Wonders Beyond Numbers by Johnny Ball

Wonders Beyond Numbers

In this book, Johnny Ball tells one of the most important stories in world history - the story of mathematics. By introducing us to the major characters and leading us through many historical twists and turns, Johnny slowly unravels the tale of how humanity built up a knowledge and understanding of shapes, numbers and patterns from ancient times, a story that leads directly to the technological wonderland we live in today. As Galileo said, 'Every...

Details Wonders Beyond Numbers

TitleWonders Beyond Numbers
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherBloomsbury SIGMA
GenreNonfiction, Science, Mathematics, History

Reviews Wonders Beyond Numbers

  • Dogsandbooks
    Lays out the major people and breakthroughs in math in chronology. Useful for time line and some appealing personal stories. Like most encyclopedias it's just the intro. Have to go elsewhere for depth or explanation. Some good charts. But very good for putting developments in chronological order. DPL book