Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne

Brightly Burning

Seventeen-year-old Stella Ainsley wants just one thing: to go somewhere—anywhere—else. Her home is a floundering spaceship that offers few prospects, having been orbiting an ice-encased Earth for two hundred years. When a private ship hires her as a governess, Stella jumps at the chance. The captain of the Rochester, nineteen-year-old Hugo Fairfax, is notorious throughout the fleet for being a moody recluse and a drunk. But with Stella h...

Details Brightly Burning

TitleBrightly Burning
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherHMH Books for Young Readers
GenreYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Retellings, Romance

Reviews Brightly Burning

  • Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies
    This book is supposed to be a sci-fi version of Jane Eyre. It fucking sucks. Beware: lots of cursing in this review. I am in a spicy mood today. Our main character, Stella (Jane Eyre) is a brilliant spaceship engineer who has long harbored high hopes of being...a fucking governess. Not that there's anything wrong with being a governess, mind you, but ffs. It's like if I had an engineering Ph.D and chose to work as a nanny. It's dumb and seriously...
  • Brittney ~ Reverie and Ink
    Oh my goodness, this was one wild ride. I wasn't expecting it. I mean... okay. I know the story of Jane Eyre (it actually freaked me out when I was little) - so I knew to expect some craziness. But I didn't expect to be PUNCHED IN THE FACE MULTIPLE TIMES BY ALL THE FEELS.I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me begin by saying that this is the perfect reimagining of Jane Eyre. In fact, I liked it more than the original story. And even if you aren't a ...
  • Lola
    You know what’s *brightly burning* right now?My anger. At myself, mostly. This is a retelling of Jane Eyre, and while the original story bored me to death, I was somewhat intrigued by this one.After all, one of the main reasons why Jane Eyre didn't work for me was because Mr. Rochester is in his forties, and even though I believe in the *age is just a number* concept, I’m also skeptical that dating someone (more than) twice your age is a good...
  • megs_bookrack
    CONFESSION TIME: I have never read Jane Eyre.I know, I know. Put your pitchforks down....How can I possibly rate a Jane Eyre retelling without having read the original source material? Well, I am going to rely on my very light knowledge from the multiple adaptations that I have viewed. My favorite being the one with Mia Wasikowska. That little girl can act, am I right?Brightly Burning, is a stand-alone YA science fiction novel that retells the st...
  • Carrie
    Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne is a young adult science fiction fantasy with a dash of romance that is also an imaginative retelling of the classic Jane Eyre. Of course what better way to modernize a classic than to do a take of it that is futuristic feeling in the setting with the story taking place upon a space ship.Seventeen year old Stella Ainsley was working as an engineer aboard the poorest ship of the fleet after being raised in a wealthi...
  • Erika Cruz
    Reader, this book exceeded my expectations.This is a thrilling YA retelling of Jane Eyre set in space. It’s the story of the very likeable Stella Ainsely and her love affair with her employer, the brooding yet passionate Hugo Fairfax. Stella is a very skilled and able-bodied young woman because she doubles as both a governess AND ship mechanic. (love this!) She is a smart, caring and inquisitive main character, and I love that she has so much c...
  • jv poore
    Abruptly orphaned at only seven years old, Stella Ainsley slid down the human hierarchy and was relocated from the elitist Empire to a humbler space-craft, the Stalwart. Inhabited mostly by hard-working farmers that had won a lottery, Stella would never fit in. Instead, she clung to fond memories of her father, following in his footsteps to become a skilled and trusted engineer. Sadly, she hates every moment of it. Teaching Ancient Earth Science ...
  • Alexa
    4/18/18 Update: If you'd like to get a signed copy of Brightly Burning but don't anticipate seeing me at an event, you can order a signed copy via The Ripped Bodice! I'm so excited to partner with this amazing local indie, and the first & only all-romance book store in the United States! If you order through The Ripped Bodice, you will also get an exclusive Brightly Burning bookmark! Update: If you p...
  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    **Many thanks to HMH Books for Young Readers for sending me an ARC. This in no way influenced my review-my opinions are my own**This is one of those times where I emailed the publisher and didn’t expect any response-and I didn’t get one. Oh well, right? But then, one night when I had been having a bad day, I came home to the most exciting and unexpected package-this beauty of an arc. I knew I had to read it right away-and I’m so glad I did....
  • Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It)
    As a huge fan of Jane Eyre, I was really excited to read a YA retelling of the story. So, I went into this book with high expectations, AND THIS BOOK EXCEEDS ALL OF THOSE EXPECTATIONS! I AM AN EMOTIONAL MESS! I WANT TO HUG THIS BOOK FOREVER!!!! THIS WAS A FREAKING ROLLER COASTER!!!Okay, I let me get back to the actual review. One of the things I enjoyed the most about this book was the way the author took Jane Eyre and put such a refreshing and i...
  • Erin
    3.5 stars for a fairly adequate Jane Eyre retelling. Brightly Burning takes place in a futuristic world where people are living in space because planet Earth has basically gone down the path of devastating destruction. Enter Stella Ainsley, our protagonist, who finds herself transferred to the private ship Rochester and becomes teacher and governess to young Jessa, little sister of the mysterious captain, Hugo. The ship is rumoured to be haunt...
  • Liz Parker
