Ethan, is missing—vanished from the cabin where he’d been on an overnight field trip with his class. Shocked and distraught, Kat rushes to the campground where he was last seen. But she’s too lat...

Details Three Days Missing

TitleThree Days Missing
Release DateJun 26th, 2018
PublisherPark Row
GenreThriller, Suspense, Mystery, Fiction

Reviews Three Days Missing

  • Laura Rash
    Talk about getting sucked into a book! From page one I was totally absorbed & literally wanted to be left alone so I could read this fast paced exciting book! A brilliant bunch of characters, especially Ethan, who quite stole the ending! Thanks so much to the author for this early signed copy:) it’s going on the shelf with the rest of my Belle collection:)
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    FULL REVIEW WILL BE ON JUNE 26, 2018."If you like mysteries that have unexpected twists and turns, THREE DAYS MISSING will need to go in your stack of to-be-read books.THREE DAYS MISSING pulls you in and keeps you guessing along with the characters.You won’t want to stop reading because of the subject matter and because of the way the book is set up. 5/5This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher and NetGa...
  • Judy Collins
    Review to follow.
  • Emily Carpenter
    Can I be officially voted president of the Kimberly Belle Thriller fan club? I'm totally obsessed with her books, which are not only guaranteed to suck you in and take you on the ride of your life, but give you the added bonus of characters who are complex and immensely relatable (or believably up to no good). You do not want to miss this fast-paced, utterly compelling, gut-shot of a book!
  • Mindy Mejia
    I received an advance copy and provided the following blurb:Kimberly Belle’s THREE DAYS MISSING is exactly what you want in a thriller—riveting, edge-of-your-seat storytelling. When an eight-year-old is kidnapped from a remote Georgia campground, two seemingly opposite mothers fight to recover the boy. Every minute counts as Belle keeps the story racing to its gripping end, but the most intriguing element of the book is the interplay between ...
  • Donna Hines
    What you see is not always what you get!Two different women. Two different lives. Which one has it better?This is the question posed by Kimberly Belle in a cleverly fashion that not only excites but allows the reader to go full throttle till the end in finding answers.I could not truly put this down. In fact I put off many errands because this book was that captivating and thrilling in a class all her own.It begins with Kat Jenkins who has placed...
  • David
    Kimberly Belle's THREE DAYS MISSING is her best book yet. And that's saying a lot. This one is vividly written, emotional, and engaging, with real, three-dimensional characters who will always keep you guessing. And the's a right cross to the reader's jaw I never saw coming. Buckle up and turn the pages as fast as you can. This one's a winner!
  • Marisa
    First let me start by saying THANKSSo much to the author, Kimberly Belle for sending me a personalized copy for an early review! Being one of your biggest fans It's an honor to set my eyes on your book early. All opinions in this review are my own!I started this book at around 10pm last night and thought I'd just read a few chapters before bed and finish this weekend. Such was not the case because from page one I was enthralled, captured and coul...
  • Caryn
    Kimberly Belle sure knows how to weave a mystery and is a master at pacing. Just when you get a good tidbit or surprise, she returns to the other narrator.Since this book is narrated by two different mothers, both who are distraught over the disappearance of her son, it was easy to sympathize. Any mother or caregiver could relate to the possibility over not being able to find a child, especially when it’s out of their control, this time on a sc...
  • Jamie Rosenblit
    4.25 stars! A mother's worst nightmare. A missing child. Families steeped in scandal. All of the above (plus the multiple POV) makes this book the perfect recipe for for the best kind of psychological/domestic thriller! So many suspects, so much high flying tension - and how does it all come together? Well, you're going to have to find out for yourself (and I highly recommend you do)!This is my second Kimberly Belle novel and she continues to imp...
  • Susan Peterson
    Three Days Missing is a compelling, thrilling, heart-pounding, and shocking book! When Kat lets her son go to a sleepover with his class, she is reluctant...Ethan is a super-smart kid, but he’s also been the victim of bullying. When he goes missing, Kat is filled with guilt and despair...emotions that are palpable on the pages of this book. What follows is a race against time, a desperate search for a young boy, full of twists and turns that le...
  • Linda Zagon
     MY REVIEW OF "THREE DAYS MISSING " BY KIMBERLY BELLEKimberly Belle, Author of "Three Days Missing" has written a suspenseful mystery, captivating, and intriguing psychological thriller.  This is an intense story with twists and turns, betrayal, lies, and questionable motives. The author describes her colorful cast of  characters as intense, complex, complicated, flawed, quirky, dysfunctional, jealous, angry and suspect.This novel is about eve...
  • Justin Brendel
    3.75 stars. I received this as an ARC from Goodreads. I do have to say that it moved quickly, and thus made it a real page-turner. There were some clever elements in this book that added to layers of the story. Overall, I enjoyed the author's writing style and her ability to create suspense.***Possible spoiler********************I am a little confused on the mayor of a city being treated like he is the almighty ruler of a land. There were times w...
  • Camille Maio
    This book kept me from doing all sorts of things I was supposed to do today, spurred on by those empty "just one more chapter" promises that readers make when they're really engrossed. Kudos to the author for writing such a page-turner. I read an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
  • Sue
    WARNING - clear your calendar before you open this book because you aren't going to want to stop reading once you start.This is a psychological suspense novel by a wonderful author that will dismay you, surprise you and make you laugh and cry! It's about a subject that all parents worry about - what would happen if your child went missing. Kat Jenkins is a single mom of 9 year old Ethan. Ethan is a smart young boy and is often bullied in school d...
  • Lori
