The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert #1) by Saya Lopez Ortega

The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert #1)

One of the most anticipated romance books of 2019.

Details The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert #1)

TitleThe Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert #1)
Release DateMay 27th, 2019
PublisherVSP Publishing
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Fiction, Feminism, Adult, Literature, Contemporary Romance, Love, Psychology

Reviews The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert #1)

  • Mary-Jane
    She shadows your boy-friend, wiretaps his phone, combs through his bank statements... She is « THE SEDUCTION EXPERT »! I really loved this book! The story is original, the tone is dynamic. It is rather easy to identify with the female customers, a lot less with our expert. This book is worth the detour. 5*****
  • Serna G. Jonson
    The expert in the art of seduction, her customers and a serious dose of emotional release... The book is very funny, entertaining and our seduction expert is the perfect lead woman! I love and I give it a 5-star rating.
  • Barbara Jenson
    The Seduction Expert is a brilliant novel with two powerfull love stories. I stayed up two nights in a row reading until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, and laugh so hard I was crying and clutching my stomach. I can't recommend this book, enough. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would, and it's an uncorrected proof. Just imagine the final released draft. LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT!
  • Mozelle
    My most anticipated romance book of 2019 did not disappoint! Loved this book and i am glad to know it's the first in series!Thanks to Netgalley and VSP Publishing to provide me a copy, and thanks to Saya Lopez Ortega, my new favorite author!
  • Becky Burciaga
    An interesting take on a concept bringing to light a strong woman striving for the empowerment of not only women, but also how they see themselves. I enjoyed the first person voice of the story...making the story more impactful. This ARC book was provided by as a complimentary copy provided by the Publisher and Netgally, I smile voluntarily providing my honest review.
  • Lauren
    FROM PARIS TO NEW YORK...Women’s solidarity requires, I give 5/5 too. To be read*****
  • Carey
    4.5 Stars!! I loved this book! After reading this book, I feel proud to be a woman! Super uplifting read for women! Girl Power!! I think every woman should read this book! It might be helpful! It's even got tips & advice! It's definitely entertaining!*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!*
  • Alesha
    No doubt, The Seduction Expert has made my reading year! The story is uncommon, funny and it take me less than a weekend to read it!
  • Michelle
    "Delightful"I found this book delightful. It is quite entertaining and has an original look at love.
  • Swartza
    I loved it. The author just kept me in suspense from the beginning to the end. I love the story, i love the seduction expert. I recommend it.
  • Alexandra
    Nice but short. It’s a pity.
  • Buffy
    The seduction expert is written with much light-heartedness and freshness. A rare gem, I loved it.
  • Sherell
    A few chapters are moving, some others are really funny. The Seduction Expert is MY PERFECT SUMMER READ!
  • Farah
    Entertaining, funny, interesting, useful, full of hope, well written. I really spent a great time.*****
  • Marivel
    My Arc arrived for my birthday, what a gift!ITS A VERY UNEXPECTED READING, with a powerful first character!!!. I really enjoyed it and i read it twice!Thanks so much to VSP Publishing and Saya Lopez Ortega to provide it to me!
  • Beulah Barnes
    Review to come...
  • Susan
    Here we are, after so much abuse done to women, it was necessary, finally, that one of us takes matters in hand. After having read this book, I feel so proud of what women can accomplish and I am so proud to be one. This book is both so entertaining and so useful to us women that I can only recommend it. I put 5 stars as it’s well deserved!
  • Tiffany
    Love, power and seduction.Review to come****
  • Icolleen
    25% update!Wow!I was able to read 25% within 1 hours!The book is superb easy to read!Very fun,inspiring too:) To all women out there, grab your copy asap!This will inspire you. Fun aside,I am very happy I got the book! Soo looking forward to read it 100%(which will be very soon)
  • C bond
    netgalleyexcellent read. Love the Baroness
  • Bea
    I'd like to begin by thanking NetGalley, VSP publishing and the author for allowing me to read an advanced copy in exchange for an unbiased review. I must say I found the description of the book intriguing but honestly thought it was a novel. Perhaps it is supposed to be a novel, but it reads much more like a self-help book.I rarely give a book one star but this book was not to my liking. There are run-on paragraphs that take up 2-3 pages. The au...