In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills by Jennifer Haupt

In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills

Follow the intertwining stories of three women from diverse backgrounds, all searching for family and personal peace in post-genocide Rwanda. At the heart of this inspiring novel that bestselling author Wally Lamb calls "an evocative page-turner" and Caroline Leavitt calls "blazingly original" is the discovery of grace when there can be no forgiveness.In 1968, Lillian Carlson left Atlanta, disillusioned and heartbroken, after the assassination ...

Details In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills

TitleIn The Shadow of 10,000 Hills
Release DateApr 1st, 2018
PublisherCentral Avenue Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Cultural, Africa, Fiction, Literary Fiction

Reviews In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills

  • Elyse
    Lillian knew what her life was about. She felt a personal responsibility to do her part in changing the world. She wanted to use her gift of her education to teach children.Her clarity of purpose took her too Rwanda. By the time we meet her - she’s been living in Rwanda for 30 years. She is no longer teaching in a school - she takes malnourished orphan kids into her home....on her farm. Lillian raised and educated 48 orphans....still taking mor...
  • Jeffrey Keeten
    ”After her family was murdered, she didn’t speak for a month Maman tells her, although it felt longer. She stayed in her bedroom, listening to the rustle of the pines in the forest that seemed to cry for her; the fear had drained her of tears. Most of the people in her village were dead. It was being alive, not the deaths, that was somehow shocking. Her existence seemed to be an accident of fate, her life spent waiting in this room in Lillian...
  • Debra
    4.5 Stars "Here's a bit of wisdom from your old man: It's the search that really matters, the adventure of living your life."Rachel Shepherd has been thinking about her father who abandoned her as a small child. Her Mother has recently passed away and Rachel is dealing with loss and heartbreak. She yearns to connect to her father and learn why he left her all those years ago. She would also like to find him in hopes of reconnecting with him. When...
  • Angela M
    I remember when I saw the film, Hotel Rwanda . I was horrified and ashamed that I had paid so little attention to what happened in Rwanda in 1994. I wondered why the world had done so little to stop this genocide with over 800,000 people murdered. While this novel is about the horrors of the genocide, it’s also about how deep sorrow and inexplicable loss give people the strength and power to move forward and take care of each other, to find pea...
  • Cheri
    4.5 Stars”’You must tell, so that justice can be served. It’s your responsibility.’ No she will not tell anyone about the massacre at the church that they called the Hutu glory. She will not remember, at least not during the daylight. But late at night when she becomes so tired that it is impossible to stay awake even with the Internet, that’s when the punishment begins all over again. There is no controlling what comes to her in dream...
  • Jennifer Haupt
    I’m so pleased to kick off the prelaunch of my debut novel, out April 2018. (Enter the current Goodreads ARC giveaway and get a notice when it’s available for pre-order!) I began writing this story, without knowing it, while visiting Rwanda in December 2006, as a journalist, interviewing survivors of the genocide 12 years earlier and humanitarian aid workers drawn to this still-grieving country. During that month, I discovered the stories of ...
  • Anna Quinn
    ‘Amohoro’ means ‘peace be between us in this encounter’ and is the common greeting used in Rwanda—the primary setting for this exquisite novel. Haupt vividly captures the respect and depth of amohoro as she relays an extraordinary multicultural account of women, men and children attempting to knit together hope and forgiveness from horrific pain and turmoil. Offering us rare insights about the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, the 1990’...
  • Caroline Leavitt
    This blazingly original novel is about the illusions of love, the way memory can confound or release you, and the knotted threads that make up family—and forgiveness. Profound, powerful, and oh, so, so moving.”
  • Sue
    This is a beautiful well written novel about a horrific event in world history - the genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s. It's about love and creating our families not from blood but from the people who mean the most to us.The book follows the intertwining stories of three women. Lillian who left the US after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and went to Rwanda hoping to help children in Rwanda. She runs a small orphanage taking care of chi...
  • Julie
    Jennifer Haupt's debut novel is a stunner. "In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills" weaves the devastation of Rwanda's genocide inside the emotional trauma of abandonment. Haupt does not shy from this country's horror. Front and center, it plays out as we travel with the main character, a woman named Rachel, who is determined to find the father who left her when she was a young child. Although we have questions --What happened to Henry, Rachel's father, a...
  • Dianah
    Jennifer Haupt's heartbreaking novel is set in Rwanda, a few years after the mid 90's genocide. Rachel, an American, travels to Rwanda to try to track down her father, Henry, who disappeared when she was a child. Her search leads her to Lillian, who spent 20 years living with Henry. Rachel is at a crossroads; wracked with grief, in search of answers to her questions, and she longs to resume her relationship with her father. What Rachel ultimately...
  • Jessica Keener
    Jennifer Haupt is a gifted writer and a big talent. Her beautifully told story manages--with grace and compassion and deep wisdom--to embrace the journey of heartache and restoration of an American woman in search of her father's truth as she wrestles with the mysteries and vagaries of love. This debut has a timeless quality to it. Splendid and memorable--put this one at the top of your reading list.
  • Elizabeth
    Jennifer is a master at evoking a particular time and place in history. Her writing gently invited me to discard what I thought I knew about the US Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and the Rwandan genocide in the late 1990s, in order to gain a more complex and intimate understanding of some of the stories that emerged. Her sensory descriptions make it easy to step into each scene, particularly the landscapes and townscapes of Rwanda. I have nev...
  • Heather
