Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian by Raquel Pelzel

Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian

Sheet Pan Suppers is back! This time, with 100 vegetarian recipes for satisfying, sumptuous full meals-all made on a sheet pan, and all meat-free. It's the one-pot meal reinvented with a healthy twist, and what is sure to become every busy cook's new favourite way of getting dinner on the table. There are recipes for complete meals, snacks, brunch, and even dessert, that require nothing more than a sheet pan, your oven, and Raquel Pelzel's inspir...

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TitleSheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
PublisherWorkman Publishing Company
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian

  • Deborah
    This starts with a really good introduction and despite using a baking sheet regularly all mine are non stick so my first job was to purchase a basic one without the non stick coating and that proved to be easier said than done.I've cooked using a baking sheet before obviously but not like this and I've yet try one of the soup recipes but I will.The book is divided into eight chapters.1 - Bits, Bites and Snacks2 - Soups and Salads3 - Veggies with...
  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    Great cover on this one. Visually pleasing. A good representation of the content. Good composition and title work as well.This was a lovely and delicious little cookbook. It is visually pleasing and full of well laid out and easy to follow recipes. There are also little tips and hints included for most of the recipes. It also has delectable photos of some of the recipes sprinkled throughout. The book opens with an introduction and is then divided...
  • Rianna (RiannaBlok)
    53/45 books read in 2017Provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I don't think I have even been this excited to try every single recipe and only eat vegetarian for a month. Everything, and I mean everything, looks delicious in this book. Even vegetables I don't particularly like sound yummy (Raquel combines them with some of my favorite condiments and nuts). This one is definitely going on my Christmas/birthday list.
  • Chessa
    This is a neat idea, but a bit gimmicky. There are some DELICIOUS recipes in here (portobello subsOMG! And the citrus shortbread was out of this world!). BUT! The reality was that making everything in a sheet pan was just a pain. I made the Israeli Couscous recipe, and needed two sheets of foil to cover the pan, then ripped one when I had to stir it halfway (and burned myself) and just kept thinking - this would have been SO MUCH EASIER in a pot ...
  • Evelyn
    Stunning photographs and a huge variety of delicious-sounding recipes make this a stand-out cookbook.The recipes feature lots of healthful ingredients with a wonderful array of spices. I'm very excited to try these recipes and if they are as great as they seem to be, I'll be buying this book to give as gifts this year! Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me preview this fabulous book.
  • Critterbee❇
    Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian by Raquel Pelzel is a unique and upbeat cookbook, with recipes for everything from soups and stews to salads and desserts, all created in a sheet pan / baking sheet. The idea of a cookbook using only a sheet pan to prepare food in struck me as both practical and brilliant. Sure, I have seen 'one pot' cookbooks, but one pot cooking has existed for as long as humans have made bowls from clay. I have never seen a cookboo...
  • Annelies
    Thank you NetGalley and Workman Publishing Company for th free copy in exchange for an honest review.I requested this book from NetGalley, because I'm a big fan of oven dishes. You prepare them (maybe a day in advance), pop them in the oven and while they're cooking you have time to clean up leaving you with very little work once dinner is over.However, my feelings towards this book are lukewarm at best.-Not all recipes have photographs. I tend n...
  • Araceli Romo
    The book may be appealing to vegetarians, busy moms, and those that are not into spending long amounts of time cooking. Most of the recipes are so easy that those new to cooking will not feel intimidated. The book seems to offer something for everyone; from snacks, side dishes, brunches, and of course desserts. The set-up of the book is practical; I love how each recipe has a short introduction with a little bit of a story behind the recipe and s...
  • Rhiannon Johnson
    Read my review here: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I received no additional compensation. I am not a vegetarian but I do like to make vegetarian meals occasionally. I used to be pretty good about Meatless Mondays but I fell into a rut of cheese pizza or salads. Not very exciting. This cookbook had some easy ideas to inspire me and the photography was mouthw...
