The Gloaming by Kirsty Logan

The Gloaming

Mara’s island is one of stories and magic. She knows she’ll eventually end her days atop the cliff, turned to stone and gazing out at the horizon like all the villagers that went before her, drawn by the otherworldly call of the sea. Her whole family will be there too, even her brother Bee and her sister Islay. But the island and the sea do what they want, and when they claim a price from her family, Mara’s world changes forever.As years pa...

Details The Gloaming

TitleThe Gloaming
Release DateApr 19th, 2018
PublisherHarvill Secker
GenreMagical Realism, Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews The Gloaming

  • Paromjit
    Kirsty Logan writes a beautifully imagined tale of magic, folklore and fairytales with a strong undertow of darker forces juxtaposed with a gritty realism. Logan achieves the feat with her world building that is sufficiently nebulous and ambiguous in giving the reader the path of seeing and interpreting the novel as they wish. The narrative focuses on the issues of identity, what it is to be a woman, loss, grief and love with Logan drawing us in ...
  • Dannii Elle
    Actual rating 4.5/5 stars.Residing in a mansion, renowned for its once glory but falling daily into further disrepair, and situated on an island overlooked by the stone remains of the deceased is Mara, daughter of a ballerina and a boxer. The arrival of part-time mermaid, Pearl, ignites the ashes of a passion inside Mara. This passion is a desire to see what would happen if she would dare to take a step off the island, and enter the chaos of real...
  • Emer
    A book of quiet beauty with a most haunting of storylines... That sadly bored me to tears. No matter how hard I tried I could not engage with these characters, I found reading a chore. Sometimes a book just doesn't fit with a reader because of circumstances outside of everyone's control. I feel this is one of those times. The storyline was so magical, so ethereal... The mix between reality and folklore should have worked for me. The beautiful exp...
  • Heather
    A gorgeously, luxuriously dark follow up to Kirsty's debut. My heart sang, my heart broke and I couldn't put the damn thing down. Utterly brilliant.
  • Emma
    First of all, I'd like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the second Kirsty Logan novel I've read, and The Gloaming reminded me of The Gracekeepers in a lot of ways - good and bad.Let's start with the good: Logan's prose is gorgeously evocative, conjuring up wild landscapes, dreamy tenderness and all-too-human awkwardness with equal ease. This is definitely a fai...
  • Ana
    Reseña en español // English review here The Ross family decided to move to a remote island with their two daughters to live a more peaceful life. A large, pink-ish and abandoned mansion makes for their new home; however, despite their feigned efforts, it will never be completely renovated. Truthfully, it will never be anything but a house in ruins. Come hell or high water, the Ross family seeks desperately for a place to stay grounded. Mirr...
  • gem
    Anyone who loved The Gracekeepers will be equally delighted with The Gloaming... and anyone who didn't read it, well, read this and then immediately read The Gracekeepers!Utterly beautiful, enchanting and totally unique! This applies to the writing, the setting, the characters and the plot. It really is magical realism at it's best.I loved The Gracekeepers and feel like this book made me understand that book better, so I'll definitely be re-readi...
  • Moray Teale
    On the island where Mara and her family live people don’t die, the go to the cliff where they remain, gazing out to sea with the waves crashing beneath, their presence a haunting reminder of what is to come for the islanders. And Mara’s family is haunted by many things, long-ago decisions, new desires and a devastating loss that has scarred Mara inside and out. A new arrival seems to finally offer the chance to move on but the budding relatio...
  • Connie
    4/5 stars I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  'But then, she soothed herself: we cannot be held responsible for every pretty lie we tell to our children.' Although The Gloaming has chapters from other points of the view, the primary focus of this novel is on Mara, a middle child, and her life upon the island she was raised on for the latter half of her life. Then tragedy strikes. Magic returns to...
  • Laura Tisdall
    A warning: Kirsty Logan’s The Gloaming is another of 2018’s promised mermaid novels that’s a little short on actual mermaids. However, it’s long on atmosphere, imagination, and a charming lesbian love story. Islay, Mara and Barra have grown up on a tiny Scottish island, after their parents, Signe and Peter, brought them there when the two eldest girls were very small. Signe and Peter have compelling backstories of their own; Signe was onc...
  • Shiku
    Die deutsche Rezension findet ihr auf meinem Blog._____________________________Content NotesDrowning and familial death, severe injuriesThe Book"The Gloaming" is a loose prequel to Kirsty Logan's previous novel, "The Gracekeepers". An absolute must read for fans, but also a good start into Logan's writing if you haven't read any of her works yet. Personally, I couldn't spot any specific connections between the novels, though it's been a while sin...
  • Daisy
    Quality Rating: Four StarsEnjoyment Rating: Five Stars◆ Thanks to Netgalley for this ebook for review ◆Oh, for the love of fairytales. This is a story made for lovers of books, of the sea, of fairytales, of love stories and of magic. It's halfway between a fairytale and a literary fiction novel itself, and it sucked me in straight from the start.It's not exactly what I would call magical realism - at least not in the literal sense. Which is i...
  • Megan
    The Gloaming is a lovely new piece of magical realism from the author of The Gracekeepers, and I really enjoyed it. It was a gentle, dreamy sort of read, but there was a darker undercurrent which kept me intrigued.Mara, Islay and Barra are the three children of Signe and Peter, who have come to the island to set up a bed and breakfast in a ruined old mansion. Their lives are pleasant and magical, but then tragedy strikes and their lives are chang...
  • Victoria
    The story of Mara, Pearl and the island her family live on, The Gloaming makes for an unforgettable read. A book that blends magic, fairy tales and incredible scenery written with such elegance, The Gloaming highlights for me the quality of Logan’s world building and her incredible way of writing it so ambigously. The writing in this book is as enchanting as the story and the characters are so human that it makes this book feel so real that the...
  • Catalina
    I've been attracted by the synopsis of this book. It made be think there's so much potential: elements of magic and mythology; nature as a force opposing human invasion and domination; opposites attraction: a ballerina and a boxer; a family's story... At first the style was so alluring, like the mermaid's song pulling you in..But in the end it turned out to be just a sort of laconic explanation of/for something. Sure that might work good seen tha...
  • Christina Reid
    Anyone who loved Kirsty Logan's previous novel, The Gracekeepers, should also enjoy this. This is a spiritual prequel although I don' t think you need to read them in order of publication as each stands alone. This story is set on an island steeped in dark magic where those who come find it difficult to leave. Those who stay become slower and stiffer, until they eventually make the climb to the hill and become statues staring at the sea which sur...
  • Beth Younge
    I had previously read The Grace Keepers by Kirsty Logan and was thrilled to get accepted for an arc of her new one. I found this to be very much like her first one, with intricate locations and beautifully written narrative. I really enjoyed the unknown aspect that seemed to lurk under the text.I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
  • EmmaPip
    I went into this not knowing it was a prequel and I think that ruined it for me. I wish I had read The Gracekeepers first then I think this would of made more sense and I may of enjoyed it more. I did like the writing style but as it went on I was lost and struggling to connect to any character.
  • Michelle
    I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.This is a beautiful, bittersweet fairy tale of a book. A story about love and family, full of magic and myths and folklore. The author has a gorgeous, whimsical writing style and I can't wait to read The Gracekeepers now.
  • Lily
    4.5 stars. My heart is sad and happy all at the same time.
  • Val
    I received this book through Netgalley for an honest review. This book felt like a daydream, a lazy afternoon with cicadas too loud and the sun too hot. It had a lovely pacing and beautiful description, but for some reason it didn't resonate with me.