Eternal Empire, Vol. 1 by Sarah Vaughn

Eternal Empire, Vol. 1

JONATHAN LUNA (ALEX + ADA, THE SWORD, Spider-Woman: Origin) and SARAH VAUGHN (ALEX + ADA, Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, Ruined) return with ETERNAL EMPIRE, a fantasy epic!The Eternal Empress has waged war against the countries of Saia for over 100 years, and now her sights are set on the last country standing. But within the brutal Empire's workforce, a young man and woman discover they share a synergistic power that could change the f...

Details Eternal Empire, Vol. 1

TitleEternal Empire, Vol. 1
Release DateNov 22nd, 2017
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Eternal Empire, Vol. 1

  • [Shai] The Bibliophage
    Eternal Empire is a graphic novel written and illustrated by the same author and illustrator of the Alex + Ada comic series. This first volume of Eternal Empire compiles issues from one to five, and it is about the story of Saia and its people, particularly the two protagonists: Tair and Rion. Tair came from Essla, the southern and colder part; while Rion is from Qaara, the desert and mid part of Saia. They are haam or workers and both escape fro...
  • Artemy
    Eternal Empire is the new book by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn, the creators of wonderful series Alex + Ada. Unfortunately, it's nowhere near as good.It's a fantasy story, and a really uninspired one at that. It's set in the world where the poor people are enslaved and oppressed by the evil empire. Two main characters are slaves who start to have weird visions, then they escape, meet one another and find out that they can summon flaming swords ...
  • Chad
    I'm shocked this is the same creative team behind the wonderful Alex + Ada. Set in a fantasy world where it's implied a human has sex with a dragon horse to create a new race to fight off foreign invaders. Flash 140 years later, the invaders have taken over most of the world and the humans are slaves to a race of people with tales. Two individuals start seeing visions and flee their slave camps until they meet one another. When they get close, fl...
  • Ashley Brooks
    I really like the concept of this series, but it's just not doing it for me. Something is missing, in the writing I think, that should be pulling me in and making me want to continue. It's got all the right elements for a great fantasy story but it's lacking depth all around.
  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog I have vivid memories of Lisa Simpson, of the Simpsons TV show, describing school textbooks as having gone through 'a monstrous deflavorizing machine." That description kept popping up while reading Eternal Empire. Everything was so bland, dull, and oddly generic and inert that it became a real slog to finish. Zero world building, ineffectual and oddly 2-dimensional charac...
  • Logan
    An Okay read! So this is my first book from this creative team, I never read Alex and Ada(But I heard good things), and since this was fantasy series I thought I'd give this a read. So the story is of a world with multiple nations at war, The Empire are the main military force, and have taken most of the world and put its people into concentration camps. Then One day a girl from one camp and a boy from another escape at the same time, only to mee...
  • Shannon Appelcline
    A slave discovers she has magic powers. She tries to escape. (That's issue #1.) A slave discovers he has magic powers. He tries to escape. (That's issue #2.) I'm surprised any reader of the periodical stuck around to issue #3. But two issues later, they decide to do something with their powers.Overall, a shockingly mundane fantasy with shockingly mundane art.The fiery powers of the protagonists are sort of interesting, in a Brandon-Sanderson-magi...
  • Lis Carey
    In a world where the Eternal Empress has ruled for a thousand years, she's on the verge of conquering the last parts of it still not under her control. Into this world, two unusual young people have been born. Tair is white-haired and very pale; Roin is oddly orange in color.When they find each other, they discover they have the power to control fire. Events soon convince them they have no choice but to use this power to fight the empire, but how...
  • Carrie
    I was intrigued enough that I got the first three issues at once and then the next two as they came out. Ultimately, though, there's just not world or character or story to ground me as a reader. There are half-dragon people? There are three suns. Like, some things are cool or weird, but the story is basically: two slaves in separate parts of the world gain the ability to wield fire-swords, escape their villages, find each other, and try to escap...
  • John
