Whistle in the Dark by Emma Healey

Whistle in the Dark

Emma Healey follows the success of her #1 internationally bestselling debut novel Elizabeth Is Missing, winner of the Costa First Novel Award, with this beautiful, thought-provoking, and psychologically complex tale that affirms her status as one of the most inventive and original literary novelists today.Jen and Hugh Maddox have just survived every parent’s worst nightmare.Relieved, but still terrified, they sit by the hospital bedside of thei...

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TitleWhistle in the Dark
Release DateJul 24th, 2018
GenreMystery, Fiction, Contemporary

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  • Esil
    3.5 starsWhistle in the Dark felt like a donut read to me. I loved the beginning, the middle felt kind of empty, and I loved the end. The story is told from Jen’s perspective. Her 15 year old daughter Lana has recently disappeared for 4 days without any explanation as to what happened to her during that time. Upon her return, Lana seems changed, but Jen can’t put her finger on how and she can’t deal with not knowing what happened to Lana. T...
  • Louise Wilson
    Men's fifteen year old daughter goes missing for four agonising days. When Lana is found unharmed, everyone thinks the worst is over. But Lana refuses to tell anyone what happened.Jen, Hugh, Meg and Lana are just an average, middle class family. Jen is devastated when Lana goes missing while on a painting holiday in the Peak District. When Lana is found, she swears she can not remember what had happened to her. The police draw a blank so Jen trie...
  • Ova Incekaraoglu
    I loved Emma Healy's debut novel, Elizabeth is Missing. When I saw this one on NetGalley I got really excited and requested it. So a big thank you for the publisher and NetGalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book.This is the story of Jen and Lana, a mother and her teenage daughter. It's mostly about Jen, always worrying, thinking for her daughter, assessing the rights and wrongs in their relationship and ...
  • Susan
    Having loved Emma Healey’s debut, “Elizabeth is Missing,” I was thrilled to receive a review copy of her second novel, “Whistle in the Dark.” I was a little concerned that I may not have loved this as much, but I am pleased to say that, if anything, I thought this was easily as good – if not even better. It has definitely been one of my favourite novels of the year.Jen and Hugh are a fairly ordinary, middle aged, middle class couple. ...
  • Liz Barnsley
    I was a huge fan of “Elizabeth Is Missing” which has taken on a whole new level of poignancy since my Mother started suffering from dementia, so I was intrigued to read another novel from Emma Healey. This time it’s a different central theme but just as beautifully written and emotionally resonant.Whistle in the Dark is a story of family – especially of the mother/daughter relationship – we follow Jen as she struggles to connect with da...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.comIn 2014, novelist Emma Healey made an impact on the publishing world with her debut novel, Elizabeth is Missing. Healey returns with a new novel, Whistle in the Dark, a book with a strong line of psychological suspense that puts the limelight on teen depression and the impact this has on a family unit.A family holiday to the Peak District goes terrible wrong when Lana, a fifteen year old girl, goes missing fo...
  • Christine
    I haven’t read this author’s previous book ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ but I do remember hearing a lot about it, so I was quite excited to read her latest book ‘Whistle in the Dark’. The first page immediately drew me in, it is pretty unusual to start at the point where the missing girl is found and then covering the aftermath and I found this immediately intriguing. The mystery lies in discovering what happened to Lana whilst she was gone...
  • Nadine
    Whistle in the Dark is a slow burning mystery where the mystery is an afterthought. The synopsis of this book intrigued me, which is why I requested it on Netgalley. Unfortunately, Whistle in the Dark is an incredibly slow moving, boring mystery that doesn’t deliver.Whistle in the Dark focuses on Jen as she tries to help her daughter, Lana, recover from being lost in the woods for four days. Jen becomes obsessed with figuring out what happened ...
  • Kirsty
    I really enjoyed Emma Healey's debut novel, Elizabeth is Missing, and was thus rather keen to begin her second, Whistle in the Dark. What I found within its pages was an intriguing mystery, a cast of multilayered characters, and a very tight and controlled plot. Healey explores a fascinating family dynamic, which is threatened by various factors - namely the disappearance of teenage daughter Lana, which is the focus of the plot. I enjoyed the way...
  • Karen Carter
    Having loved Emma Healey's first novel, I was very much looking forward to reading this one. As a genre it is difficult to pinpoint as it is in part a thriller and in part a family drama. The concept was really intriguing since we meet the characters when Lana - a fifteen year old who has been missing - has already been found. As she settles back into her turbulent life, we begin to unravel where she may have been and meet her family with whom he...
  • Margaret Madden
    When fifteen-year-old Lana goes missing on an artists retreat, everyone fears the worst. Four days later she is found. She is exhausted, yet relatively unharmed. She insists she has no memory of the events surrounding her disappearance and refuses to talk about it. Lana's mother, Jen, returns to London with her daughter and tries to resume family life. But that is not as easy as it seems. Her need to understand the reason for her daughter's missi...
  • Row
  • Luanne Ollivier
    Emma Healey's debut novel, Elizabeth is Missing was a fantastic read for me. I was eager to see what her newest book, Whistle in the Dark, held in store.Jen and her teenaged daughter Lana go on an artist's retreat as a mother/daughter getaway. Lana goes missing but is thankfully found four days later. Grateful to have her back, Jen does not press her as to what happened, who took her or where she was. As Lana slowly heals from her injuries, her a...
  • Jo
