A Date with Darcy (Bookish Boyfriends, #1) by Tiffany Schmidt

A Date with Darcy (Bookish Boyfriends, #1)

In this contemporary YA, a teenager’s favorite literary heroes woo her in real lifeThe first of two books in an intended paperback original series about a girl whose classic literary crushes manifest in real life. Merrilee Campbell, 16, thinks boys are better in books, chivalry is dead, and there’d be nothing more romantic than having just one guy woo her like the heroes in classic stories. She’s about to get the chance to test these daydr...

Details A Date with Darcy (Bookish Boyfriends, #1)

TitleA Date with Darcy (Bookish Boyfriends, #1)
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherAmulet Paperbacks
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Reviews A Date with Darcy (Bookish Boyfriends, #1)

  • Carrie
    Merrilee Campbell is the star of this young adult contemporary romance read in which this somewhat of a book nerd teen longs for romance like she's read in the classics. Merri is transferring to a new school with her best friend and younger sister and hopes that this year will be different for her. Starting our at Hero High Merri finds herself studying Romeo and Juliet in class and longing for her own Romeo when she meets Monroe Stratford. Not ...
  • Scrill
    ARC received from the publisher via Netgalley for a fair reviewWhen Merilee transfers from an all girls school to Reginald R. Hero High she thinks it just might be the place she might meet her personal hero. That is, if they can live up to all the bookish boyfriends she's forever dreaming about. Having herself surrounded by actual Romeo's it seems that Merilee might just be living out one of her favorite love stories of all time.The StoryOkay, so...
  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    If ever I've related more to a character in a YA novel, that character would have to be Merrilee. Never have I laughed and smiled my way through a story so much, simply because I got it. I could feel it because in some ways, I've lived it, maybe not as an adult but definitely as a teenager. Merrilee is my book character soul mate. She understands it, romance, books, boys, and all. It's been a long time since I wanted to stay up into the wee hours...
  • Sophie Elaina
    This was a very cute, light read! Although I did find it kind of boring at times, and the first half of the book definitely lacked the substance I was hoping for. I feel like in the beginning the protagonist lacked something and that made it hard to connect with her and the story. However the second half of the book took a turn and I very much loved it. Before requesting this title on NetGalley I was very intrigued because - A book about a girl ...
  • A.C. Gaughen
    Oh. My. GOODNESS!! This book is perfection. I've been a big fan of Schmidt's work since SEND ME A SIGN, and this is Peak Schmidt. The main character, Merrilee, is short, bubbly, and with her nose always in a book, Merri believes in love, romance, and true love's kiss. Which isn't entirely her fault--her parents and older sister all fell in love with the first person they ever kissed, and Merri is looking forward her novel-worthy romance. But when...
  • -`ˏ maci ˎ´˗
    I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you, Abrams Books, for allowing me to read this extraordinary book! “Boys are so much better in books.” It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you haven't read this book yet, you need to. When I say that this book blew me away, I am not lying. I adored Bookish Boyfriends. It plastered a stupid grin on my face for 99.9% of the st...
  • Stacy Fetters
    "Too bad book boyfriends gave paper cuts when you tried to snuggle.We have all been in this position where we fall in love and swoon over the dreamy man/woman in a book. You just imagine their arms wrapped around you on the toughest of days and they will make it all better. Sigh! This book is for all of us who ever had a crush on a book character and wasn't ashamed of it. I'm totally not ashamed to admit that I have may a few bookish men in my li...
  • Lauren Stoolfire
    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.As far as sixteen year-old Merrilee is concerned, boys in books are much better than boys in real life. What she wouldn't give to have a real boy sweep her off of her feet into a whirlwind romance like her favorite book boyfriends. She's about to get the chance of a lifetime when she, her best friend, and her sister start at a prestigious new high school, but things don't always tu...
  • Rosie
    2.5 starsLOVED the Shakespeare references but ultimately didn't connect.
  • Kayla
    This was just such a relatable cute fluffy contemporary that was so amazing to read. I was highly anticipating this book and now I've read it, I'm so happy it didn't fall flat.
  • Becky
    This book was good! It had really good writing, a decently developed plot and some fascinating notions towards the importance of books and what they can give an individual, and how sometimes life can be just like a book (or not)! The only issue I had with this book was that it just didn’t gel with me for some reason. I can’t explain why - it just didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t really feel like I knew the characters or could relate to t...
  • Vani