  • Wendy
    I love to cook, so I was was very excited when I got a chance to review Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I'm always swapping recipes with someone or have my nose in a cookbook looking for the next delicious meal to cook. What I like about this cookbook is that all the meals are quick and easy. Basically, all you need is a sheet pan and your off and cooking your way to a ...
  • Kat
    Easy, yummyThis is a terrific cookbook. Very simple, lots of variety, and clear instructions. My only complaint is that when I looked at the sample book from Kindle, it showed pictures with each recipe. When I purchased the book, I found that there were pictures with maybe just over half of the recipes. I like to know what it’s supposed to look like to know how badly I failed!
  • Starr Waddell
    Great cookbook for vegetarians. It was beautifully put together. The pictures are gorgeous, although I wish there were more of them. It had humorous parts that I enjoyed. I didn't really find many recipes I would use, but most people are more adventurous eaters than I am. :)
  • Penmouse
    Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian by Raquel Pelzel uses one of my favorite methods of cooking: baking. I love to bake meals in the oven as once you pop a meal in the oven it bakes happily all by itself. There is little intervention for most baked dishes. Her recipes do live up to easy baking when it comes to meal prep and her cookbook's recipes range from sweet to savory. I really liked the following:Her explanation and recommendations for the size of...
  • Jessica ☕
    review to followreceived via Netgalley
  • Fiona
    A sheet pan is called a baking tray in the UK. Some of these recipes, particularly those with a liquid content, might be more safely prepared in a baking dish.I'm not vegetarian but I'm always looking out for interesting vegetarian recipes. This book has some original ideas but I didn't find them particularly inspiring. There aren't many photographs but those there are wouldn't entice you to try the dishes. I thought the best section, the one tha...
  • Chris From RecipesNow!
    To begin, I want to make it clear. I am not a Vegetarian. That doesn’t mean that a vegetarian cookbook like Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian by Raquel Pelzel isn’t of value. It is important to have veggies in your diet and everyone should have a go-to dish when having a Vegetarian over to eat.As the author says, cooking with a Sheet Pan is easy. A big bonus is the recipes leave you without having to clean up a messy stovetop. There is nothing tha...
  • Sharon
    Workman Publishing Company and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian: 100 Recipes for Simple, Satisfying, Hands-Off Meals Straight from the Oven. I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian is divided into logical sections, such as: Bits, Bites, and Snacks; Soups and Salads; Veggies with a Side of Vegetables; Grain Bowls and Beyond; Beans and Leg...
  • Lara
    This sounds like it would make for super easy meals, right? Just throw some stuff in a pan and walk away? But not really. It feels like Pelzel goes a little too far with the sheet pan thing. Like, there are recipes for toast in here, but why the hell would anyone with a toaster wait for their oven to heat up, broil the bread on one side, and then flip the bread over to broil the other side when you can have that whole process done with much less ...
  • DelAnne Frazee
    Title: Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian - 100 Surprising Vegetarian Meals Straight from the OvenAuthor: Raquel Pelzel Publisher: Workman Publishing CompanyPublished: 10-3-2017Pages: 264Genre: Cooking, Food & WineSub-Genre: Cookbooks; Vegetarian; quick & Easy; MealsISBN: 9780761189930ASIN: B06XDYB1X2Reviewed For NetGalley and Workman Publishing CompanyReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.75 StarsThe older I get the more I find myself getting away from meet and ...
  • Sue
    Recipes I cooked from this book:-Super Creamy No-boil Mac and Cheese-My Go-To Rice and Beans with Pico de Gallo-Slab Frittata with Leeks, Mushrooms, and Ricotta Cheese-Roasted Strawberry Danish-Ginger ‘N Cinnamon Roasted Apples and Almond Butter ToastReview:Committing an entire cookbook to one kitchen tool sounds a bit gimmicky, but a sheet pan is something we all have in our kitchens, it’s not a funky spiralizer or super-powered blender. It...
