The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde

The Brightsiders

A teen rockstar has to navigate family, love, coming out, and life in the spotlight after being labeled the latest celebrity trainwreck in Jen Wilde's quirky and utterly relatable novel. As a rock star drummer in the hit band The Brightsiders, Emmy King’s life should be perfect. But there’s nothing the paparazzi love more than watching a celebrity crash and burn. When a night of partying lands Emmy in hospital and her girlfriend in jail, she...

Details The Brightsiders

TitleThe Brightsiders
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherSwoon Reads
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Lgbt

Reviews The Brightsiders

  • emma
    Oh, boy.I know this is my unending refrain, but I really wanted to like this book. Even though I didn’t expect to. Unfortunately, I was prevented. By exciting stuff, like drama so unrelenting and pain-inducing that it gave me icepick migraines. You know, those really fun ones that feel like someone is stabbing you above the eye? Yeah.But let’s talk about good stuff first.The main main main amazing triumphant life-changing world-turning Good T...
  • alexis
    The Brightsiders left me in an odd place. Rarely do books leave me in a state of such '??????'. Before I start this review, Major Content Warning for Emotionally Abusive Parents in The Brightsiders. They appear heavily in the first half and less in the last half, but definitely proceed with caution if that's something you're concerned about. I haven't seen anyone talk about it, so I wanted to make sure to address it first and foremost. On one han...
  • Eri
    4.5 out of 5. This just became my favorite read of 2018 so far. I just connected with Em so much and i might be biased but i don't even care. I love seeing bi and queer characters in books especially my bi/queer girls. This book is literally a must read. If i say anymore i might spoil the book! But to convince you, bi girl, gender fluid character, non-binary character, a cute romance, fame, music, pride, a character that's literally trying to put...
  • Amber
    So, funny story I accidentally read this in one sitting. I feel as though Jen Wilde has improved since Queens of Geek (even if I gave both books 4 stars). The story was fun, extremely diverse, and dealt with celebrity issues as well as regular life issues respectfully. I received an ecopy of this through netgalley; however all opinions are my own.
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    I loved Queens of Geek's story a bit more, but still adored how Jen Wilde created the most amazing lineup of characters here. One character is nonbinary femme, black, and bi (and uses they/them pronouns which the story just used like nbd without pausing to explain in some alienating way). Another character is genderqueer and talks about how he manages his social anxiety disorder. Buuuuut I especially loved how the story took the time to discuss m...
  • Diana
    Bubbly-bright, hectic, and heartfelt as a power ballad, Jen Wilde's sophomore novel wears its heart on its sleeve just like protagonist Emmy. In line with Queens of Geek, The Brightsiders features characters of color, a multiplicity of gender and sexual identities, and characters at different stages of their own journeys. The intersections of Emmy's life--romantic, family, and career--are intense but sympathetically drawn, and feel true to the tu...
  • USOM
    This book is amazing. I loved every aspect of it from the fun and colorful cover to the main character, to the diversity, to the toxic relationships, to the ending. I'd go back and read this all over again except I want to share my love for this book with the world - so instead I'm writing this review.
  • Belinda (bookstorm)
    Loved this book! Super diverse and almost all the main characters are LGBTQIAP+! Full review coming soon!
  • Alison
    I honestly adored all of the characters. This is such a great read.
  • Jenni Frencham
    Apologies in advance because 1) my copy is digital, so it's difficult to flip through and 2) the synopsis here on Goodreads isn't providing character names. I read enough books that it is difficult to keep characters and their names straight on occasion, and this is one of them.The main character is the drummer in a teen band called the Brightsiders. Her band is enjoying a stint of popularity, and she has embraced her life as a party girl. In thi...
  • Paige Dan
    I received an ARC from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. This book has definite charm. The diversity of the characters is significant- people of color, people from all different backgrounds, and people with a variety of sexual orientations. What I LOVE about this is that any LGBTQ person could pick up this story and identify with someone within the pages. The romance is charming and following rockstars around for a few hundred pages is...
  • Melissa Schneider
    Emmy is living a life most teens would die for. She's almost 18, is part of a wildly popular internationally known (and loved) band, and has money & fame, but for Emmy, things aren't always as they seem. She's got a girlfriend who is manipulative and living off Emmy's name, she's recently decided to come out a bi-sexual, her parents are perpetual losers whose lives are like one neverending party, and it seems like every decision Emmy makes land h...
  • Andrew
    Life is a lot of things when you're a teenage rock star. As The Brightsiders climb the charts, Emmy finds herself in the hospital after going a little too wild. Determined not to end up like her irresponsible, partying parents, she attempts to cut bad influences out of her life... But it's hard to keep it together when her ex-girlfriend and parents keep trying to sell scandalous rumors to the paparazzi for money. In the midst of it all, Emmy and ...
  • Teresa
    Emmy King should be on top of the world; one of the member of the world famous band, The Brightsiders, Emmy has the world at her fingertips. After one night of too much partying, some booze and a drunken tirade from said girlfriend, Emmy is forced to look at her life and deal with some of the drama and problems that keep coming up. When Alfie, lead singer of the band, and her connect on a level that is more than friendship, Emmy fears that it wil...
  • Linda Naquin
    **I received this as a digital ARC from NetGalley**Oh. My. GAWD. I fell absolutely in love with this book. Why aren't they a real band? They need to be a real band. I would spend my hard-earned adult money on these kids. They were so sweet and genuine, and can I adopt Emmy because she needs me and I will love her forever.I loved how quippy the characters were, and all the wonderful pop culture references. These guys are my people. I blew through ...
  • Kell
    okay listen. the writing in this isn't like, super good, but we need so many more books like this. the representation is the best i've seen in any YA book i've read to date. the cast of characters is so incredibly diverse in terms of race, gender, AND sexuality. i was discouraged from reading this book because 'it ends with a straight relationship' but it most certainly does NOT, and now i'm seriously side-eyeing whoever told me that. anyway. it'...
  • Brittany
    Meh. Major, major points for a variety of representation. I really appreciate that Wilde is giving voice to populations that should absolutely be seen in YA books. But the overall story didn’t do much for me. And I couldn’t find much other than the representation that I actually enjoyed. It was fairly cute and fun. But there was so much overdone drama and I couldn’t really get past how unnecessary it was.
  • dearlittledeer
    I am an "adult" who reads YA. (Ok the quotation marks are not necessary. I'm old, guys.) Jen Wilde's books do not read like an adult wrote them and is trying to sound like one of the kids. They are super authentic and to me, super millennial (or whatever comes after) at heart. Plus such a fun world to live in for a while. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 I am an "adult" who reads YA. (Ok the quotation marks are not necessary. I'm old, guys.) Jen Wilde's...
  • Jamie Bernard
    This book was so dramatic and fun and ridiculous and adorable that I don’t even know where to start. Complete review to come later. Can you read this if you haven’t read Queens of Geek? Yes. Just know that you might be a tad confused by the sheer number of characters. Are there plenty of cute gems if you did read Queens of Geek? Definitely. Thank you to Swoon/MacMillan for this awesome ARC.
  • Seanean
    According to my Kindle, I'm 49% through this. I put it down about a week ago and just can't seem to pick it back up. This is probably a fantastic book for some people, but I am not the audience this was aimed at. This wasn't necessarily poorly written; it just wasn't written for me and I'm ok with that. I hope others read and enjoy this.
  • Lynne
    3.5 starsFRTC
  • Dee
    Received as an ARC from NetGalley. Review to be posted shortly