Ellie, Engineer by Jackson Pearce

Ellie, Engineer

The hilarious and smart start of a series about a girl who loves to build—STEM-powered, creative fun for girls.Ellie is an engineer. With a tool belt strapped over her favorite skirt (who says you can’t wear a dress and have two kinds of screwdrivers handy, just in case?), she invents and builds amazing creations in her backyard workshop. Together with her best friend Kit, Ellie can make anything. As Kit’s birthday nears, Ellie doesn’t kn...

Details Ellie, Engineer

TitleEllie, Engineer
Release DateJan 16th, 2018
PublisherBloomsbury USA
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Ellie, Engineer

  • Pauline
    Ellie is exactly the type of character that we want to see more of in children’s chapter books. She is friendly, kind, imaginative, creative and inventive. She is breaking stereotypical boundaries that dictate that girls and boys have to be, act and look a particular way. Ellie likes to wear dresses, but she also likes to invent and create and build and wear a tool belt. What is also wonderful about Ellie and Kit is that they are not afraid to ...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusEllie loves to build things, drawing up plans and using her impressive array of tools to create and build all manner of innovative projects. When her best friend Kit's birthday is approaching, and the friends overhear that Kit is getting Miss Penelope, a dog, Ellie sets out to build a dog house. She needs some help, and even though the neighborhood boys are annoying, she enlists the help of Toby for a lot of the project. ...
  • Caitlin Zonder
    I am so in love with this book! I just adored Ellie and I am so glad that this is going to be a series. I love that Ellie, as a 3rd grader, has a tool belt and wears it over skirts! Love the message that both girls AND boys should be able to like whatever they want to. Girls being engineers, boys drinking tea with pinkies up! I think this holds a special place because I was, and still am an Ellie. I also am so glad Ellie will be around for my gir...
  • Carin
    What a great middle grade read! Ellie wants to be an engineer and in fact, already thinks she is one. She has her own tool belt, which she straps on over her skirt, and gets to work building things. Mostly she builds with her best friend, Kit, and they start off by building a giant slingshot to shoot water balloons in a group of boys in another yard. Ellie makes sure to write detailed explanations of all her projects (and whether or not they were...
  • Vera Godley
    Girls will love reading about the interesting things in which Ellie and her friend Kit involve themselves. Most of it is pretty standard tween stuff but some of it is pretty much off the wall because Ellie is quite an unusual girl. She envisions solutions and those solutions are things she makes or builds. She is a tool-weilding, solution-finding, object-building, girly friend to have around.Parents today are afforded the opportunity in today's w...
  • Rachel
    Ellie loves to solve problems by building solutions. For instance, when the neighborhood boys won’t let Ellie and her friend Kit join in their soccer game, she designs and builds a water balloon launcher and soaks them! When she hears that Kit’s mom is going to get Kit a dog for her birthday she decides to build her a dog house for her birthday present. It’s going to be her biggest project yet and will require help from a lot of other kids....
  • Burgandy Ice
    This book is fun and a fast read for a young reader, maybe 3rd to 5th grade. The main character has an awesome tool belt and tree house and tackles projects with enthusiasm. I love Ellie's personality and the idea behind the book... that we can all be ourselves and do things that we like to do, outside of "typical" for our gender or age. The drawings though-out the story keep it moving along quickly and are just right.This is a STEM book... STEM ...
  • Chelsea
    Ellie, Engineer by Jackson Pierce is a cute, quick read about a young girl, Ellie, who likes to build and design inventions. This book is one that I would consider a must-read for parents with young children because of the attack on our societal view of how young girls and boys should act, and what they should like. It has such a positive message for today's children.Ellie is very active about likely, something as a society is considerably more "...
  • Andrea
    I especially loved all the illustrations with Ellie’s sketches and plans! Along with the typical conflicts between friends that is characteristic of middle grade books, there are lots of pranks and a lot of creative problem-solving. Ellie is a very positive and energetic character and I wanted to hang out with her and make something.This book is noteworthy since it showcases girls who love science and building as well as tea parties and French-...