  • Denise
    I'm into the sheet-pan trend hard core right now, running through parchment paper like I'm using it in the toilet, so I was jazzed to see a sheet-pan book just for vegetarians. (Note: author is a retired vegetarian. I'm always suspicious of authors who write veg*an books but aren't: if a vegan wrote a book on grilling fish it would be weird, but the reverse is unbelievably common.) There are a good assortment of recipes here, from the obvious (na...
  • Michele
    Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. What a great vegetarian cookbook! These recipes are by far the best vegetarian recipes we've made so far, and I've been cooking from various vegetarian meal plans for 2 years now. Most of my vegetarian recipes involved sautes under close monitoring and it was really nice to let these recipes roast while I tended to other things. My family is us...
  • Elyssa (Elyssa's Editions)
    Happy Publication Day to the cookbook - Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian! I found this to be a very comprehensive vegetarian cookbook. The recipes are such that you could definitely sneak them into the bellies of meat-eaters without a complaint. :) The nice thing with it being sheet pan recipes, is that you could prep the recipes in advance then just bake when it’s time to eat! This is especially interesting due to the cookbook containing a risotto...
  • Sarah
    I think I am supposed to convert to some sheet pan cult after reading this. Like I should go home, throw away all pots and casserole dishes and only use my sheet pan and about 1,000 meters of aluminum foil from now on. There are some recipes in this that look insanely good. I mean next August I am totally making Summer Tomato Slab Pie with Flaky Sage Crust. And the idea of caramelizing onions on a pan in the oven is like a total game changer, rig...
  • Muriel
    A cookbook devoted to cooking a meal on a sheet pan and using very little other kitchen appliances. There recipes for appetizers, side dishes, breakfast, desserts, and main dishes. The appetizer recipes are for familiar foods and not complicated or elevated. The salad recipes are new and fresh like roasted plum and fresh grapefruit and cardamom syrup or Moroccan couscous salad with olives, chickpeas, and roasted tomatoes. Breakfast dishes include...
  • Amanda
    Thank you to Raquel Pelzel and Workman Publishing Company for the privilege to read Sheet Pan Suppers Vegetarian: 100 Recipes for Simple, Satisfying, Hands-Off Meals Straight from the Oven early released for an honest review; I really wanted to love this book more than I ended up loving it. I felt like a lot of the recipes relied too heavily either on carb loading or on pre-cooking things before they ended on the sheet pan. I felt like the recipe...
  • Michele
    I really liked this book and it certainly would fill a niche in my culinary section of my high school library. I tried several of the recipes and thought they were very good. I love pictures in cookbooks and sadly this one doesn't have a picture for every recipe. The ones that it had were colorful and made me want to try the recipe. I thought the cover shot was apt to get notice too. There were a wide variety of meals, appetizers, desserts and br...
  • Pooja
    I appreciated this cookbook because I didn’t realize how much can actually be done using a sheet pan. Before reading this, I was only using them for pizzas and cookies, and would’ve never expected to be able to prepare something like a soup from them! I also appreciated the intro, with tips such as how to prevent burning and what type of sheet pan will work best. It was nice to see the recipes labeled as vegan versus vegetarian, and the major...
  • Cas
    I like that it makes note right in the table of contents what is gluten free. The images of the food are beautiful. I'm a little bit iffy on the stew and soups on a sheet pan. I love making sheet pan dinners. I would like to see this book done with some meat options or with some gluten free meat options. I also would have liked to see some estimated times at the tops of the recipes. It isn't easy to tell at a quick glance what recipes are quicker...
  • Anjana
    This book contains a very interesting and colourful set of ideas for innovative cooking using a sheet pan in the oven ( All vegetarian, some with egg which can be substituted if required). I was unable to attempt any of the recipes while I still had access to the book but they sounded tasty.The only drawback of the book would be that some of the ideas would be faster directly on the stove in the normal way. Putting them on and off the sheet pan m...