Moonshine by Jasmine Gower


Daisy's starting a new job and stylish city life, but mage-hunters out for her dark magic threaten to destroy her vogue image. In the flourishing metropolis of Soot City (a warped version of 1920s Chicago), progressive ideals reign and the old ways of magic and liquid mana are forbidden. Daisy Dell is a Modern Girl - stylish, educated and independent - keen to establish herself in the city but reluctant to give up the taboo magic inherited from ...

Details Moonshine

Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherAngry Robot
GenreFantasy, Historical, Historical Fiction, Adult

Reviews Moonshine

  • Claudie Arseneault
    DISCLAIMER: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher. This does not in any way impact my (view spoiler)[violence, assassination, torture, addiction, weight-loss discussion (hide spoiler)]The moment I heard of MOONSHINE, I was excited to read it. Magical speakeasies, aromantic representation, political dealings, and an ensemble cast of queer characters? Heck yes! So I requested an ARC, even though I'm not really a book blogger...
  • Beth Cato
    I received this book through the publisher via Netgalley.In this secondary world-set riff inspired by the 1920s, Prohibition is in full swing--but the prohibited substance isn't alcohol, but mana, also known as moonshine: addictive stuff that gives normal folks magical powers while the buzz lasts. Daisy is a young woman with a goal of being independent and sophisticated. When she takes on a new secretarial position, she has no idea the company is...
  • Lucy-May
    Fast paced, a fantasy twist on Chicago in the 1920s, an unpredictable plot, with darling characters & fabulous writing - what more could a reader want?! Seriously, I absolutely loved this read; world-building is so important to me & the world-building in Moonshine was phenomenal - I'm totally obsessed with the world that Jasmine has created & I want MORE of it. The characters were incredible as well & the plot was super original too, so basically...
  • Tim
    This is a hard review to write as I feel I’m almost picking on it for things the book didn’t do. This is an extreme case of “it’s not you, it’s me,” as I would in no way classify this book as a “bad” novel. It was just disappointing at every turn.Look at that plot description (I’ll wait until you get back). To say I was excited for this book was an understatement. I read an article about it off some website (Maybe Barnes and Nob...
  • J.S. Fields
    4.5 starsAnother book from the #DVsquad and #DVpit! Woohoo! I'm delighted that I got a chance to review an ARC. As with CITY OF BRASS, this was an enchanting fantasy with a deep connection to its time period.Daisy is a Modern Girl in a sort of post-apocalyptic version of the Roaring Twenties, where faeries and ogres and magic all exist. Not a magician herself, Daisy has inherited some trinkets from her grandmother that are imbued with magic--not ...
  • Crittermom
    Moonshine is a fantasy with jazz age pizazz.  Ashland lies at the foot of a volcano, and Soot City is a bustling metropolis complete with gangsters, speakeasies and Modern Girls (flappers straight from the mold).  But there is something else that defines Soot City - the existence of magic.Daisy Dell is the quintessential modern girl, fashionable, educated and ready to take on the world.  She also has a few tricks up her sleeve - the trinkets l...
  • Rene Sears
    This was such a fun book. I am a sucker for the 1920s, and while this is a secondary world setting, Soot City definitely has a 20s feel. Daisy Dell is a 'Modern Girl' with a new job as a typist in Soot City, but her boss's company is not all that it seems. In Soot City, there are illicit ways of getting mana, an illegal substance that can get you high, or, if you're a magician, power your magic. Daisy has a secret of her own--her grandmother pass...
  • Coolcurry
    Moonshine is a debut fantasy novel inspired by the roaring twenties.Daisy wants to be the perfect embodiment of the Modern Girl, stylish and independent. However, she also uses arcana — and magic is outlawed in Soot City. When mercenaries start targeting magicians, Daisy will find herself right in the middle of the bull’s eye.Moonshine‘s biggest failing is plot. It’s just not compelling, and I think this is due to a number of reasons. For...
  • David Harris
    I'm grateful to the publisher for an advance e-copy via NetGalleyThis is a strange, mixed-up yet nevertheless joyful book. Set in a world going through something like 1920s-era US Prohibition, it strongly evokes the spirit of the Jazz Age: our heroine, Daisy Dell, is "the very picture of a Modern Girl - slender of frame; her short, tight curls coifed with a shiny pomade; heeled dance shoes dressing either foot; and her dark skin complemented by t...
  • Anna
    If you enjoy urban fantasy and "Thoroughly Modern Millie," you're in for a treat - Moonshine is the intersection of fantasy and 1920's culture you never knew you needed.I really liked this book. It was creative and delightful. The characters were well-built and memorable (and minus all the illegal activity, the kind of people you'd want to hang out with). I felt like I got to grow and learn with Daisy Dell (our delightful heroine) and that was ch...
  • Rachel Noel
    *Free book for an honest review.This book was not what I was expecting, and that's a good thing. I genuinely thought this was an alternate, historical fantasy that would take place in 1930's USA. What I got was a fantasy world with as much magic as any other high fantasy world, but with prohibition era aesthetics. It was really cool! The world is incredibly interesting and I want to know more about it. I greatly appreciated the difference in appr...
  • Stephanie
    Moonshine is set in an alternate world with the stylings of the 1920s in America, minus some specifics of race relations; Daisy Dell is a recent college graduate who needs a job and finds one as a secretary. She doesn't exactly suspect that the job will introduce her to a world of bootleggers, illegal magic, and hired killers, but that's exactly what happens.Ms. Gower has succeeded in writing a faintly unsavory tale, starring criminals and drug a...
  • Jay Roberts
    Very original tale! I liked the character complexity: allies could be prickly or disrespectful, while villains were not entirely rotten. The story also stays away from the standard "kill 'em all!" approach so common in today's fantasy, and uses kindness and forgiveness effectively. So if you liked Vivian Shaw's Strange Practice (2017), you'll enjoy Moonshine just as much.
  • Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews)
    Magic is prohibited in a 1920s-feel alt-Chicago, but modern girl Daisy gets caught up in bootlegging and local politics. Fun and creative ideas but the middle lags.
  • Martina DF
    I have to admit I really wanted Andre and Cyan to have an epic love story :/