Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberley

Always Never Yours

Shouldn't a girl get to star in her own love story?Seventeen-year-old Megan Harper is about due for her next sweeping romance. It's inevitable—each of her relationships starts with the perfect guy and ends with him falling in love . . . with someone else. But instead of feeling sorry for herself, Megan focuses on pursuing her next fling, directing theater, and fulfilling her dream college's acting requirement in the smallest role possible.So wh...

Details Always Never Yours

TitleAlways Never Yours
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Young Adult Contemporary

Reviews Always Never Yours

  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    This is such a deeply cute book that I screamed for 300 hours. Theater romance ft. cute play tropes ft. great characters ft. being totally, utterly bingeable. Megan is the forgotten supporting character in her life, the Rosalind to everyone else’s Romeo and Juliet. Instead of romance, she focuses on directing theatre. But her plans quickly crumble when she’s cast as Juliet in her high school’s production - even though she's never acted befo...
  • Lola
    Am I crazy, or does the model on the cover look Chinese? Granted, we only see her back, but the only reason why I requested this book was because I was looking forward to a YA romance with an Asian heroine that would be more readable than Emergency Contact.Ah, to have expectations. Turns out, Megan is... not Asian. In hindsight, I should have known. Then again, we usually see what we want to see. Still, there is diversity… like, one black gay s...
  • Shreya (☆High Lady of The Night Court☆)
    To hope one day I’ll be the one chosen and not just the girl before. This is the kind if book you want to curl up with on a comfortable couch and never stop reading. It is really quite amazing, the blurb made the book out to be about a girl who’s relationships end and her boyfriends finding their ‘true love’, but I loved that the protagonist was not overly sorrowful about it but chooses to make peace with it and have fun. She has a great ...
  • emma
    HEY. YOU. LOOK AT THIS COVER. DO YOU SEE HOW CUTE THIS COVER IS? LOOOOOOOK ATTTTTT ITTTTTT.okay, now that we've talked about the most important we allll know (because i cannot shut up about it), pretty much the only genre i read in the summertime is contemporary. like, don't get me wrong: i'm constantly reading contemporary. and constantly rating it really harshly. but that's a topic for another day. in the summer it's a whole new ball g...
  • jessica
    newly washed sheets. puppy cuddles. sunshine. freshly baked cookies. a hug from someone you love.if you took all those feelings and put them into book form, it would be this book. this book was so pure and wholesome and too good for this world. and lets take a moment to appreciate that this was written by two high school sweethearts?! how precious is that?? emily and austin were able to capture a cute contemporary romance that is reminiscent of n...
  • may ❀
    hardcore skimming after 60% . . . . . im still at a loss for what the purpose of this book is?? dont get me wrong, i really appreciated the mc's outlook on herself and her relationships.shes not the 'im ugly but everyone things im pretty mary-sue' type protagonist. she's not ashamed of who she is and shes confident and yas girl own ittttt. that was really refreshing to see. but. . . . .i just don't understand why we need over 300 pages for no plo...
  • Lily ☁️
    me, reading this book: [hoping that its inside matches its outside]Blog ¦ Bloglovin’ ¦ Tumblr ¦ Instagram
  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
    I know what it's like to watch the people you care about replace you and never look back. I've gone through it eight times now.To be frank, I bought this book only because it was written by a real-life couple. The idea of creating a novel with a loved one appealed to the romantic in me, and I wanted to see how two intimate people could integrate their unique voices into a single point of view. Since co-authored, YA contemporaries are typically he...
  • Fafa's Book Corner
    Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner! Beware spoilers ahead!Trigger warning: Cheating, slut-shaming, mention of parental abandonment, mention of divorce, and aftereffects of divorce. Always Never Yours was really hard to miss. Back in December 2017 it was everywhere. I was pulled in because of the synopsis and cover. I am happy to say that I enjoyed it!Megan is always the girl before. Over her high school years she's come to terms with that. Aft...
  • Jillian (bookishandnerdy)
    this book is SO SO SO cute. UGGGHHHH i loved it. i had a feeling i was going to love this so when the authors were giving this one away at yallwest I stalked the booth for an entire hour to get it and i do not regret it because THIS BOOK WAS ADORABLE OMG.characters were super realistic. dialogue and inner thoughts were realistic and funny.also megan is one of my favorite characters ever. SHE IS GREAT. THE ROMANCE Y'ALL. slow burn friendship to ro...
  • Taylor
    “It started when I was eleven. I’d just proclaimed to Lucy Regis my undying love for Ryan Reynolds with the intention to marry him. The next day we found out he’d married Blake Lively.” Enter Megan Harper: The class flirt and go-to director for all things thespian at Stillmont High. Megan’s not your average boy-crazed senior though. I mean, yes, she’s kind of a horndog who’s constantly jumping from one relationship to the next, but ...
  • Iris
    This was so CUTE!! It was theatre-y, and romance-y, and sweet.I loved the characters! Megan (please tell me that was her name!) was a really likeable protagonist, but she was also quite flawed, so she felt real.Owen was great too! He was so sweet.And the ROMANCE! It was soooo cute, and I shipped it so hard!The side characters (and the side romance!!) were great too!Plus I always love reading about theatre!My ONE complaint was Megan's attitude tow...