    It seems that no one likes this new story by the creators of Alex & Ada, which is really unfortunate in my opinion, given how much effort the creators of this new series have put into creating this world. This is a story of two young "workers" (essentially slaves) that live in an empire where everything is done to serve the empress. I don't want to say more because I don't want to spoil anyone, but the story and the world created is fascinating. ...
  • Abigail
    "Eternal Empire" by Sarah Vaughn and illustrated by Jonathan Luna is a great entry into a fantasy world that is both gorgeous and cruel. Sarah Vaughn with the help of Jonathan Luna creates an intriguing world of danger, warfare and suspense. The reader is thrown into the world and gets to know it organically as the story moves along. The main characters: Tair and Rion capture your heart the instant you meet them. There hasn't been a lot of charac...
  • Sean
    Eternal Empire is the beginning of a fantasy book that feels like its missing quite a pieces. The appeal to most fantasy books are the gigantic worlds created by the authors. Here it feels very sparse. Luna's art, which is purposefully sparse doesn't help. Its good line work, it just mesh well with the plot. The protagonists' dialogue is very stiff and the story moves too quickly. The back story is limited and there is no exposition. Overall, a p...
  • Krutula
    Warnings: bestiality, violence, murderThe story in Eternal Empire begins with the establishment of a line of queens, who are part-dragon and part-human, and fully evil. The current ruler is a tyrant and two workers, Tair and Rion, who have been subject to conditions that can best be described as slavery, have visions and find their way to each other to discover they have powers. However, the army of the Eternal Empress is waging war everywhere an...
  • Paul Allard
    This fantasy comic collection takes place in a world of dragon-type creatures and an all-conquering empress. Two individuals, both conquered slaves, have visions and develop powers to face the oppressors.Quite entertaining and nicely-illustrated, this first volume, ending on a cliffhanger, is worth a look and hopefully will build into something reasonably original. Let’s hope so.
  • Kelsey Karin
    I really like the world this story takes place in. We've only been given a glimpse of the different pieces and portions in play but I can't wait to see more to come. This first volume started off a bit slow with more questions than answers but by the end I was definitely hooked. I'll be reading the next one to find out more about this Eternal Empress as well as the origins of Tair and Rion.
  • Mmmhhmm
    It read very much like your generic YA plot. Boy and girl live in a dystopian-like society and they spend their lives as slaves. One day they realize they have magic powers and decide to take down the MAN. Overall it's not a bad read, but it's nothing I haven't read before. Also, there's a buttload of walking scenes.
  • Jamie Connolly
    I understand the low ratings and negative reviews. I mostly agree with them but I also see a setup to a great big picture with a slow start. So I enjoyed this first volume and look forward to the second one.
  • Colleen
    2.5 The writing wasn't great but I'm intrigued enough to want to find out what happens next and hope it gets better.
  • Lauren
    I thought this first volume was ok, but I feel like it could be going somewhere good.
  • Laurian
    Nothing new.
  • Alexa Williams
    Uninspired, nothing really happens and there is a remarkable amount of telling rather than showing for a graphic novel.
  • James Hyman
    interesting... hmmmmm
  • Juniper Nichols
    The premise caught my interest, but every line sounds like it could be spoken by the same person. The art similarly looked appealing at first, but after awhile it came across as too wooden as well.
  • Heather
    I liked this but I'll have to read more before I can really make a decision. Too many unanswered questions.
  • Kara
    I think "stilted" is the best way to describe both the artwork and writing.
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    Eternal Empire Vol. 1 is the start of a new series straight from the minds of Jonathan Luna (Alex+Ada and The Sword) and Sarah Vaughn (Alex+Ada, Deadman, and Ruined). This is the series I didn’t know I was looking for; an epic fantasy tale focusing on two different characters trying to find a way to survive during a time of war.(view spoiler)[ The moment I saw the cover for Eternal Empire, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I know that sounds a ...
  • Raegan Ralls
    -Disclaimer: I won this book for free through goodreads giveaways in exchange for an honest review.-Generic. This novel seemed interesting enough but the more I read the worse it got. The two main characters are as bland as bread. There is nothing to them but the fact that they have special powers and even the author manages to make that boring. And the world and art style is as boring as can be. I started to really dislike the book when it got g...