I Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 5 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #5) by Kengo Hanazawa

I Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 5 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #5)

With Japan's zombie outbreak in full swing, manga maestro Kengo Hanazawa shows readers how the monstrous ZQN creatures begin to take over Taiwan before taking us back to his main heroes. Our three key survivors must help each other heal up mentally and physically, as Hiromi's mysterious affliction continues to evolve. Hideo and Yabu grow closer as the mysterious Cult of Kurusu spreads across the country. Now a major motion picture, this hit manga...

Details I Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 5 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #5)

TitleI Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 5 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #5)
Release DateJan 23rd, 2018
PublisherDark Horse Manga
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Graphic Novels, Comics, Zombies

Reviews I Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 5 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #5)

  • Jere
    While not as good as the previous volumes, as there is some idling and some scenes are just overlong, I Am a Hero continues to be my favourite zombie-related story.
  • Rod Brown
    This series can be maddeningly slow, like the first two-thirds of this volume wherein our heroes meander around looking for medical supplies, something to eat and drink, and somewhere to pee, but somehow the art style keeps me engaged, especially when it swerves into the grotesque. The last third shifts perspectives to some shut-ins communicating via the internet who may be about to discover a new savior of sorts.
  • Derek Royal
    I’m still enjoying this series, but I’m not as enamored of this volume as I have been the others. Part of the reason might be the narratives that bracket Hideo’s. Not that there’s anything wrong with them — the ending one introduces the Cult of Kurusu, which becomes more important in the next volume, apparently — but their inclusion was just such a pacing departure from the previous volumes. But departures can be significant, especial...
  • ダンカン
    I Am A Hero volume 5 takes another turn of events. Although it is meticulous move as how the story progress step-by-step, we get to read two parts that doesn't focus on Hideo Suzuki, Hayakari Hiromi and Yabu Oda - a side story on two Japanese couple on an illicit affair in Taiwan that reveals not only Japan is infected by ZQNs but other parts of Asian countries and we finally get to see Kurusu, the antogonist of the story saving a helpless teenag...
  • Kam-Hung Soh
    Divided into three different parts, this omnibus isn't as interesting as the others. The section in Taiwan basically recaps the start of the zombie outbreak while the section on the origin of the Kurusu cult spends a lot of pages showing us, this time in online chat format, the spread of the zombie outbreak. In the main section, Hideo, Yabu and Hiromi continue their escape in the countryside. There's a poignant and reflective scene where a pregna...
  • Jake
    This volume jumped around a bit, deviating away from the main plot; however, I didn't mind it. It gave a broader view of the spread of the "zombies," as well as some the actions of groups not associated with Hideo. I particularly enjoyed a segment which focuses on internet shut ins, and their mutual info sharing over a message board. The slang the poster use, and their tone rang very authentic, while highlighting the absurdity of the interactions...
  • Sebastien
    This one was a bit of a let down for me ,there is nes characters not much happen to the main story ,it is still creepy and uncomfortable I didn't vget any satisfaction reading this on and it is making me really think about continuing this serie. We will see with volume 6 .
  • Kenny
    Still weird. Still harrowing. Still exciting.
  • R C
    One of my favorite volumes so far. I really enjoyed the introduction of new characters.
  • Lou Fillari
    Side stories. Why did it have to be side stories?And the main story. It's all fine.
  • Anubhav
    That little bit with the peeing was a bit weird.
  • William Hayman
    So far so good, and the plot continues to move on, avoiding repetition or forced events.
  • Shy Kuzonoha
    It seems that every time I get a new omnibus of I am a Hero, It feels as if I get hooked all over again in it's rich characters. I really enjoy how the writer goes out of his way to give time to even create new character in the Same situation as the main character, it's just from a different perspective. even the zombies themselves tell an interesting story, can't wait for Omnibus #6