  • Samhita Peechara {Multi Dreamer}⚔
    Definitely all the stars. This book had me grinning and gushing right from the beginning and I didn't want the story to end. I love the characters and how Megan's self discovery is portrayed in the book. It was beautiful and is something everyone shoul read about. The writing was beautiful and I love the Shakespearean concept and twist the story has and it made me love the book even more if that's possible. Definitely a contemporary to add to you...
  • emi
    I wish this book was 5/5 stars like the cover is, but I guess 3 stars will do.
  • ✶Rachelle✶
    2 starsThis book wasn’t for me. The MC was irritating, and I didn’t agree with certain aspects of the story. At least the cover is adorable
  • Mila
    I think the main reason I enjoyed this book a lot is that it's not defined by its genre. Don't get me wrong, it is a very cute and wholesome YA romance; but I've also got from it a commentary on slut-shaming and other horrible tropes surrounding young girls. Our main heroine Megan has been in quite a few relationships and she's also known as the "flirty one" at her school. And it was interesting to see how people actually treated her and made ass...
  • Romie
    Think about something extremely soft, add some extra softness to it, and you get this book.“You’re irreplaceable. To your family, to your friends—to me.”I loved Megan. I think it’s important to acknowledge that sometimes, yes, she does things without thinking, but it doesn’t make her unloveable. I loved her because she’s so unique, she has a mind of her own, she’s extremely different from some of the characters I’m used to read ...
  • Aminah Safi
    My god could I have used a heroine like Megan growing up. A girl who knows her own mind and goes for what she wants. One who bravados her way through any situation she's not sure how to handle. Anyone else remember what it is to be equal parts brash and afraid? Willing to bet the ranch on a wink and a smile?Maybe that's just me.I love brazen girls and I love my heroines a little bit reckless. I also am partial to Megan because I think she and Lul...
  • Caden Armstrong
    I read this book in one sitting. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! YOU SHOULD ALL READ THIS!
  • Chelsea
    I really like getting to see Megan and Owen as they were friends and see how they challenged each other to realize things about themselves. But holy hell is Megan so beyond childish. She abbreviates everything she does when she texts, flirts with any boy with legs that's a jock, and basically throws tantrums with her Dad over things she really should know to discuss since she's a senior in freaking high school. Overall I did enjoy the play aspect...
  • Kristy Mauna
    I really, really enjoyed this book. Honestly, I checked it out at my library because of that stunning cover. It reminded me of TATBILB and my heart has been yearning for something sweet and swoony, so I figured this was the perfect read for me! Glad I wasn't wrong! :) "I'm not the girl in the center of the stage at the end of a love story. I'm the girl before, the girl guys date right before they find their true love." Let's talk characters becau...
  • Clemlucian (🏳️‍🌈the brooding witch)
    "I'm not the girl in the center of the stage at the end of a love story. I'm the girl before, the girl guys date right before they find their true love."blog | instagram⭐⭐⭐⭐ star-crossed stars. Synopsis: Always Never Yours follow the story of Megan, a wannabe play director as she goes through boyfriend after boyfriend before said boyfriends find 'the one.' That is Until Megan is cast as Juliet, the main character on her school's play, wh...
  • mith
    contemporaries have a way of surprising me. in which, i won't want to read one because i convince myself i hate the genre, but then i go and pick one up and, contrary to my belief, i end up really liking it.i finished always never yours at nearly 6 AM. (it would have been sooner if i didn't convince myself i needed to sleep.)i adored this book. i loved megan and i loved how she was never ashamed of being known as the class flirt, or being interes...
  • Anushka gupta
    Always Never Yours is a perfect fusion of Shakespeare with modern contemporary. Both the authors (Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka) were high school sweethearts and wow! they created such a cutesy romance together. Favourite quotes : " He was my first because he was special- not special because he was my first.""I'm not the girl in the center of the stage at the end of a love story. I'm the girl before, the girl guys date right before t...
  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    “To hope one day I’ll be the one chosen and not just the girl before.” This was a cute Romeo & Juliet inspired story that is unadashidly dramatic and flirty, which were two of my favorite things about the story. I loved that Megan’s radiant positive energy. She was such a happy person and easy to cheer for. But I didn’t really care for any of the other characters, and none of the romances really hooked me either. There were just so man...
  • Cassie O. | Lost In Tomes
    This was adorable! I thought Megan was a refreshing personality for a female lead. She's flirty, sarcastic, and confident. So different from the usual shy, naive, don't-know-she's-beautiful types that are often cast as the MC in these these books. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, but still a refreshing change.) I enjoyed watching her grow and learn more about herself, her friends and what real love is like. Our male lead is Owen, he's ...