  • Sarah Monsma
    When the boys of the neighborhood exclude the girls from their soccer game, Ellie Engineer and her best friend Kit strike back by building an amazing water balloon launcher and soaking them all. The water balloon launcher is just one of the many engineering ideas that Ellie keeps in a notebook in her tool belt along with her hammer, two screwdrivers, and her prized possession, a mini electric drill. Ellie loves engineering, and all the neighborho...
  • Kellee
    Full review with teaching tools: http://www.unleashingreaders.com/?p=1...I so often hear stories from women my age that share that they loved science or nature or math when they were younger but that they were steered away from that those interests in little ways that they don’t even remember, but they do remember just not loving science anymore. This is exactly the scenario that has raised awareness in the need for STEM or STEAM books, program...
  • Dena (Batch of Books)
    SUCH a cute book! I read this with my two daughters, ages 7 and 9 and they loved it. They couldn't stop talking about Ellie's projects and her friends. It's a very cute, very girl-centric story about a girl that loves to build things. She gets annoyed when the boys in her neighborhood won't let her play soccer with them, so she builds a water balloon launcher and soaks them.There's much more to the story besides neighborhood rivalries, though. El...
  • Emily
    Young Emily (whose dad built her a kid-sized tool bench) would have loved this book. Adult Emily (who recently brought her power drill to work to build a bookshelf) DID love this book! Ellie is now my inspiration, building clever projects from nothing, and bringing all the neighborhood kids (girls AND boys) together for one epic build. Loved the message in this book that there aren't girl things and boy things, there are just Ellie things!
  • Sara Fox
    This children’s book is about Ellie, a natural engineer. Ellie loves to complete “builds” for a variety of reasons, including time saving devices, like a French braid machine that does not work quite as planned, to a trap to stop snooping brothers. The story begins with Ellie and her best friend, Kit, completing a build of a water balloon launcher to teach the neighborhood boys that it is not okay to exclude the girls from the soccer game. ...
  • Stacie
    Ellie is a smart, young girl who likes "boy stuff" and "girl stuff". She likes to build and create things, play soccer, get dirty, wear pretty skirts (with her tool belt, of course), and have tea parties with her best friend, Kit. Ellie has a notebook where she keeps track of all her projects including the water balloon launcher (which was a hit) and the French Braider (which was not a hit). Ellie likes to draw out her ideas first in her notepad ...
  • Lorie
    Ellie loves to design and build useful things and her best friend Kit is usually in on her projects, but this time Ellie might be on her own since this new creation will be Kit’s special surprise birthday present. When the girls overhear Kit’s mother discussing the delivery of Miss Penelope, they are sure that Kit is getting the dog she has always wanted even though her father and sibling are allergic to dogs. Ellie is determined to give her ...
  • Rosemary
    Ellie, Engineer, by Jackson Pearce, (Jan. 2018, Bloomsbury USA), $15.99, ISBN: 9781681195193Recommended for readers 7-10Ellie is a 9 year-old engineer: she can take darn near anything apart and make it something even cooler. Most of the time. When she sets out to make an amazing birthday gift for her best friend, Kit, she finds herself in the middle of a friendship mess: the girls normally don't like the "jerk boys", but Ellie's discovered that t...
  • michelle
    Thank you to @NetGalley and @bloomsburypublishing for providing me with a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.What a fun book! The book starts with a boys vs girls issue that Ellie solves by inventing a giant water balloon launcher, but as the book progresses, Ellie learns that we can't and shouldn't always divide things by gender. One area where Ellie is sure that gender doesn't matter is engineering and it is her biggest passion.I...
  • Liz
    I approached this book with mixed feelings, but was quickly enchanted by this fun-loving kid who loves to invent and build. In the opening pages of this chapter book, we meet Ellie and her best friend, Kit. They are deeply absorbed in building a large water balloon launcher out of broomsticks, exercise bands, and Ellie’s dad’s funnel (let’s hope the holes Ellie drills in the funnel don’t prevent him from changing his oil!).While the inven...