    Whilst on a painting holiday in the Peak District, Jen's 15 year old daughter Lana goes missing for 4 days. She returns harrowed and bleeding and claiming no memory of what happened to her. The novel follows the family as they try to cope with Lana's ongoing depression and secretiveness and Jen's attempts to understand and 'fix' everything. This was a well-written insight into family life tinged with mental health issues and tragedy amidst all th...
  • Sumaiyya
    What an insanely well written domestic thriller! This book will take you deep into the mind of a mother in distress. Full review: https://sumaiyyareads.wordpress.com/2...
  • Michelle Sibley
    Meet Jen a mother of two daughters, Meg is a lesbian who is pregnant and has broken up with her girlfriend and Lana is depressed and suicidal and has been found after 4 days of being missing. This is difficult to read at some points but overall I enjoyed the book. Feel the author has handled the subjects well and I’ll definitely think of this book each time I look at the sky.
  • Mikayla
    This book is about a teenager called Lana who goes missing and is found four days later. Jen, her mother is at her wit's end trying to understand and help her but is hitting a brick wall. This story is about her mother trying to figure out what happened to her daughter during those four days that her daughter refuses to talk about.I loved this and I loved how Jen had to figure out what happened, it fit really well into the story and wouldn't chan...
  • Katy Noyes
    Rather dull and slow, an 'aftermath' story with the world's most paranoid mother.2.5 stars.Alright, I DO understand that a mum whose child has been missing and then is found is going to be emotional, paranoid and worried about what's happened, how the daughter is coping, wondering what really happened...But: "Gang affiliation? It hadn't been something Jen was worried about, but she'd add it to the list now." This is just one of dozens of things t...
  • Penny (Literary Hoarders)
    Overall this was mostly disappointing for me. :-( Honestly! What is happening with the books where I eagerly anticipate and I'm so excited to read and they don't turn out they way I had expected? This one took until the very end to be interesting? A good ending? Not one that was as expected, but by that time it wasn't enough to change my feeling of disappointment in it.
  • Cassandra Emerson MADEUP
    This isn’t a style of book which I would usually decide to pick up, nonetheless i thoroughly enjoyed it.The story follows a mother and Daughter, family and friends. The story isn’t entirely about Lana’s disappearance itself, but rather the Mothers attempt to regain a close mother/daughter bond, and her obvious confusion to her daughters attitudes.The mother/daughter bonding trip they take results in lanas disappearance, and we being the sto...
  • gem
    Wow, I didn’t know how Emma Healey could surpass Elizabeth is Missing, but Whistle in the Dark is absolutely mesmerising!Jen’s daughter, Lana, goes missing and four days later is found with no memory of what happened. In the wake of this, the family dynamic is severely strained as Lana becomes increasingly dependent on Jen. It’s a fascinating exploration of motherhood, family, memory and how people connect.It’s really difficult to say any...
  • Holly
    * disclaimer i received a free copy of this novel through netgalley in response for an honest review*initially, i excited to read this after loving Emma Healey's debut novel "Elizabeth is missing" and it did not disappoint! it follows Lana and Jens relationship after 15 year old Lana has been found days after going missing, unable to explain what has happened to her. The relationship between mother and daughter is explored in this book, with a te...
  • Mary Lou
    If you have already read Emma Healey’s moving debut novel Elizabeth is Missing, a decision to read her second, Whistle in the Dark, is a no-brainer.Fifteen- year- old Lana who is suffering from depression, has been found, having been missing for 4 days in the Peak District. She is unwilling or unable to explain what has happened to her during this time. Jen, Lana’s mother discovers that relief is soon replaced by an insatiable urge to fill in...
  • Adam Waldron
    I loved Elizabeth is Missng, but this may be even better. I've not stayed up into the early hours to read a book in one sitting for a while now. This is one of those books and is certainly going to be one of my contenders for book of the year and we're only mid way through January).The author handles famly dynamics beautifully as well as the subjects of mental illness, different lifestyles, teenage angst and different lifestyles clashing in unfor...
  • Angela Groves
    I loved Elizabeth Is Missing, Whistle In The Dark is just as good (if not better!). The element of mystery and frustration present in Elizabeth Is Missing is used here just as effectively, you know something isn't right, you think you know what it is, then you change your mind, then again. It is such a compelling read, incredibly difficult to put down, the characters are so relatable, so real, you find yourself feeling the emotions they are feeli...
  • Sam
    I wanted to like this more than I did. Truth be told I found it boring. There was nothing profound about the story or the way it was written.
  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    via my blog: https://bookstalkerblog.wordpress.com/'She hadn’t anticipated this, hadn’t been rehearsing for doctors and a recovery, had pictured only police press conferences and a funeral, or an endless agonizing wait.'When Jen’s fifteen-year-old daughter Lana goes missing, she never for a minute imagines she will have her back, alive, and unharmed. Nor did she imagine Lana wouldn’t have anything to tell her of the most horrific four day...
  • Laura
    Book reviews on www.snazzybooks.com Whistle in the Dark is such a powerful read. Not only boasting a compelling storyline with a definite air of mystery (something that always pulls me into a novel), it also has some really interesting characters of the type I really like reading about - not always hugely likable, but captivating all the same.The story itself addresses some really serious issues, including missing children and mental health. I do...
  • Biljana
    I jumped at the chance to read Emma Healey's new novel, Whistle in the Dark , as I had previously loved Elizabeth is Missing. This book is very different from that one, but I also enjoyed it very much. Although the book description sells it as a mystery, I don't think that that is a fair description of the novel. The mystery is almost a side note. Instead, the focus of the novel is on an anxious mother, Jen, who has difficulty connecting with her...