Hello Mornings by Kat Lee

Hello Mornings

Are you ready to wake up for your life and not just to your life?Don't worry; you don’t have to be a morning person to start each new day well. Join Kat Lee and thousands of women from countries around the world who have learned to maximize their mornings. In Hello Mornings, Kat introduces a simple yet powerful three-minute morning routine that integrates Bible study, planning, and fitness into a foundational morning habit that fits into every ...

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TitleHello Mornings
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Self Help, Religion, Christianity

Reviews Hello Mornings

  • Callie
    2.5/5 starsSo, this book did not make a great first impression on me. Here we go.NegativesMy main issue with this book is that I felt from the very first chapter the gospel was presented very weakly, or even misrepresented because of ommission of the key points of the gospel. Kat Lee opens the book with this explanation:“Friends, I don’t know where you are in your journey with God. I don’t know how many times you’ve tried to spend time wi...
  • Sarah
    This book had a great idea about taking just 3 minutes in the morning to focus and plan your day and start with a small prayer. Did it help me to stop being late and yelling at my kids to get in the car? Nope. But that would actually take a miracle.
  • M&A Schulz
    Too much FluffFor the record, I love Kat Lee. I listen to all episodes of her podcast, and believe her ministry is amazing. But this book was 'meh'. If you have read Crystal Payne's morning series or have participated in a Christ-centered mornings challenge, you should skip this book. Yes, it's good information, but it's nothing that hasn't been discussed before in similar circles. I did use it as a nice refresher as to why my morning time is imp...
  • Shannan Williams
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I have always been a morning person, but not a very organized person. Kat Lee does a wonderful job at suggesting how to get on a morning routine with Jesus. This book is honestly really good and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to find just a few moments to spend with Jesus and not feel guilty.
  • Alissa
    Practical, inspirational and actionable. A good read close to the new year.
  • Felicia
    I've enjoyed listening to Kat Lee's podcasts 'Inspired to Action' and 'Hello Mornings' and was excited.....no...ecstatic when I saw her book, Hello Mornings, was out to review. My expectations were met in this book! I've drawn stars by key points, folded down corners to mark favorite sections, quoted on Facebook, and shared a couple Instagram snapshots of the pages.Kat Lee's platform, which she shares on her website, podcasts, Facebook community ...
  • Christina
    Hello Mornings is a book dedicated to building a three part morning routine that the author has found to do amazing things in her life. The idea is that you start your mornings with God Time, Plan Time and Move Time. She starts with a simple 3-minute version of this routine, and then gives you a myriad of ways that you can build on it. She also discusses habits, the power of a good routine, and why it's important to start your day with God so tha...
  • Sarah
    Years ago, I stumbled across a Hello Mornings online Bible study group, and it helped me establish a routine of getting up early and spending a few minutes in God's Word. This practice has changed my life in every way, and I'm grateful that Kat Lee has put her methods into book form.This book is a practical tool to help you prioritize time with God in the morning. It is full to the brim with practical help and suggestions. Her main idea is to sta...
  • Cate
    I received this book in exchange of my honest review, all opinions are mineKat Lee is one of my favorite podcast hosts ever. She hosts two amazing podcasts, Inspired to Action (currently on hiatus!) and Hello Mornings, a podcast about making the most of your mornings. Her new book, "Hello Mornings" is a great extension of the latter and expands on so much more than the usual morning routine.Kat shows her readers how to create a morning routine ma...
  • Sherri Smith
    This is one of the best books that is of a non-fiction genre that I have read in a long time. What I enjoy about the book is how easy it is to understand and how I want to just dive in and start my mornings off on the right foot.Kat Lee gives ways, ideas, of how we can start our mornings with a new routine. It's something small that can grow into a life-changing experience, just by dedicating a few moments in time.On the back of the book, the sta...
  • Mandi
    I'm not a morning person. I've wanted to be a morning person since I was a teenager. I've bought countless fancy journals thinking that would make me want to get up and have quiet time with God. It's been my goal constantly.I love the concept of this book. I honestly went into reading it thinking it was going to be a waste of my time. I'm 37. If I haven't figured out how to be a morning person in more then 20 years of trying this wasn't going to ...
  • Create With Joy
    Hello Mornings is an inspiring book that is based upon a really simple 3-minute, 3-step routine that helps you begin your day by focusing on God first – then establishing your plans for the day – then doing something healthy. While Kat offers specific steps to get you started, she also provides workbook style guidance – with space for journaling – to help you identify any potential barriers to getting started and to help you customize the...
