A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza

A Place for Us

A Place for Us unfolds the lives of an Indian-American Muslim family, gathered together in their Californian hometown to celebrate the eldest daughter, Hadia’s, wedding–a match of love rather than tradition. It is here, on this momentous day, that Amar, the youngest of the siblings, reunites with his family for the first time in three years. Rafiq and Layla must now contend with the choices and betrayals that lead to their son’s estrangemen...

Details A Place for Us

TitleA Place for Us
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherSJP for Hogarth
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Literary Fiction, Adult Fiction, Novels, Cultural, India, Realistic Fiction, Adult, Family

Reviews A Place for Us

  • Emily May
    She could hold in her heart a belief in Islam as well as the unwavering belief that every human had the right to choose who they loved, and how, and that belief was in exact accordance with her faith: that it is the individual's right to choose, and the individual's duty to empathize with one another. Do you love those slow-burning, quiet family dramas that take you so fully into the lives of the characters? The kind that show complex human being...
  • Diane S ☔
    Wow!! I am just blown away by the fact that this is a first novel, the story and theme so universal. A Muslim Indian family in America, trying to maintain it's own beliefs and culture, while facing modernity. This family, mother, father, two daughters , Hadia and Huda, and the youngest, a son Amar who never really feels he belongs. We come to know this family inside and out,the book starts with the marriage of Hadia,and then goes back and forth, ...
  • Elyse
    Absolutely wonderful!!! If you see reviews deeply speaking to your heart -or feel personally important to you in one way or another such as Diane S’s review did for me...and more and more high rating reviews rolling in....Karen, Cheri, Jill, Patti, Rhonda, Alaina, Anne, Amena, DeAnn, Linda, Mimi, Virginia, Amin, KatieB, Jill Dobbie,Becky, Barbara, Kimberly, Tamkeen, Nancy, Betty, Kathy, Jamckean, Marcy,Janet, Karen Hagerman, Patti...on and on a...
  • Larry H
    4.5 stars, rounded up.Poignant, warm, and thought-provoking, A Place for Us is a tremendously self-assured look at an American Muslim family, and the obligations and tangles that family and religion create.Family and friends of Rafiq and Layla gather for the wedding of their oldest daughter, Hadia, who has broken tradition by marrying for love and not marrying a match arranged by her parents.Hadia has always been headstrong, but she has made he...
  • Karen
    A Place For Us is a first novel for Fatima Farheen Mirza, and a first literary work acquired by Sarah Jessica Parker as editorial director for SJP for Hogarth.This is the story of a Muslim Indian American family, and their community, living in California. It begins with the wedding of Rafiq and Layla’s daughter Hadia’s wedding, a marriage based on love instead of the tradition. This wedding brings back together a family of five, including an ...
  • Cheri
    ”There's a place for us, Somewhere a place for us. Peace and quiet and open air Wait for us Somewhere. “There's a time for us, Some day a time for us, Time together with time to spare, Time to look, time to care, Someday! Somewhere. We'll find a new way of living, We'll find a way of forgiving Somewhere.” -- Somewhere (A Place For Us) - West Side Story, by Leonard Bernstein; lyrics by Stephen Sondheim A Muslim family struggles to maintain t...
  • Anne Bogel
    I may bump this up to 5 stars (but I like to sit with it a while first). This is one of the best, most emotionally resonant books I've read in a while. Complex, wistful, melancholy.
  • Amena
    I finished this book last night. I can't even begin to explain how this book made me feel but I will try. Meet Hadia, Amar and Huda. Three Pakistani Muslim siblings trying to fit in an American culture. Their parents, Layla and Rafiq, also trying. *I think what makes this book exceptional is not just the immersive language, how invested I was in the characters, how much I was rooting for the sibling that just didn't feel as if he belonged, how I ...
  • DeAnn
    10 stars to this stunning debut novel from Fatima Farheen Mirza. I fell in love with this family, each and every character. The story centers around the Muslim Indian American family, Layla and Rafiq as parents and the three siblings: Hadia, Huda, and Amar. Mirza's writing totally drew me in to the over-achieving oldest child Hadia, who wants to please her parents; Huda, the somewhat overlooked middle child; and Amar, the son who struggles with t...
  • Jill
    I almost didn’t read this, because my first impression when reading the description was that I have read a similar story too often lately. This book, however, was fresh and beautifully moving with gorgeous prose. I loved this book and was sad for it to end.
  • Sumaiyya
    It’s been a few days since I finished reading A PLACE FOR US by Fatima Farheen Mirza, but I still think about this book and its characters almost on a daily basis. There’s something that’s part of the book’s plot that’s mirroring my life right now, but I know in my heart I’m remembering this story so much because it was just such a devastatingly beautiful and heartwarming experience. The writing pulled me in instantly, and I marveled ...
  • Mimi
    What is home? I can always come home can't I? What if I don't know how to find my way back? Then where do I belong? Who am I?These are the questions at the heart of A Place For Us that haunt you long after you finish reading. As an immigrant, there are additional nuances to what it means to find your place in the world because it is often not just one single location, it's often not even a physical space. You're told when you immigrate that you w...
  • Jamie
    There are so many lessons that this book gives us. The most important is that it is very easy to love someone and not show them. How easy it is to push people away just by not speaking your thoughts. This book does a great job of weaving together the points of view from different characters. By doing this we are able to see the same events from these differing views. The timeline jumps around frequently without any real indication of when the sto...
  • Katherine
    I loved this book! It is a very moving story and the characters are so well-developed that I feel like I really know them. I am so glad I read this one!