    This Jane Eyre retelling is the perfect book for fans of the classic who also have a love of space. While the parallels to Jane Eyre are clear throughout for those who love the original story, this novel definitely stands alone for anyone who isn't familiar with Jane Eyre. The slow-burn build up of the romance + the high stakes of the fleet's safety making it hard to put down! I'd definitely recommend to fans of Marissa Meyer and Beth Revis. Even...
  • ✨ Kaira ✨
    Plot - 4.5Writing style - 4Characters - 4Romance - 4In which a seventeen-year-old engineer applied at a private ship for a governess spot. There, she began developing romantic feelings with the captain who turns out to be her student's dashing older brother. Plot - Truth be told, I am no genius about Jane Eyre. Of course, I've heard about the novel itself, even thought of giving it a shot. But alas, I never seem to bring myself to actually do it....
  • Alyssa
    Reader, I loved it. Alexa Donne is just reverential enough to the heart and spirit of Jane Eyre to delight this Bronte fan - but at the same time she's done a beautiful job expanding the story that I was still on the edge of my seat.Stella, an engineer and ammeter artist, is a brilliant Jane for a new era. She's got guts, brains, and drive - but an uncertain future. Hugo, the Captain of The Rochester, is delightfully broody and haunted by his pas...
  • Adrienne Young
    Had a chance to read an early copy and oh my, did it hit the light sci-fi sweet spot! Fun characters, a haunted spaceship, a mysterious man, and stars as far as the eye can see. The last time I read a book with this feel was ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis and I have to say I loved it just as much. This was such a fun read and I have no doubt the masses will feel the same! Pre-order worthy FOR SURE.
  • Emily A. Duncan
    JANE! EYRE! IN! SPACE! and it is exactly that. Just as clever, just as heartfelt, just as romantic, with a stellar cast of characters and inventive world building. Just enough science fiction to make this an utterly delightful space romance.
  • Amy Risner
    ARC provided by HMH in exchange for an honest reviewI was super pumped to receive this advanced copy of Brightly Burning from HMH. I am so thankful I got the chance to read this before publication. Truly, I am so grateful for these opportunities. Even if I didn’t love it, I still want to give you all my thoughts and genuine feelings!So, with that being said, I did like the book, but I didn’t love it. It’s probably just me, y’all. I had ju...
  • Alexandra
    I received an e-ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Review can also be found on *Milky Way of Books*I couldn't be happier than getting the chance to review this lovely book! Knowing that Netgalley rarely grants requests to INT readers, I was very excited! The book follows Stella, a young girl who is also a mechanic, a teacher and lives into a spaceship orbing around a frozen Earth.There are also many spaceships orbiting around Ea...
  • Cori Reed
    I love Jane Eyre, so getting to read a retelling was a treat.I do think this book hovers more around 3.5 star personally, but I really loved it and enjoyed my time reading it so much I had to bump it up.This had all of the elements of Jane Eyre we know and love, but set aboard various space crafts. The twists and turns of the original story are all also present, and I just think Alexa Donne has done an awesome job with this one! Add it to your TB...
  • i.
    What a delightful mixture of si-fy and romance. A strong-willed female character with a penchant for unrequited love and a mysterious but utterly attractive captain will certainly remind you of Jane Eyre. I didn't know how much I missed reading novels like this one until I started Brightly burning. A must-read for fans of both
  • K.
    Trigger warnings: blood, death, alcohol abuse, plague.This is a YA retelling of Jane Eyre set in space. Of course I was going to read it. And I enjoyed the crap out of this. It manages to tread the line very neatly between a strict retelling and being its own story. The characters were solid, I really liked the writing, and the "there's an ice age on earth so now we're in space" thing worked surprisingly well. It was kind of like Jane Eyre crosse...
  • Nina-Tala (JustAddAWord) Shannak
    I like this book more than I care to admit.Look, I'll be honest: you could set anything in space, and I'll all but guarantee I'll like it. Once you consider the grand scope of things, YA books set in space are this teeny tiny group, and I am always, always there for a story set among the stars, because there are so few of them.And I realize that this is not really an endorsement of this book, right? I'll pick up, and probably love, any space stor...
  • Jessica
    This was really fun! RTC closer to publication. Thanks NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC!
  • ✧lilly✧
    I'm struggling to see the resemblance of this book to Jane Eyre. The MC is nothing like Jane - she hasn't come through as particularly smart thus far, and she lusts after guys every second sentence.Guy #1 (the best friend):He stepped into the classroom and, oh God, I could tell he was wet - just showered. [...] George nodded, then indicated I should come close. Yes, please.Guy #2 (random engineering guy):he was something nice to look at while I p...
  • Kayla
    I loved this book so much! I've never actaully read Jane Eyre but I'm aware of the storyline and I don't know if it follows it but I had such a great time with this book.
  • Austine (NovelKnight)
    It's odd to read a re-telling for a story that you've never read. Brightly Burning, described as a sci-fi version of Jane Eyre, follows Stella Ainsley as she takes on the role of governess on the Rochester, a private ship with all sorts of mysteries aboard.Based on my cursory look at the synopsis for Jane Eyre, I suppose the book hit the major points pretty well so there's a plus if you're a fan of the original story. But I'm not a loyal Bron...