    In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills is unlike any other book I've ever read. In Jennifer Haupt's review of her novel, she says it took her 11 years to bring this story together, and I personally believe that hard work really paid off for her. This novel is so original, and I felt the author's connection to the story she's presented here. The prose is earnest and astute, the characters so well formed, the story so engaging. This book took me on a journe...
  • James Martin
    How does one create a novel out of the unspeakable horror that occurred in the mid-nineties in Rwanda? One way would be to look at it from the present, weaving in characters affected, directly or indirectly, by the genocide of some 800,000. Then create one character whose actions, whereabouts, and links to the other characters provide a mystery readers will want solved. Add to this some dazzling description that takes you from London to New York ...
  • Linda Smith
    Jennifer Haupt has written a book that leaves the reader numb upon completion. We live in a society that sometimes forgets how horrendous life can be for others in the world and Haupt reminds the reader to count their blessings. The story follows the journey of a young woman, Rachel, in search of her father, Henry Shepherd, who has been missing for decades. He was a famous photographer and it's one of his photos that leads her to Lillian. Lillian...
  • Kim Pet
    A tapestry of lives revolving around one man; a father, a husband, a lover, who inadvertently brings together the different women in his life. Centered around both the US Civil Rights Movement and the 1994 Rwandan slaughter, Haupt entwines the histories of two nations within the stories of these women who are searching for hope, humanity and love, and who ultimately find themselves and the peace they need. The subject matter is tragic, raw and he...
  • Amy Doan
    In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills is a searing, large-hearted and beautifully written novel about three women whose lives connect in Rwanda post-genocide. It’s a difficult subject, but Haupt manages to find the light within the shadows, the "amahoro" that endures after loss both personal and global. The plot is intricate but gripping; in page after page of luminous prose, Haupt skillfully braids one moving story out of three seemingly disparate liv...
  • Ellen
    I had the pleasure of reading the ARC and found it to be a very moving story. It's based on historical events and gave me a deeper understanding of what went on in in the area. It is also a personal story of pain and forgiveness on many levels. The characters are well developed and totally believable. This is an excellent read, a book written from the heart. Loved it!
  • Kim Williamson
    Jennifer Haupt’s debut novel is simply superb. Its rich plot and vivid narrative will have you eager to turn each beautiful, haunting page. Powerful and so very timely.
  • Susan Sparks
    This hauntingly beautiful novel weaves it’s storylines like a Bach Cantata. From grief and loss to self-discovery and grace, Jennifer Haupt’s new novel will echo in heart and mind long after you turn the last page.
  • Hannah (Sakurahan or ForeverBooks18)
    Hi ForeverBookers, I finished “In The Shadow Of 10,000 Hills” this morning! It was really good. It pulled at my heartstrings quite a bit as well as being uplifting as well. It’s really a conjecture of opposites. Thanks to NetGalley for this e-arc! “In The Shadow Of 10,000 Hills” releases on April 1st 2018. I’m reading this for the True Crime prompt of the Popsugar 2018 challenge, because although the story is fiction it’s about the ...
  • Breakaway Reviewers
    In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills is the best novel I have read in a long time! In her deeply lyrical voice, Jennifer Haupt ensnares the reader into the worlds of three very different women. The exquisitely distinct Rwanda is where they each seek their own peace. In 1970, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr drives the strikingly complex Lillian Carlson to travel from Atlanta to Rwanda. She dreams of setting up an orphanage in the Rift valley. ...
  • Amy Spungen
    It’s easy to pass over a novel dealing with a difficult subject for something less fraught. Don’t do it in this case! In her novel about the Rwandan genocide of 1994, Jennifer Haupt draws on her background as a journalist to tell a compelling story, one that transcends the horrible history she accurately describes and leaves readers with a sense of hope. In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills is the quest of a daughter grieving the loss not only of he...
  • Lindy
    Every now and again a book comes along, an extraordinary book that one curls themselves into, that takes your breath away and this is Jennifer Haupt's In The Shadow Of 10,000 Hills. She has woven a mesmerizing and beautiful tale, her writing like a silver thread weaving through soft silk. This magnificent saga spans many decades and many miles. Ms. Haupt has given us a story of pain and loss and love, emotional struggles and looking for the truth...
  • Sonja Brisson
    Jennifer Haupt's elegiac debut novel traces the journey of three women who are linked by the horrific Rwandan genocide in different ways. The book richly details the inner lives of its main character Rachel, who begins her journey to healing in New York City, and two women living in Rwanda who are struggling for solace after their own shattering experiences. Although In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills is about the sorrows of separation and war, ultima...
  • Michal Nortness
    In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills is beautiful and haunting meditation on the trauma of war and its aftermath (does it ever really end?), on forgiveness and reconciliation, and on the immense complexity of family. I thought a lot about what makes a family a family as I read. Often biology is the least of it, as seen in the lives of Lillian, Rachel, Tucker and all the others. Watch for it in April 2018 - you'll love it.
  • Elana Zaiman
    A novel of stunning intertwining stories of loss and love, searching, sorrow, and grace. Haupt is a gifted storyteller. Each time I had to set the book down, I found myself longing to return. Haupt transported me to a place I haven't yet visited and into the shadow of a violent history that lurks around every corner and in every heart. A must read.
  • Gail Gilbride Bohle
    I rarely need a contemporary novel twice. This one is going to be one of those exceptions. Stunning writing. superb characterization and thorough research on Rwanda. This should be on your 2018 reading list :)
  • Erin
    View my reviews at www.drinkreadrepeat.comThey say we are the sum of our experiences. And, although my preference for reading over math has never been a secret (sorry, math nerds) I entirely believe this to be true.When reading, I find it so much easier to meaningfully connect with characters with whom I share some digits in the otherwise distinctive equations of our lives.Oddly, though I may outwardly appear dissimilar to the characters that pop...