    Okay. I was immediately attracted to Bookish Boyfriends. The premise just sounded way too cute, and I knew that if it was half as adorable as it sounded, I'd be on board. I had NO IDEA how much I would love this book.The writing is so. effing. cute. Fun, hilarious, intelligent. The word that comes immediately to mind is effortless. The tone is so lighthearted that I flew through the pages easily and readily. At no point did it slow down or become...
  • Sydney
    I received this book for free via NetGalley in exchange for a review. I actually really enjoyed this book! I picked it up at first because, come on, how many times had I thought boys are better in books? I just owed it to myself. Merrilee is such a fun main character. She’s daydreamy and wacky and awkward and to be honest, a complete mess. But I loved her. She was me, in a weird way, and I loved watching her be headstrong. Her best friend, Eliz...
  • Jen
    That was adorable and loads of fun! Merrilee’s enthusiasm for all things books, boys, and swoon-worthy romance was palpable. (And completely relatable.) Do your-bookish-self a favor and read it.*Thank you to Abrams for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.*
  • Rachel Strolle
    Super cute! I def know this will go over really well with middle schoolers which makes me suuuuuuuper happy
  • Genni Eccles
    The first 60% of the book was around a two star read, but the last 40% was a 4 star read. Full review to come
  • Saw
    It was the last day of summer when I finished this book. According to my mom, I was supposed to sleep early and get up early the next day. But at that time, I was 65% done with this book which meant I could finish it that night. Staying up until midnight just to finish a book is no surprising for us, readers. Yes, I didn't even feel sleepy the next day. You know why? This book was worth it!This book is about a girl, Merilee Campbell, who was a bi...
  • Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It)
    Going into this book, I was hoping for a cute and fluffy contemporary novel, and that is exactly what I got! This book was as sweet as cotton candy, which was adorable and fun. At first, I did have a hard time getting into this book because it was a bit slow and the characters felt SO young. I didn't care that the characters were younger than me, but this was a YA book where I could really feel how young the characters were. The dialogue in this ...
  • Cassandra
    Okay so my book club and I picked this book and I had originally been super excited for it because this is literally any romance reader's dream, but I'm not too sure how I'm feeling about it. It was good and cute - I don't know where I checked out though. Maybe I never checked into being completely invested? I don't know.You know those books where you're reading the story but if you were to be experiencing it all in real life, it'd feel as though...
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    Rating: 3.5 StarsI know I have uttered the phrase "boys are better in books" many times, but Merri finds out that maybe her romance heroes were not as wonderful as they seemed on the page, when a real life Romeo begins romancing her.• Pro: Merrilee was an utterly adorable heroine. She was a little flighty and caught up in her literary worlds, but she was also extremely smart, a good sister and friend, and fierce when she needed to be. There wer...
  • Colleen
    I received Bookish Boyfriends by Tiffany Schmidt from Netgalley (and the publishers) in exchange for an honest review.Bookish Boyfriends was pretty much all I had expected it to be and more. At one point between 20-40 percent of the book it had gotten really cliche and my reading time with it was very slow paced. I had almost put it down because the romance between Merrilee and Monroe bugged me. But then it got SO much better. I like how she deci...
  • Karen Barber
    A fun, light-hearted read that proclaims its love of books from the rooftops while being entertaining.Merrilee is a self-confessed romantic. For the first part of the book this was rather infuriating . She lives every moment picturing herself in the pages of a novel, and her endless fantasising about every boy she meets became frustrating. However, once she tones this down and gets on with being a little less gushing she’s good fun.Loosely, thi...
  • Leonie Byrne
    Thank you to Netgalley, Tiffany Schmidt and the publisher for my ARC of Bookish Boyfriends. I really loved the synopsis of this book, a 15 year old bookworm goes to a new school and discovers it is full of the hero's and heartthrobs of her favourite classic novels. On the way, she discovers herself as well. Unfortunately, for me, I DNF'd this book at 30% I just couldn't seem to get on with it. I found the character of Merilee too dreamy and almos...
  • Ameema Saeed
    I’m an Indigo employee, and I received an advanced e-galley of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for my honest feedback.Cute and fun, if not a little predictable. This was a great, light romance - but I felt like most of the secondary characters weren’t well fleshed out, and the story felt a bit shallow and at times, predictable. It was also a little frustrating because Merrilee was like the very definition of a manic pixie dream gir...
  • Maureen
    This premise was very cute, but I think it went on too long. The sibling rivalry between Merri and Rory was overdone. The angst between Merri and Fielding went on too long. I did love all the allusions within the novel. Thanks to Amulet Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to be an early reader in exchange for my fair and unbiased review.