Case Red by Robert Forczyk

Case Red

Although the story of the German Fall Gelb offensive against France, Belgium, and Holland in May 1940 is well known, most accounts tend to stop with the conclusion of the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from Dunkirk on June 4, 1940. The German operation that actually conquered metropolitan France, Fall Rot (Case Red), is usually glossed over in brief. Nor are many people aware today that there was a second BEF in France, which...

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TitleCase Red
Release DateNov 21st, 2017
PublisherOsprey Publishing (UK)
GenreHistory, War, World War II, Military, Military History, Nonfiction, Literature, 20th Century

Reviews Case Red

  • Heinz Reinhardt
    This is the first book I have come across that offers any detailed narrative on the second half of the Fall of France in 1940. Normally anything post the first Brexit, at Dunkirk, is glossed over in sometimes as little as a single sentence. However, Case Red finally brings to light the fierce fighting, operational and tactical gambits, and the personalities involved in the French nightmare of 1940.Dealing with far more, however, than just Case Re...
  • solo
    have you always wondered what a specific French tank (crew names supplied) of the 41e BCC of the 3e DCR was doing around half-past eight on the evening of June 12, 1940? if so, then this book is for you!because there are almost 300 pages of such [presumably meticulously researched] blow-by-blow accounts, often down to the individual tank platoon or even a single tank, with times, dates, places, weather, what's for dinner, etc. in this book, to co...
  • Fernando D
    Dr. Forczyk combines not only a PhD in military history, but also served as a tank officer in the US Army. This gives him a wonderful perspective of not only what happened, but why things happened - and the unique capabilities and limitations of armored forces that make his works into tank warfare during the Second World War so powerfully insightful. Dr. Forczyk is not for the the casual reader: he goes into a considerable amount of detail and th...
  • Michael Romo
    I am a historian of the French Army and in my opinion this book breaks new ground (for history written in English) in that it covers the latter phase of the Battle for France in WWII. Most histories of this battle concern themselves with military and political events leading to evacuation of the British Army at Dunkirk. Case Red presents what happened after Dunkirk on the ground and in the air. Political and diplomatic efforts also are covered he...
  • Mark Frederick
    Excellent Operational AccountCase Red shows that France fell because of poor leadership, planning, and political opportunism. Despite that, French troops fought to the bitter end and retained the honor that their leaders lost.
  • Nishant Pappireddi
    Excellent book that details the Battle of France after Dunkirk.