  • Megan Schmelzer
    Open Book Reviews by Megan Schmelzerwww.openbookreviews.orgEllie can do anything! She can build anything! She can design anything! When Ellie faces a problem, she gets to work designing and building solutions.In Jackson Pearce’s novel, Ellie, Engineer, we meet our beloved Ellie. She is smart, she is kind, and she is passionate about all things engineering.In this first story of hopefully many future Ellie books, Ellie is faced with an engineeri...
  • Maggie
    Ellie, Engineer is a great novel about a girl who does it all. Why not be interested in tools and tulle? Ellie has a creative mind and wants to turn her imaginations into realities. When Ellie learns that her best friend and co-inventor, kit, is getting a new dog, she wants to do nothing other than build it a doghouse. Can Ellie manage this difficult task or has she finally found something that just can't be done? Find out be reading this creativ...
  • Amanda Kearney
    Ellie, Engineer is a fun chapter book about a young girl who likes to build things. Ellie is very creative and has a big personality. The book starts with her and her friend kit building a water balloon launcher to hit the boys who won't let them play soccer. It shows the "boy and girl" rivalry in grade school, but it also shows that boys and girls can come together for a common cause. A boy who Ellie did not get along with at first, helped her b...
  • Stephanie P
    4.5 stars. This book is so cute and fun with lots of good messages. Ellie was such an endearing character with all her ideas and problem solving through engineering. She was also a very balanced character as she is a girl who loves to build, but also loves to wear dresses and have tea parties. I really enjoyed the way she found similarities and friendships with the other kids in the neighborhood throughout the book and gained some insights into d...
  • Kristyn
    kidlitexchange #partner I received a review copy of this book as part of the Kidlitexchange network. Opinions are my own.I loved Ellie, Engineer. This story is so cute! This book follows Ellie and her friends as they attempt to engineer and build a birthday present for Ellie’s best friend, Kit. The story sends wonderful messages about friendship, teamwork, and telling the truth. It also touches on the topic of “gendered” activities (such as...
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd http://mrsmommybooknerd.blogspot.com
    Girl Power! Ellie is amazing. I loved her so much! She as such a distinct and strong character. She was also smart, clever and imaginative. I loved that this book highlights the fact that there should be no gender assigned to certain jobs or interests. Ellie does what she is good at and does it well. I loved the drawings from Ellie's notepad. With encouragement from her parents, along with tips to stay safe, this book teaches kids to think big, n...
  • Pam
    Ellie is a typical nine year old in many ways. Her main interests are in designing and building items - engineering. She has her own workshop and invents/designs several items throughout the book. I like that the author shows successes and failures - just like real life.This is certainly a STEM encouraging book written for middle elementary readers. I like the tools explanations at the end.The peer drama and characters are a little too one dimens...
  • Pam
    I read an egalley from Netgalley.Ellie is a girl who likes to wear dresses that match her best friend Kit, and she also likes to build things. She has a notebook of ideas, which includes a balloon launcher she uses to retaliate when the neighborhood boys won't let Ellie and Kit play soccer.When Kit and Ellie eavesdrop on Kit's mom and find out that Kit is getting Miss Penelope for her birthday, Ellie sneakily includes the neighborhood in building...
  • Margaret Boling
    3/28/2018 ~~ Ellie is a fantastic new chapter book character, and I hope to see many more books about her. She has a great sense of "girl" style, with an affection for pink skirts, BUT she also loves her tool belt, workroom, and power drill/screw driver. In this book she navigates friendship drama while trying to keep a building project secret from her best friend (birthday gift and all that!) She learns about balancing friends' interests while a...
  • Critterbee❇
    I was not a fan of much of the grammar and wording in this book, but it was nice to see a character modeled after a young aspiring engineer, but somehow Ellie did not feel completely realistic. But perhaps it was meant to be a bit fantastical. Perhaps in the manner of Roald Dahl? Further evidence of this in the part where Ellie's mother says:'If anyone gets electrocuted, come find me, OK?'eeeeeeeeA little odd, a little creepy, but without address...