    Do not start this book at will have you up till early hours in the morning! This book hooked me from the beginning, and kept me thinking about it. Ms. Belle has a gift for writing. She makes you see everything that is happening very clearly with her gift of the descriptive. Characters are flawed, some likeable and some frustrating. As a parent, this book was hard to read due to a child missing, but also the underlying bullying. Other ...
  • Ashley
    I have no doubt that fans of The Marriage Lie will love this one just as much! Fast paced, intense whodunit and why will keep you guessing til the very end!
  • Bethany Clark
    What a roller coaster ride! And let me just say, I will never let my youngest son go to a sleep away camp without me, EVER! This is legitimately my WORST nightmare come to fiction. Way to scare the heck out me Kim!Kat goes to bed after just dropping her son off at school to head out on a sleep away trip with his class.Then there is pounding on her door...her son is missing somewhere in the woods.Kat rushes to the mountain hoping to find her littl...
  • Jennifer Rico
    This book is about a child that gets kidnapped while on a field trip with his school. Turns out, its the wrong child, and two mothers race against the clock to find him and why.The story was told in an amazing way. It gripped me so hard that I had trouble putting it down to go to sleep. I was scared for Ethan, and I really wanted to help him. The ending between Sammy and Ethan and both mothers had me in tears. This is an absolute must read, but b...
  • Sue
    I was thrilled to receive an advance copy of Three Days Missing in a Goodreads giveaway, since I already had it on my to read list and was requesting a copy at my library. I was not disappointed! The suspense drew me in from the beginning, and I didn’t want to put the book down. I loved switching between the character’s viewpoints to understand what each was thinking and feeling. I thought I had the mystery figured out early on, but twists an...
  • JenLynette
    I received an advance review copy of this book from the Great Thought's Ninja Review Team. All opinions are my own."As always Kimberly Belle’s books do not disappoint and this one is no different! I found myself right off the bat thinking Trust No One and when I wasn’t able to read in my head I was trying to piece everything together! It’s a page turner, stay up thru the night and call in sick to work kind of book! As always with her ending...
  • Christine Moore
    This is an unputdownable, thrilling, roller coaster ride of a book! Kat is a single mom of 9 year old Ethan. He is on a camping school field trip when he goes missing. Every mom's worst nightmare! This book is told by Kat and by Stefanie whose son was also on the trip. I felt Kat's pain and anguish over her son missing. The descriptions of the scenery has you searching right along for Ethan. Just when you think you may have figured something out,...
  • Julie
    4.5/5. What would you do if your son went missing on a school camp out? How would you feel if it turned out that your kid wasn’t the target? This is what single mom, Kat is dealing with. Her son, Ethan is a seriously smart kid, probably bordering on genius but he's not so good with social interaction. So when she drops him off to go on an overnight trip, she's apprehensive but she's got to let him do it. When the loud knocking interrupts her sl...
  • Janet
    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. From the publisher --- Those closest to us are often the most dangerous…It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: the call that comes in the middle of the night. When Kat Jenkins awakens to the police on her doorstep, her greatest fear is realized. Her nine-year-old son, Ethan, is missing—vanished from the cabin where he’d been on an overn...
  • Ursula
    I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. All Opinions are my Own.I enjoyed The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle. Three Days Missing is a great one too. Kat is struggling to parent her nine year old son, Ethan, who is a bit different and is a loner at his prestigious private school. He is also being bullied by the major's son, Sammy, who is quite relentless in his pursuits. To make matters worse, Kat's soon to be ex-husband, Andrew, is an abs...
  • Heather
    A special thanks to Harlequin and Netgalley for letting me preview this title prior to its publication date. It’s every mother’s nightmare when a child goes missing. In this case the child is on a school overnight trip. Two different mothers race up to the wilderness site to make sure their sons are okay. One is and one is missing. Belle tightens the tension early on in this page-turning thriller. I love her writing. Another Goodreads reviewe...
  • Lisa
    I’ll be honest. I didn’t have high expectations when I began this book. The premise seemed kind of typical and I have to admit I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG! Kat and Andrew go through a nasty divorce and there’s a restraining order to boot. Kat suffered mental and physical abuse but the “event” at CVS guaranteed she would get full custody. Their eight-year old savant Ethan goes on an overnight field trip with his affluent private school to a c...
  • Jolene
    I read this book quickly. At first, because it was exciting, and I was really into it, but then, about 40% through, it became obvious and predictable, and I was over it. I LOVED The Marriage Lie, so I am so disappointed that I wasn't able to enjoy this one as much. Kimberly Belle is a fantastic writer, and I know there are a lot of really great reviews for this book so far, so I feel terrible that I can't write another one. Kat's son Ethan goes m...
  • Jenny Belk
    Your child is missing! How? What? Where? You're stunned and frantic and your world has suddenly been shattered. This stunning domestic thriller will leave you holding your breath, with a racing heart. Missing from a school field trip camp with few clues as to his abductor, it's a timely race to find young Ethan. What follows is an investigation with plenty of suspects in question. Written with compelling characters and a suspenseful timeline, you...
  • Barbara
    This was a deceptively simple story, though every parent's worst nightmare. Your child goes off to camp with his class and ends up missing. The story involves two children, two families and the complete unraveling of lives when tragedy strikes. The clock is ticking as the police searches come up with more confusion than clues. Do fellow students, teachers, and parents know more than they are letting on? Is there something in the parent's backgrou...