The Queen of Sorrow (The Queens of Renthia #3) by Sarah Beth Durst

The Queen of Sorrow (The Queens of Renthia #3)

The battle between vicious spirits and strong-willed queens that started in the award-winning The Queen of Blood and continued in the powerful The Reluctant Queen comes to a stunning conclusion in The Queen of Sorrow, the final volume of Sarah Beth Durst’s Queens of Renthia trilogy.Queen Daleina has yearned to bring peace and prosperity to her beloved forest home—a hope that seemed doomed when neighboring forces invaded Aratay. Now, with the ...

Details The Queen of Sorrow (The Queens of Renthia #3)

TitleThe Queen of Sorrow (The Queens of Renthia #3)
Release DateMay 15th, 2018
PublisherHarper Voyager
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Magic

Reviews The Queen of Sorrow (The Queens of Renthia #3)

  • Emily May
    I suppose I'll need Jastra's plan after all. Pity.It would have been nice to avoid murdering anyone. I have really enjoyed this series. I came to the end of The Queen of Sorrow and, aptly, felt a lot of sorrow at having to leave these characters behind. At least the author's note promises a standalone set in the same world - in Belene this time - so I will get to return to, and explore more of, Renthia.I'm not sure why these books have a fairly m...
  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    The Queen of Sorrow is the third and final book in a very good fantasy trilogy focused on several strong women, queens of neighboring countries with the ability to control and direct the wild nature spirits that inhabit those countries. It’s a crossover YA/adult book and series that I recommend! *some spoilers for the two prior books* There are currently two queens of the country of Aratay: the younger Daleina has most of the experience and kno...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum couple years ago when I picked up The Queen of Blood, I had no idea it was going to grow into a series I would enjoy and love so much. Two more books later, the Queens of Renthia trilogy is now complete, and what an incredible journey it has been with this strong cast of powerful, fascinating women and the world of dangerous spirits in which they live.In the first book, r...
  • Jessica
    Wildly unexpected and absolutely perfect ending to the trilogy. Sarah Beth's world-building is impeccable as always, and her characters are wonderful. Even when they're horrible and you want to slap them, they're so real they're still wonderful. If you love fantasy and you haven't read this series yet, you are doing yourself a real disservice. It's adult, but I would readily give this to an older teen.
  • Rissa
    The queen of sorrow 4.85⭐LOVE THIS SERIES! We follow our newest queen and her reign. I love seeing how she rules and the way of the spirits and all the problems along the way. You have too many queens. We have too many spirits. Husbands and new loves, finding her children and ruling the kingdom. From The humor and drama, down to the unique magical world its just beautiful. The queen of sorrow 4.85⭐️LOVE THIS SERIES! We follow our newest ...
  • Hollis
    My head loves how The Queens of Renthia series unfolded post-book one.. but the problem is my heart is frustrated. Durst has crafted a very unpredictable series that blends YA elements with adult fantasy, violence and death, betrayal and hope, sacrifice and self-interest. She's created incredibly layered characters; so layered that they are so real and therefore not always likeable or easy to deal with. The main trio are the queens : our villain ...
  • Ariana
    This might be a case of "it's not you, it's me", as I couldn't read it in one sitting and I felt disconnected from the action and the characters mainly because of that. Also, the ending did not work for me - don't get me wrong, it's where I rooted for the characters to get after all the struggle, but in a way it seemed that all the plot up until then (regarding a particular important character in particular) was - in a way, pretty much - pointles...
  • Books, Vertigo and Tea (Danielle)
    This review may also be found on Books, Vertigo & Tea.My ThoughtsThe Queens of Renthia is one of the top fantasy series that I am quick to recommend when fans of the genre are looking for something new. How I encounter so many that have yet to explore Durst’s world of elemental spirits and venturesome queens is beyond me. This is a recipe that has continued to work beautifully. The Queen of Sorrow proves just that.The skinny..Picking up after T...
  • Ariana Fae
    As much as I didn’t want it to end, THE QUEEN OF SORROWS was a stunning conclusion to Sarah Beth Durst’s The Queens of Renthia trilogy. Durst amped up the action and emotional depths of her characters in this last book, especially with my favorite character Queen Naelin.I loved Naelin’s part in this book. Durst does a brilliant job of plunging us into Naelin’s anguish, rage, and fear when she discovers her children have been kidnapped by ...
  • Lara
    I'm a little torn on this one. While I didn't love it or the second book quite like I did the first, I still think the world and the characters and the unexpected ways in which things play out are kind of amazing. The relationships between Daleina and Merecot and between Hamon and his mother kind of parallel each other in a lot of ways and I found them kind of delightful. I like that every character (with the possible exception of the kids) are c...
  • Dianna
    This book was disappointing. I have multiple problems with the book, but the main one was that the author was leading up to something kinda cool, but it never happened and things just went right back to the way they were, with a queen in charge of each kingdom.The first half of the book focuses on Naelin's children getting kidnapped by Merecot in her second attempt to take control over Aratay. Understandably, Naelin is extremely upset but eventua...
  • Kathy Martin
    THE QUEEN OF SORROWS was a wonderful conclusion to an epic fantasy series. It begins with Aratay in disarray after Queen Merecot of Semo's failed attempt at invading it. Queens Daleina and Naelin are trying to use their spirits to repair the damage that the invasion did before winter arrives.But Queen Merecot is not finished. Her next attempt at conquest begins with her kidnapping Naelin's two young children. Naelin, who loves her children more t...
