The Oracle Year by Charles Soule

The Oracle Year

From bestselling comic-book franchise writer Charles Soule comes a clever and witty first novel of a twentysomething New Yorker who wakes up one morning with the power to predict the future—perfect for fans of Joe Hill and Brad Meltzer, or books like This Book Is Full of Spiders and Welcome to Night Vale.Knowledge is power. So when an unassuming Manhattan bassist named Will Dando awakens from a dream one morning with 108 predictions about the f...

Details The Oracle Year

TitleThe Oracle Year
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherHarper Perennial
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Oracle Year

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    4.5 stars for this exciting, fast-paced SF thriller (publication date April 3, 2018). This book has a fascinating premise: Will Dando, a struggling young New York musician, has a vivid dream in which he is told 108 predictions of the future, which he remembers perfectly when he wakes up. When he realizes they are coming true, one by one, Will decides to make some of those predictions public and sell others, carefully keeping himself anonymous …...
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.You know that conflicted mental state where you wonder if what is to come is a pleasant surprise or a complete disappointment? Just imagine when one of your favourite singer of all time decides to enter the movie business, or your favourite athlete wants to spice up his biography by fully actualizing themselves through music. It’s how I felt when I got my hands on Charles Soule’s The Oracle Y...
  • Emma Rund
    4.5 stars. I was sent this book by Wunderkind PR in exchange for an honest review. YOU GUYS. I just finished this book and I am SHOOK. This is a stunning sci-fi similar to Dark Matter but with political relevance instead of romance! (Yes please). The first half of this book I was like “yeah this is good but like meh” but then I hit the second half and BAM! I kept thinking Soule was writing himself into a corner and he kept finding totally une...
  • Samantha Irby
  • Billie
    If it's done well, sometimes it's okay to leave a few questions unanswered and Soule did it very well. The "who" and the "why" were ultimately far less important than Will's journey.And, yes, I know that tells you fuck-all about the book itself, but you can read the synopsis and anything more I could say would be inadequate in describing it. If you enjoyed Dark Matter or All Our Wrong Todays or are a fan of Mr. Soule's comics work, you'll probabl...
  • Jena
    "Anything can happen, Will Dando thought. In the next five seconds, in the next five years. Anything at all."One morning Will Dando woke up with 108 predictions ringing loudly in his mind. They were specific, and seemed to make no real sense. He wasn't even sure it was real. Except he couldn't get them out of his head. Then they started coming true.Armed with this random knowledge, he sets up an impenetrable website calling himself The Oracle. Su...
  • R. Bonne
    4.5 Stars. Everyone wants to find out who The Oracle is. Will, a musician with nothing seemingly special about him, has 180 prophecies which he writes into a notebook. He enlists his most trusted friend and they build an anonymous website with help from a retired hacker and her girlfriend that they found on the dark web. He uses the website to begin releasing his prophesies which goes viral, and then chaos ensues. Everything that happens seems co...
  • Lou
    “Someone out there could predict the future. The Oracle.”Dear societyA site has gone viral excreting rhetoric and predictions of the fates our people. There is a new entity trying to remove you from your beliefs and claim power upon this earth, it has set in motion a clockwork of gears and doom is impeding pandemonium is near. Does the Oracle have our safety in mind, what does it gain from all these predictions, a false prophet is amongst us,...
  • Loring Wirbel
    When a comics and graphic-novel author like Charles Soule attempts his first traditional text-bound novel, the results could either be dreadful or a rollicking good time, and Soule has fallen into the latter camp. Characters and events can display a little melodramatic quality, to be sure, but that more or less goes with the territory. There are many loose ends and eye-rolling moments in The Oracle Year, but at the end of the day, Soule spins a g...
  • Stephanie
    Thanks to Harper Perennial for sending me a copy in exchange for a review!After reading Middlemarch (and being blown away, oh my goodness it was so GOOD), I decided to read something that was the complete opposite. On that count, this book delivered! This is a fast paced, snappy speculative fiction thriller. An average New Yorker wakes up with precisely 108 predictions about the future. He does what any of us might do: test to see if they're real...
  • Rachel
    more like a 3.5. Entertaining story and great characters. Plot feels very average action movie-ish. Interesting concept but wasn't clear why The Oracle was so threatening to everyone. Maybe I'm just too much of a non-follower to understand that mindset.
  • Katie
    A highly entertaining read with great characters and a unique plot. I wasn't sure where it was going and I enjoyed it all the way.
  • Hannah
