Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

Monday's Not Coming

Monday Charles is missing, and only Claudia seems to notice. Claudia and Monday have always been inseparable—more sisters than friends. So when Monday doesn’t turn up for the first day of school, Claudia’s worried. When she doesn’t show for the second day, or second week, Claudia knows that something is wrong. Monday wouldn’t just leave her to endure tests and bullies alone. Not after last year’s rumors and not with her grades on the ...

Details Monday's Not Coming

TitleMonday's Not Coming
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreYoung Adult, Mystery, Contemporary, Fiction, Realistic Fiction

Reviews Monday's Not Coming

  • Emma Giordano
    Extremely touching. This book strikes a beautiful balance between a sweet story of friendship and profound story of loss and confusion. Review to come!CW: racism, homophobia, substance use, abuse, domestic violenceI absolutely adored this story for it's strong message of friendship. Claudia and Monday have such a deep connection. All of the flashbacks containing scenes of Claudia and Monday persevering against bullies, making sense of who they wa...
  • Emily May
    This is the story of how my best friend disappeared. How nobody noticed she was gone except me. And how nobody cared until they found her . . . one year later. This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2018. Even though I disliked the ending of Jackson's Allegedly, it was still a strong, gripping and important book, and I couldn't wait for the author to write something else. What's most disappointing about Monday's Not Coming is that it is ...
  • megs_bookrack
    PLEASE READ THIS BOOK! As with Allegedly, I definitely need time to process what I just read. This book has hurt my heart and I just need some time. It was so good, so important, so intense...I need more people to read this.Original: I just received this in the mail today and cannot wait to start. Commence reading immediately...
  • Ellen Gail
    How can a teenage girl just vanish without anyone noticing that she’s gone? Allegedly scrambled my brain with a spork. Monday's Not Coming went for my heart instead. I haven't had a case of the post-book sads this bad since I finished Living Dead Girl. The book hangover is going to be real.Monday's Not Coming isn't a perfect book. The timelines can get confusing. The big twist didn't have quite the impact that Allegedly did. But the emotion ben...
  • Patty
    ** 4.5 stars **I don't know if I'll be able to write an actual review using words. I'll try but until then I leave you this. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK.Me before reading Monday's Not Coming:Please please please please PLEASE don't let this ruin me.Me once I started reading:Damn. Tiffany D. Jackson ain't easing into this?!Me getting confused by the Before, Before the Before, After, One year before the does this before chapter take plac...
  • Kate (GirlReading)
    Monday’ Not Coming was utterly devastating, gripping, dark, intense and it messed with my mind on multiple levels. The various relationships and characters in this were superbly written, with voices brilliantly human and real. This had my heart beating 1000x a minute and breaking in equal measures. I will say that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the structure of the book and therefore found the timeline a little hard to follow at times. There wer...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: at that rating! I only have one thing to ask . . . . I realize I’m a monster for giving this so few stars, but it is what it is. Before I get ahead of myself let me tell you that . . . . “This is the story of how my best friend disappeared. How nobody noticed she was gone except me. And how nobody cared until they found her . . . one year later.” Claudia and Monday were s...
  • Lois
    I really liked this. While it does contain mystery and thriller elements; this felt more like an exploration of community relationships, classism and respectability politics. As well as the major issues that this book draws attention to, some of which are spoilers but the obvious one is the lack of attention paid by authorities to missing black girls. This is a real issue with devastating community consequences. I was very over protective of my t...
  • Laura
    I know what you’re thinking. How can a whole person, a kid, disappear and no one say a word? Like, if the sun just up and left one day, you’d think someone would sound an alarm, right? But Ma used to say, not everyone circles the same sun. I never knew what she meant by that until Monday went missing. This is a pretty heartbreaking novel, but it has it's issues. And that's unfortunate because it has this important message revealing a system t...
  • Jennifer
    "Who's really responsible for your well-being? Your family, the government, or your community?" Monday's Not Coming is a standalone YA/mystery novel written by Tiffany D. Jackson. Although a bit taxing to follow with its three alternating timelines and unfortunately not incredibly engaging IMO, it incorporates very real and important themes related to our most vulnerable resource (our children) falling through the cracks of our nation's various...
  • johely
    I’m emotional... don’t touch me
  • Maria (Big City Bookworm)
    *Disclaimer: An ARC of Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson was provided to me by the publisher & Indigo Books & Music in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.--Initial post-reading thoughts:Holy shit, this book.--What I LikedThe alternating timelines. I absolutely love when a story contains multiple timelines that are out of order. I know a lot of readers didn’t love this aspect of the story, but hon...
  • Erin
    Jar of Death Pick # 10(10th finished)4.5 StarsCan Tiffany D. Jackson write one book that doesn't make me abandon all hope for humanity?A couple years ago I read Tiffany D. Jackson's debut novel Allegedly and it gutted me. I literally threw the book across the room when I finished it. T.H.A.T. E.N.D.I.N.G!!! I loved it but it ruined me. So when I heard about her next book Monday's Not Coming I was both excited and terrified. Guys! I got this book ...
