Heart of Thorns (Heart of Thorns, #1) by Bree Barton

Heart of Thorns (Heart of Thorns, #1)

In the ancient river kingdom, touch is a battlefield, bodies the instruments of war. Seventeen-year-old Mia Rose has pledged her life to hunting Gwyrach: women who can manipulate flesh, bones, breath, and blood.Not women. Demons. The same demons who killed her mother without a single scratch. But when Mia's father suddenly announces her marriage to the prince, she is forced to trade in her knives and trousers for a sumptuous silk gown. Only after...

Details Heart of Thorns (Heart of Thorns, #1)

TitleHeart of Thorns (Heart of Thorns, #1)
Release DateJul 31st, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews Heart of Thorns (Heart of Thorns, #1)

  • Emily May
    There have been many times when I've disagreed with Kirkus reviews, but whoever wrote the review for this book and said: "This winsome debut novel goes down like a vegan, gluten-free cupcake: sweet and good for you but entirely lacking in satisfying decadence." nailed it.Heart of Thorns needed more editing and fewer tropes. It needed more memorable characters and fewer info-dumps. And it really just needed to be a bit less... polite. There's abs...
  • Melanie
    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. “Once upon a time, in a castle carved of stone, a girl plotted murder.” Hello, friends! This is going to be a hard one to review. I honestly feel like this is a solid 2.5 star read, but some aspects make me want to raise that rating and others make me want to lower it. I will say the end of this book is phenomenal. Like, easily the best part. And it was so good th...
  • Sahithi
    "Your clavicle throws the most beautiful shadows""If she had understood the way blood flowed through the vena arteriosa to the heart's left chamber, or known how to invoke the subtle rhythm of the cariac systole- she might have saved her mother's life.""She dug her fingertips into the bridge of her nose. 'The sphenoid bone. It's like my whole cerebrum is on fire.'"DNFAs a medical student, I can assure you that no one speaks like this. Such phrase...
  • Carrie
    Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton is the first book in the young adult fantasy series by the same name, Heart of Thorns. This one is a darker fantasy that would be best for an older crowd as there is a lot of violence and even rape involved in the story.The series is set in a world in which some women possess magical abilities but having these abilities causes fear in those that don’t. With only a touch those known as the Gwyrach can manipulate a ...
  • Alana • thebookishchick
    Thank you Katherine Tegen Books for providing me with an arc of this!2.5 starstw: attempted sexual assault, mentions of self-harmThis was a bummer for me, you guys. I was really looking forward to this one and it just really fell short for me. The premise of this book was SO good, and when I read the synopsis I was instantly sold. But unfortunately, this one just didn't do it for me.So where did it fall short, you ask?For starters this was SUPER ...
  • Anissa (FairyLoot)
    Loved this so much!
  • Alice
    2.25 starsI got this copy from Fairyloot and I honestly considered pawning it. Imagine hate-reading 80-90% of this book only to find out the last 10-20% was actually almost good if not for the contrived shift in quality. It’s like I complained all this time only to have my concerns addressed almost point-by-point at the very very tippy tip end of this book. I don’t know whether to be more annoyed that I think I was played or that Barton purpo...
  • Lenna • Sugar Dusted Pages
    2.5 RTC It was going to be a solid 3 until this lovely line: "You're beautiful when you lie." He quickly added, "Not to diminish you or suggest that beauty is an indicator of your worth." FOR. PETE'S. SAKE. Just tell the story and stop trying to shove your microwaved feminism down my throat.
  • Tanya Tate
    Expected Pub Date: July 31st,2018Review You an also read it on my blog!! 1 StarDNF @30%I received a copy from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Spoilers SomewhatYep I'm gone. I'm bailing quicklyAfter it started off with such premise I found myself being disinterested by 25% in.Let me give a run down of the plot.It's about a 17 year girl Mia, who is an arranged marriage with Prince Quinn which is the last thing she wants to do. She wants...
  • Heather
    #heartofthorns was an action packed first book in a new YA series. I did enjoy the talk of feminism in this book & the strangeness of women. .It did move somewhat slow for me and I did more a little more backstory of the magic in this series. If your looking for a new ya fantasy series to start, I would recommend this one.I don’t know if I’ll continue on with the series because there’s just so many ya fantasy series out there but I did enjo...
  • J.A. Ironside
    ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Ok for me this was 2.5 stars but I think I've been prejudiced by the travesty that was chapter 53. The book probably deserves 3 stars so I've rounded up.I'm not going to rehash the blurb here. This is a very linear story of a young noble woman being forced into an unwanted marriage when she'd rather be a Gwyrach (witch/ demon) hunter like her father (who incidentally is who is forcing her...
  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? —Jeremiah 17:9Heart of Thorns earned a place on my TBR shelf because I thought that this book was inspired by Sleeping Beauty. Just look at that thorny cover reminiscent of Aurora's gilded cage of a castle. However, unlike the mentioned fairy tale, this book doesn't focus on a handsome prince saving a pretty damsel in distress. Instead, it turns the cliche around ...
  • Lea (drumsofautumn)
    ♦ Video Review ♦3.5 stars. Heart of Thorns was exactly the kind of Fantasy book that I love. And while I found especially the first half of it very slow, there's nothing about it that I actively disliked.This book has incredible world building and for me it's the thing that stands out the most. The writing is sometimes a little bit much but when it comes to describing the world it works perfectly. I thought it was so easy to imagine the set...
  • Sanna (sannareads)
    4.5 STARS ⭐This book broke me in so many different ways. Both when it comes to the plots and the way women are treatened in a way not that different from ours (minus the magic). I quickly got swept into the story and couldn't put the book down, I found it very interesting and unique. In the beginning my mind (that is full of past fantasy books I've read) was kind of making me think that this would be like some other fantasy books I have read. B...
  • Bright Star
    "Once upon a time, in a castle carved of stone, a girl plotted murder."And here another book with great potential but poorly developed. From the line above I was so sure Heart of Thorns would have been an interesting story but, alas, it was bland and with the same old YA tropes. Dear author, if you wanted to impress the reader you should have tried harder.
  • Gabry
    3.5, quasi 4 stelline!
  • Christopher DeWan
    Heart of Thorns is a YA fantasy book, but you don't have to be a fan of YA or of fantasy to love this book: Barton fills every page with playful language, thoughtful characters, and thrilling adventure. This book offers one reward after another, right up until its (surprising!) end.Heart of Thorns tells the story of Mia Rose, a rational-minded young woman who thinks she's *sooooo* smart—until life throws her a few curves, and she sees that the ...
  • Anna
    Pani Barton, pani mi da drugi tom...
  • beth ✨
    4.5oh my god. i didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did but HOLY SHIT this was good. I honestly couldn’t put it down.
  • Paula Roussel (She Sniffs Books)
    Anyone else having a hard time rating and reviewing this book? Because I am...I have to think about this review for a few days...
  • Sara
    Voto effettivo: 4 stelline e mezza.Mi è piaciuto tantissimo e non vedo l'ora di leggere il seguito! Questo libro si è rivelato una sorpresa straordinaria. La trama era già molto bella e accattivante ma mai mi sarei aspettata tutto ciò che ho trovato tra queste pagine. Finalmente una protagonista che già sembra super badass ma che capisce di non sapere tutto, che si evolve già nel primo libro, senza restare stagnante. Tanta, tantissima diver...
  • ♠️ Tabi ♠️
    I liked this less the more I thought about itFirst off, I cannot deny the fact that this was a fairly enjoyable read for me before I really thought about what I'd read. It wasn't written terribly and I really liked the dialogue and moments between Mia and Quin. And while I did notice quite a few tropes, I wasn't really bothered by them because I was enjoying the read. "Tree," she said, shoving Quin toward the closest one. "Can you climb?""I'm not...
  • Roxanne
    ARC kindly provided by Edelweiss.All right. Okay. So...I'm still really torn on my opinion on this one. There were some good things that I really liked, but a couple of things really didn't work for me. The good- A strong female protagonist that doesn't need anyone to protect her. (In theory, that is. She didn't seem to do much protecting of herself either but it was implied a lot that she didn't need anyone to..)- Interesting side characters - o...
  • mith
    this review + others can be found over on my blog!---I loved this book! Though, frankly, it might have to do with Quin, but I'll get there.In the grand scheme of things, Heart of Thorns isn't entirely different from most other fantasy books. What does make it stand out is that only women have magic! And they're seen as demons. (Figures lmao) So of course our main character, Mia, is such a "creature"! I loved Mia, though. Throughout the book, it w...