    Advanced reader edition acquired courtesy of being a bookseller! I’m always grateful for the chance to read these stories first, and thankful to the author for putting a new story out into the world.More like 3.5 stars. Overall an enjoyable read this holiday season. Loved the premise. What an interesting collection of characters: the US chief of staff, a Christian televangelist, a talented cyber security widow, a truly frightening and woman kno...
  • Jessica
    Will Dando is barely getting by in New York living from gig to gig playing as a bassist. One night he has a dream where he receives 108 predictions about the future and before he knows it he has become the most powerful man in the world. He has become the Oracle. Will and his close friend Hamza have set up a heavily secured website, affectionately known as the Site, to selectively release some of the predictions to the public. The world is instan...
  • Dragonlady
    New York City resident Will Dando was eking out a living as a struggling musician working barely enough gigs to get by until he literally woke from a dream one morning knowing about one hundred eight future events. Will set up a website posting some predictions and as they came true, the Site gained an unprecedented worldwide following. With the aid of his friend Hamza, a mathematical genius, a collection of talented ladies who know their way aro...
  • Kaitie
    When I read the first twenty pages of The Oracle Year, I did not expect to love it. And yet, something pushed me to keep reading - something akin to fate, perhaps, but similar to free will. And so, I loved The Oracle Year. Will Dando wakes up one morning with one hundred and eight predictions about the future, and while his life spirals out of control as each successive prediction comes true, he feels a need to assert control and use the predicti...
  • Alex
    What would you do if you were given the power to see the future? Will Dando woke up one day with a stunning set of predictions in his mind- events, names and dates which at first he ignored. But they started to come true he, with some help, created a website to share the predictions. Naturally the government wanted to find this mysterious Oracle which begins a cat and mouse race around the country. While a little over the top and not quite believ...
  • Lindsey
    Absolutely awesome. I loved this book from beginning to end. What would you do if you woke up one day with 108 predictions in your head? What would you do when they started to come true? The Oracle Year is the story of Will Dando, an everyday guy living in New York City, who is put in just that situation... and what he does about it. To say too much would ruin it. But I will say that this book and its characters hooked me immediately and didn't l...
  • Joe Jones
    Will Dando has a dream one night. In it he us given 108 predictions some of which seem important and some which make no sense at the time. With no more information on what he is supposed to do with them. He decides to post some online and some he sells for astronomical prices. Which then starts a cascade of events he could not have predicted and puts himself and his closest friends in jeopardy. Such a great premise that plays out so well! This is...
  • Allen
    Note: I read an Advanced Reader's Copy acquired at the American Library Association Mid-Winter Conference. (My wife is the Librarian, but I attended too).This is one of the most unique takes on future premonitions that I've ever read. It uses a number of well known premonition related tropes, but the interplay is fresh and compelling. I really like this book and have recommended it to several of my friends already.
  • James
    Big fan of books that make you work for the payoff. This was definitely one of those. Loved the way everything ended. I’m sure I didn’t agree with some of the choices made in the story as a whole, but loved the journey it took me on so much that I forgot what those were. Will definitely keep an eye out for more from this guy.
  • Sarah Canfield
    Soule had a creative idea and a plot that raced forward, keeping me turning the pages, but ultimately the ending fell flat for me. It felt like a movie that dropped a few key scenes - there were good questions raised and never answered and the entire story lacked a center.
  • Alexandra
    I was really looking forward to this having read it was similar to Dark Matter, which I loved. However, it seemed overly unbelievably dramatic and also left a lot of plot holes. Very disappointed in this one.
  • Steph
    4.5 stars. Really enjoyable and fast paced
  • Brad Wojak
    Probably a 3.5. Fun, fast read.
  • Martin
    This book was Great. Very original premise. Moves along quite nicely. Kickass ending. Highly recommended.
  • Ryan Hillis
    An ok thriller about a guy you can tell the future.
  • Lorna (fictionalflowerday)
    Huge thank you to Harper Perennial for providing me a copy of The Oracle Year in exchange for an honest review.As a fan of David Wong, I knew  The Oracle Year  by Charles Soule would be a great fit for me. The Oracle Year tells the story of Will Dando, a bassist living in New York City, after he wakes up with exactly 108 predictions in his head. Will, with the help of his friend, sets up a site where he can publish these predictions and ma...
  • Cindy
    108: that’s how many seemingly random predictions come to Will Dando one night in a dream. When they actually begin to occur, he sells critical economic predictions to international interests. He makes mountains of money, but in the process makes powerful enemies too- not least of which is the US government. When Will realizes that the dream wasn’t as random as it seemed and is forced into hiding, what was almost a lark becomes a deadly thril...