A Theory of Love by Margaret Bradham Thornton

A Theory of Love

A follow-up to her successful debut Charleston and set in the world’s most glamorous landscapes, this moving new love story from Margaret Bradham Thornton draws on a metaphor of entanglement theory to ask: when two people collide, are they forever attached no matter where they are? Helen Gibbs, a British journalist on assignment on the west coast of Mexico, meets Christopher Delavaux, an intriguing half-French, half-American lawyer-turned-finan...

Details A Theory of Love

TitleA Theory of Love
Release DateMay 8th, 2018

Reviews A Theory of Love

  • Amy
    Although the couple in this novel hasn’t fabricated a relationship, A Theory of Love reminded me of Glimpses of a Moon, one of my favorite novels by Edith Wharton. In it, a young couple decides to marry so that they can travel around on an extended honeymoon staying at their friends’ lovely homes. In A Theory of Love, Helen, a British journalist, meets lawyer turned financier Christopher while she’s on assignment in Bermeja. He’s there fo...
  • Gale Verdult
    Good, but not great. Disappointed in the ending.
  • Nancy Hector
    Just finished this book and really liked it. Helen the main character really touched me with her determination to see the world and love in a unique way. She married Christopher a man she probably does not know well enough. They many places they travel and the struggles he has running is growing empire seems to distant the couple rather than help their relationship grow. They seem so much more in love and close when not surrounded my the interfer...
  • Liz
    This is a well-written, intriguing story with interesting characters set in enchanting locations. It had everything that should have made it a great book except it seemed to lack warmth to me. I never really felt much sense of involvement with what was going on. It was an easy, worthwhile and pleasant read with something to think about and, I suspect, others will enjoy it more than I did.I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway for this ...
  • Sharon Huether
    Christopher and Helen meet at a resort on the Mexican coast. They enjoyed each others company.As a journalist Helen has the freedom to travel...so she goes with Christopher to these exotic places.One day out of the blue he asks her to marry him. She accepts and they have wonderful times in European hide-aways.Christopher has very aspiring goals in the business world. He is so focused on them, he neglects Helen.A beautifully written novel with flo...
  • Althea
    MoreThis story captured my attention because of the idea of memories remaining in a place and reconnecting with them when you return. The beginning is beautiful, but the tangled money-laundering/finance edges and the glitzy lifestyles were lost on me.
  • Sylvia
    The story of a marriage. Well written, simple plot, but something almost soothing about the pace and rhythm of the writing.