The Last Suppers by Mandy Mikulencak

The Last Suppers

“A gorgeous novel that finds beauty in the most unlikely of places.” —Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times bestselling authorSet in 1950s Louisiana, Mandy Mikulencak’s beautifully written and emotionally moving novel evokes both The Help and Dead Man Walking with the story of an unforgettable woman whose quest to provide meals for death row prisoners leads her into the secrets of her own past.Many children have grown up in the shadow of Louisia...

Details The Last Suppers

TitleThe Last Suppers
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Adult Fiction, Drama

Reviews The Last Suppers

  • Susan Peterson
    I was instantly drawn to this book and its story when I first read about it...and this book lived up to all my expectations! Ginny Polk is a prison cook in Louisiana in the 1950’s, a time of racial injustices and a prison system that is less than humane. Ginny takes on a special responsibility all her own...providing “last suppers”for the men on death row, a job she takes personally, a job that is frowned upon by the prison board. Ginny is ...
  • Edith Maxwell
    The Last Suppers is a stunning debut novel. It won't be shelved as a mystery, but mystery abounds. Why does prison warden Roscoe love a woman half his age? Why does Ginny Polk stay as head cook in the kitchen? is the story Ginny always heard about her father's death true? I love the details of southern cooking and prison life Mikulencak brings to the story. Even more I love following the ever-revealed depths of Ginny's thoughts and soul, her fami...
  • Melissa McGuire
    This book is amazing. At first I thought I wouldn't like it and the once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. I devoured this book
  • Jenny Buchta
    While I don’t feel that this book is much like The Help, I do feel that it’s a stand alone success on its own. Yes, the time period and location are similar. But Ginny Polk’s time as a prison cook doesn’t compare to Skeeter’s time as a writer of domestic workers’ stories. Ginny’s life and her story are complicated. I loved this novel and, while I hated the ending, it was appropriate and fit like the last piece of a puzzle.
  • Kevin Gates
    I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Once I started reading "The Last Suppers" I was transported back in time to a hot and humid kitchen in the deep South. I fell in love with Roscoe, Dot and Ginny and abandoned my family until I was finished. The author weaves vivid and graphic descriptions of the unique setting, together with painfully honest depictions of historical Southern race relations in the United Sta...
  • Eldonna Edwards
    As soon as I read the description of THE LAST SUPPERS I immediately requested an ARC. This riveting debut novel somehow manages to make you feel at home in the kitchen of one of the most desolate places imaginable, a 1950's Louisianna penitentiary. The haunting story is exquisitely devastating and yet underscores human capacity for compassion, whether or not one believes it is deserved. From feisty Ginny Polk, the daughter of a murdered prison wa...
  • Jackie
    I received an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review.I'm a 6-months-pregnant teacher with a toddler, so I generally can't read longer than five minutes at bedtime before I begin to nod off, but The Last Suppers was impossible to put down. I tore through this captivating, beautifully-crafted book in one night, staying awake until 3am, which is the highest compliment I can give a novel.
  • Harry Brake
    When I was referred to Mandy Mikulenak's Burn Girl from a colleague while I worked at ASF (American School Foundation in Mexico City), I had no idea about anything involved with the novel or the author. Luckily I read Burn Girl in a few days and was hooked. It flowed and related so much about what interested adults AND young readers to a text. So much that I arranged Mandy Mikulencak to be on the 2018 Panel for Authors Among US at ASF, and arrang...
  • Priya
    This is a stunning book that I really enjoyed reading!The premise intrigued and disturbed me at the same time and that's what prompted me to pick it up.I received it from Netgalley as an ARC and am glad I did! Once I did, I devoured the book.Set in a prison in Louisiana in the 50's, this is the story of Ginny Polk, the prison cook, who voluntarily takes on the task of providing one last good meal to the death row inmates just before their executi...
  • WroteTrips
    The Last Suppers by Mandy Mikulencak is as timely as it is remarkable. Book Groups members looking for a book that will touch the heart, provide food for thought and deliver an abundance of points for discussion should consider this novel, which publishes on December 26, 2017.Although The Suppers is a historical novel set in 1950s Louisiana, many of its themes are extremely relevant. Basic principles of justice including impartial trials, fair tr...
  • Sara Smith
    I received a free ARC of this book from the Publisher through the Goodreads Giveaways Program.The synopsis of this book was very intriguing. A woman who asks each inmate on Death Row, what meal he'd like to be served. She visits their family to get recipes and tries to remake each recipe just like the inmate remembers it so they will have those memories.Then things start to come unraveled, her lover, the prison warden is fired. She finds a KKK ro...
  • Miki Harder
    Get ready to politely cancel appointments and allow yourself time to be consumed by this savory story for you will not want to leave it till satiated. Death row inmates get one last supper and Ginny, the prison cook , is possessed to create this meal , often to the letter recipes from the inmates childhood. But it's not just about food. Put yourself in a deep south prison town in the mid 50's , and it's way too hot. This is an intense , sweet an...
  • Wendi Copeland
    Though I pre-ordered this novel for delivery in December 2017, I received an advance reader's copy in exchange for an unbiased review. What a treat for the sultry summer! The characters' struggles with heat and humidity as they wrestle with the past that mercilessly encroaches on the present seem all the more relatable as the sun scorches. Southern comfort and compassion with maximum calories and unspoken stories took me back to my rural Georgia ...
  • Catherine Zaharko
    Mandy Mikulencak writes her characters so well you can actually feel the oppressive heat that they experience in 1950s Louisiana. Her main character is drawn to the prison her father worked at in the only capacity a woman of that time could--cook. Her need to meticulously prepare the last suppers for the men on death row consume her. Disturbing secrets that she discovers take her down a path she did not expect of want to travel. It's a good read,...
  • Sydney Cooley
    I read an ARC of this novel and thought it was a beautiful story. I loved the richness and complexity of the characters and I loved how the prisoners on death row were humanized and the respect given to their lives up to the moment of their death. It was a sensitive and beautiful book as well as a suspenseful story that had me reading late into the night. I read it in one sitting. Do not start this book if you have to be up early the next day.
  • Kate Lemery
    This book makes me think a lot about the rituals and memories I tie to food. Fascinating.