  • Linda Zagon
    My Review of “A Place For Us” by Fatima Farheen MirzaTitle: Family Tradition and Love5 *****“A Place for Us” by Fatima Farheen Mirza is intriguing and captivating story of an Indian-American Muslim family. The struggle and conflict of observing one’s faith, tradition, needs and wants is intense. A constant theme of finding balance in a complicated society. The genres for the novel are Fiction and Women’s Fiction. The story mostly take...
  • Rhonda Lomazow
    This is a gorgeously written debut novel.A. Novel about a Muslim family a daughters wedding a sons homecoming.We are drawn into the family celebration then introduced to the family members.We go back into their history as the children were born grew up their issues family problems and why the only son has been gone for years returning to his sisters wedding.This novel is the first in Sara Jessica Parker’s book club & is very deserving of being ...
  • Virginia Myers
    I was literally blown away by the experience of reading A PLACE FOR US by Fatima Farheed Mirza. The book was quite different from what I expected. First, I need to explain that I am a senior adult who is looking as you say “in my rear view mirror” at my life and the life of my family. I am a Christian and my faith is quite important to me. Second, I knew the book was going to be about an American Muslim family and I had anticipated that it wo...
  • Amin
    A Place For Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza is a breathtaking novel that everyone must read. It is a detailed and intimate depiction of identity, family and faith. A novel that completely absorbs the reader, you will become invested in each character and think of them long after you have turned the last page. A compelling and moving story about what it means to be human.
  • Katie B
    Married couple Rafiq and Layla grew up in India but moved to the United States to raise their three children. Their eldest daughter, Hadia, is set marry which should be a cause for great celebration. However, there is tension in the air as Amar, the youngest sibling and only son, has come back for the wedding after a long estrangement from his family. This is a story that follows the lives of this family as they deal with love, loss, resentment, ...
  • Jill Dobbe
    A tiny piece of my heart broke after reading the ending to this story about a Muslim family living in California. Two daughters and a son are born to parents who follow the Islamic religion and ideals. One of the children, however, went through life feeling that he/she didn't belong, ending up following their own path.A story about family, loss, and betrayal, that overcomes the deep love that the members have for one another. Written with emotion...
  • Becky
    I would have rated this book a little lower until I got to the final portion written in the fathers perspective.. it was so moving and just made me think of how difficult parenting is and how we just don’t get it right sometimes. The story of this Muslim family and their adjustments to being American was the background of the more prevalent story of how families relate to one another, Amar was the son that just couldn’t fit in with the rest o...
  • Barbara
    This book really resonated with me and also helped me to understand that some of the things that I thought were idiosyncrasies of my husband and his family (they are from Pakistan) are just completely normal, because I read about them here in this book about an Indian-American Muslim family. I saved whole passages on my phone when I would read about something that was exactly like something that had happened or I had heard or a reaction I've seen...
  • Kimberly
    An incredible, gut wrenching, and poignant tour de force of a debut novel. A portrait of several members of a Muslim Indian-American family coming to terms with love, faith, disappointment, and loss. The author's command of language and emotion is especially awe-inspiring at such a young age. Even the tiniest bit of frustration with the showy jumping about in the timeline in the second part is overshadowed by the strength of the overall structure...
  • SundayAtDusk
    Someone called this book a family saga. I guess you could call it that. It’s certainly long enough at almost 450 pages. Yet, as sagas go, it’s a pretty slow and uneventful one. Moreover, it was pretty much impossible to get lost in it. At least not lost in a captivating way. There was definitely a possibility of getting lost timeline wise, however, due to the way the story was told; which is in sections that jump back and forth in time. Maybe...
  • Nancy
    I recently read an article on the books that Sarah Jessica Parker reads and I was pleasantly surprised to see her reading tastes align exactly with mine. When I saw that Hogarth Press (Penguin) chose A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza for their first publication from their new SJP imprint and was giving away some Advanced Reader copies, I immediately entered my name. I am so glad I won this book. I cannot believe that this is a debut novel. I...
  • Tamkeen Nus
    A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza is an absolute must-read. The author has you so absorbed in the characters and the story that you won't be able to put it down till you're finished, and you'll be thinking about the characters long after you finish too. She does such a remarkable job of showing different perspectives of faith and love. You become emotionally invested in the characters and their journey. I did not realize how much I needed th...
  • Betty
    I am amazed that this is Ms. Mirza’s first book. It is beautifully written, describing the family dynamics of a Muslim Indian-American family and their intense desire to remain devout to their religion and continue their cultural traditions here in the US. Just like any family, anywhere, of any faith, the children strive to live up to their parents’ expectations of them, often feeling frustration at the constraints they feel their parents hav...
  • Kathy
    I received a free digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.There isn't much to add to the deservedly glowing reviews that Mirza's debut novel is garnering. A Place for Us is a beautiful character-driven novel, and while the characters are all complex and realistic, what I find special in this novel is the interactions between these characters. The way the characters speak to one another and what they share with another, and especially the sec...