  • Julie Overpeck aka Mrs. O's Library
    I received a digital advanced reader copy of this from #netgalley and Thomas Nelson. All opinions are my own.I truly enjoyed this book. I am not a morning person and have struggled for years with the imagined guilt of not being able to get up early enough to have a quiet time with God before my day begins. I already get up at 5:30, and I didn't see how I could fit anything else in. Enter Kat's gentle encouragement to try 3 minutes. Everyone has 3...
  • Stacie
    I remember several years ago, finding Kat Lee's blog and following her simple action plan for handling a morning routine. My life was much different then. I was a stay-at-home mom and had young children. Then I saw this book recommended by Sheila at The Deliberate Reader and it piqued my interest. I didn't realize the author was the same person until I went to her website. Lee approaches her morning with a three-minute process of God - Plan - Mov...
  • Megan
    Kat Lee has one of my favorite podcasts (Inspired to Action), so I was excited to read her new book. Hello Mornings is a Christian how-to book on setting up easy, quick habits to make your life run better and with intention. I appreciated how easy it is to set up - 3 minutes is all you need, and you can expand it as time allows. But what I appreciated most is that if life gets hectic, you can always scale back to the three minute routine and begi...
  • Lovely Loveday
    The start of each morning should be positive so that you can start your day on the right foot. HELLO MORNINGS is an upbeat way to help you focus on your plans. This spiritually focused self-help book is sure to do just that. Lee has a friendly and heart felt way of writing that is sure to uplift your spirits and make it feel like you are talking to a friend. Lee admits from the start that she is not an organized person and that is something she h...
  • Sarah Krening
    Hello Mornings presents an easy method to take control of your mornings. The method is simple and doable, but buried in a lot of information.The morning routine method in this book is helpful. It’s a great way to make a healthy change without causing you to become even more overwhelmed; in fact, it will likely alleviate stress.I plan on trying the morning routine as well as two other ideas. I loved the idea of making tiny goals instead of New Y...
  • Madison Loveday
    Positive mornings are very crucial for starting your day on the right foot. Hello Mornings is a positive, upbeat book that helps focus on your plans. Kat Lee has a friendly way of writing, just like she’s talking to you and that is spiritually-focused. This book is filled with strategies and good ideas. I found this book a very refreshing read and I am definitely going to incorporate some of Kat’s ideas into my morning routine. I highly recom...
  • Patti Pierce
    “Hello Mornings”, by Kat Lee examines the ways to begin each day well. She outlines a simple three minute morning routine which involves Bible Study, planning and fitness into an easy to manage routine, She goes step by step through each part and gives ideas on how to incorporate the steps into your own life. Even if you are not a morning person, this book will help guide you through steps to have a better morning.I definitely recommend readi...
  • Sarah
    I absolutely love this book! I’ve listened to the author via her podcasts for quite a while and her writing style flows just as naturally. She’s taken what felt before like random truths in my head and heart and connected them in a picture that actually makes sense!
  • Melinda M
    Hello Mornings: How to Build a Grace-Filled, Life-Giving Morning Routine by Kat Lee gives wayss on how to incorporate your devotional time with efficient and organization. It was very interesting to read and had some good hints.I received a copy thru a Goodreads Giveaway.
  • Nicole
    An excellent book on the importance of a good morning routine. I really believe in this practice so I enjoyed reading her ideas. “...the only way to truly prepare is to connect with the One who made us so we can be ready with the words we’re meant to speak and the actions we’re meant to take”.
  • Tara
    This is more then just a book. This is a guide that you want to keep coming back to. Highlight, underline and circle the things that stick out to you. A very great resource with bible references that make you coming back for more
  • Lacy
    I absolutely loved this book. It’s awesome. Motivating, inspiring, and for those of us who actually aren’t morning people (ahem… me… lol) it gives us helpful tips on how to create a morning routine that we can actually do. =)
  • Amanda
    I really enjoyed this book and the practical advice she gave for introducing a morning routine. I like that her focus is on the habit and not the amount of time. Highly recommend it!
  • Melissa
    I’m really excited to get going on my morning routine! I need to make some changes in my life & I think this is a great place to start!!
  • Marylou
    Simple morning routineThe book describes a simple but powerful morning routine for Christians to follow. I am tweaking my own routine to follow hers.
  • Brianna Shields
    What an amazing book to start the new year with. Kat Lee balances practical and Biblical advice beautifully, and I am excited to start building small habits and expanding them into daily routines.
  • Stephanie Mills
    started reading this in the morning the day after I got it!!! I love it very much a book I would recommend!