  • Kelli
    Coretta Scott King-John Steptoe Award for New Talent by the author of AllegedlyThe importance of the topic at the center of this book cannot be overstated. It’s a tough one. It’s painful to acknowledge that things like this happen in our society and tackling that subject at even a base level forces the reader to look at all the ugliness of race, poverty, privilege, and all the ways the system(s) can and does fail the children they are sworn ...
  • Trevor
    While I didn't enjoy this as much as Jackson's debut, I'm glad I stuck with it. Another overlook on my part; I wasn't aware that the narrator is actually in middle school. Claudia's voice felt very young & naïve (now I understand why) & was debating whether or not to continue. Usually I have a difficult time sympathizing with these kinds of characters in novels categorized in YA. Considering how much I enjoyed ALLEGEDLY, I decided to give Jackso...
  • Jazmen
    An attempt at a coherent review, will be posted soon!Narrator: Coherent thoughts were not found. This book is absolutely amazing, possibly slept on and an attempt at a subject that deserves the limelight. Read it!
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    **I reread MONDAY’S NOT COMING immediately after finishing, keeping the spoilers I knew about the timeline in mind and I have to to say #TiffanyDJackson brilliantly put the story together with just enough clues that readers more astute than me might discover the meaning of which part of the story was being told. I actually enjoyed the story even more the second time with this knowledge so upped my review to 5 stars.4.5 STARSIf a middle school s...
  • Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment)
    Content warnings: Bullying, slut-shaming (challenged), systemic racism and classism (challenged), on-the-page and off-the-page child abuse, off-the-page domestic violence, and possibly more.The Only Thing That Didn't Work For Me:The reason for the "Before", "Before the Before", "After", etc., timeline didn't work for me. I appreciate the uniqueness but I think it takes us out of the story a bit in the end because the reasoning for it wasn't writt...
  • Latanya (CraftyScribbles)
    “This is the story of how my best friend disappeared. How nobody noticed she was gone except me. And how nobody cared until they found her . . . one year later.” Harrowing. Gut-punching. Real.Tiffany D. Jackson's tale recounts a friendship built on trust and love, but destroyed by topics gripping the news daily (view spoiler)[child abuse, sexual abuse, gentrification, poverty (hide spoiler)].Monday's not coming and her best friend, Claudia, ...
  • Chelsea
    There goes one of my most anticipated releases of the year. I wouldn’t say it’s a disappointment, but sadly not going to be a new favorite. 3 1/2 starsThis story follows Claudia, a young teen who has a best friend named Monday. When Claudia returns to school at the start of the year, Monday isn’t there and no one seems to have any idea where she is. Told in three timelines, the story explores the relationship between Monday and Claudia as t...
  • Red_Queen_Lover
    I'm trying this again because my first review was deleted.This review will have spoilers because I won't be able to stress how important a specific topic is.Claudia and Monday are best friends,more like sisters. One day,out of the blue, Monday goes missing. Claudia seems to be the only one who notices. We later learn why.Claudia thinks she's 14. She's 16. And Monday has been dead for 2 years. Claudia turned out to have problems with her memory, w...
  • Morgan Gayle
    The more I think about this book the more I see it’s importance.
  • Nikki S
    WTF DID I JUST READ?! TOTAL. MIND. EFF.*Edit 05/18/2018*You can find more of my reviews here at my blog: Take Me Away... Having missed her debut last year, when the reviews started rolling in, I knew that I had missed out on something really good. Because of that, I added this to my TBR and vowed that I would NOT miss this one. And let me tell you, I'm glad I didn't. This has already claimed my spot as the #1 thriller of 2018. Monday is missing...
  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    2.5 stars “...It’s hard facing a mirror and seeing all you are made of and all you couldn’t absorb. But I’m open to be changed. To be in a place where I can hold all the colors I love at once, appreciate what they are and learn from them. I’m open to new beginnings.” This is 100% a case where me not liking the book is a personal preference thing and no fault at all to the book. I’m positive a lot of people will enjoy Monday’s No...
  • Lindsey Lynn (thepagemistress)
    3.5 stars
  • Marina
    I knew this book was going to be heartbreaking. But, it's devastating on so many levels. It's beautifully written and the characters are fantastic. The way the story unfolds makes you hold out a little bit of hope, even when you know there isn't any.Severe trigger warnings for child abuse.And: homophobia.
  • Jeweliana
    "Leave her out in the heat too long and her banana peel would start to rot. The tip of her highlighter blackens with wear. The prickling of her pineapple skin sometimes leaves her impossible to open. And dandelions are nothing but pretty weeds." Finished this book in two days, which is really fast for me! As a black woman, I was immediately drawn in by the strong representations of black families and culture. I could easily see myself in Claudia'...
  • Cassie Gutman (happybooklovers)
    I finished this last night, but it caused such a hangover that I needed some time to ~process~This is incredible. Not only is it a gripping story that moved at a wild pace, but it is an important one that is all too real for too many people and because it is marginalized people (missing young girls of color), often they are overlooked by police departments or classified as "runaways."If Tiffany Jackson isn't on your radar as a not-to-be-missed au...
  • Cori Reed
    I didn't mean to finish this in one day, but here we have it!I definitely recommend the audiobook of this one. Enjoyable and it definitely kept me hooked, but not a new fav.