  • Kate
    What a great end to this trilogy! (Although it seems there is a companion novel coming... Huzzah!) I loved this world but more than anything I liked the characters and their complexity. I loved that the villain was motivated by good intentions. I loved that Daleina was not gifted with natural power but that she was a good queen because she worked hard and she cared. So many powerful women here, with complex relationships with each other. These re...
  • Josie Bradley
    Thank you to Harper Voyager for an electronic ARC of this book, provided through Edelweiss. I picked up the first book in this series just a few short months ago. I was immediately drawn into the world that Sarah Beth Durst created. I do enjoy some YA and fantasy books, but they have never been the genre that I spend the most time with. As soon as I finished the first book, I started the second one. I didn't think that it would be possible to lov...
  • Kendra
    A lovely ending to the trilogy. Beautifully written, loved the different story lines and how well it all came together.
  • Danielle Cintron
    This series is so much better than any other fantasy YA I’ve read. Very interesting characters and storyline. Highly recommended.
  • Mandiy Handley
    *Thank you to edelweiss for the advanced copy I received in exchange for an honest review.*I wanted to love this so much more than I did. But alas, I was left fairly disappointed. I thought I was reading a finale, but throughout the book there were several times when I felt like there was not much story happening. Toward the end, I wanted more Arin, I wanted more Bayn and Naelin and the wild spirits, and more of the other lands. Reading the ackno...
  • Laura
    Fitting ending to the series, but there could have been more - there are other lands that are finally mentioned and that we get a glimpse of and are left hanging. Interestingly, Merecot becomes more sympathetic while Naelin becomes less so. Daleina? Just static, as are the rest of the characters. That's unusual for books like this and one that made me wonder what the author's motivation was for that choice, particularly since this is the end of t...
  • Brittney Tyler
    Star Rating: 5 stars Note: This is the 3rd book in the Queens of Renthia series so this will not be an in-depth review.Last year, I discovered the Queens of Renthia series by reading the 1st two volumes, The Queen of Blood and The Reluctant Queen. Since I adored them, I decided to ask my mom’s boss (my mom works at my local public library) to pre-order book 3, The Queen of Sorrow, for me, (which she did because she is awesome!!!!). This conclud...
  • Melissa
    This is the last book in the Queens of Renthia trilogy. Like the other two, I really enjoyed my journey to it's conclusion. Often the last book in a series is usually not my favorite but with short series (trilogy, duology) that isn't a problem. It wasn't a problem here and while I was still sad to see it end, I did feel satisfied. Also, it is good to note that while I do see these as YA, there are adult characters that take center stage in the l...
  • Lauren
    Electronic ARC provided by Edelweiss. "The Queen of Sorrow" is a great end to an original and well crafted female centered fantasy trilogy. The plot of this book obviously deals with the issues left at the end of the previous volume. Aratay now has two Queens, something that has never happened before, while Semo is still being torn apart from the presence of too many spirits. Now that all of the characters have been fully established in two previ...
  • Coolcurry
    The Queen of Sorrow is the final book in Durst’s Queens of Renthia trilogy, which you should really read in order. If you’re not familiar with the books, they’re fantasy where humans struggle to survive in a world dominated by cruel and capricious nature spirits. The characters are adults for the most part, but the tone and content of the books are such that they have YA crossover appeal. The first book is The Queen of Blood, and the second...
  • JLP
    Notes and Opinions: I have been a fan of this series since it started and I was so happy to be approved for book three. I was also happy to hear we were getting another book set in this world. What I wasn't so happy about was the ending this one gave us. I felt like it was rushed and that the author just needed to sum up this world. We didn't get the happily ever after I was hoping for either. Although we did get an uneasy peace it felt to me lik...
  • Francais Parker
    "I'm allowed to have new dreams."I’ll get to my report card portion in a bit, but I have a few things to say first.In this third and final installment of the Queens of Renthia Trilogy, Dust did a few heartbreaking things:1: She killed off several beloved characters. (I will not tell you who, and don’t act all surprised, you all knew it was coming!),2: She ripped, rent, and tore (to borrow her words) your hopes and assumptions about this unive...
  • NicAlba
    Why does this series have to end? I love it so much! I want more books in this world. I want to read more and more about old and new characters. I want to learn everything there is about the folklore and the mythology and what's going to happen to everyone after everything that happens in this book. Why does this series have to end? I want to stay in this world and not come back. I don't often feel this way for another fantasy world. The only one...
  • Charlotte
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the series straight through with this unread third book at the end to look forward to! And I was not disappointed; the re-reading gave me the opportunity to think more deeply about themes and character development, and the third book gave me more of this wonderful spirit-filled world and its queens! The spirits are still as liable to kill here as they ever were, but there is more complexity to them, possibly because t...
  • Alanna
    I can't describe how much I love this series. It's just so unique! I've read a lot of fantasy books and I frequently get frustrated with cool premises that get completely overshadowed by a love story/love triangle/angst. This series is NOTHING like that. There is romance, sure. But it takes a secondary role to the awesome character development and intense world-building. I loved the second book in this series so much that I was sure the third one...